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  • Open Start menu.
  • In search bar, type ‘File Explorer’ and open it.
  • Open the folder having backup of your company file.
  • Make right-click on file .qbb extension and then rename it after selecting rename option.
  • If there are any special characters in it, remove it.
  • Again, right click on the fil with QBB extension and rename it.
  • Now, follow the steps to restore the company file.
Can you check your messages? You accepted my ban appeal but you didnt unban me and i messaged you about it
i only play this server on minecraft so i hope i get unbanned but i do understand it is only 2.5 days.
YOu know u try to make you innocient but i dont mind it now. I faund a better server its called: "The Seed". You should learn from them
Please learn from them
I think the only person trying to place blame is you, you lied in your appeal: Screenshot

Your ban reason clearly states "Hacked Client" nothing to do with an Elytra like you stated.

If you wish to be unbanned please post on your appeal, commenting on my profile is pointless.