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Denied xChem's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by xChem, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. xChem

    xChem Member

    Apr 15, 2019
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    1) Simple Information
    • Minecraft Username:
    • Previous Minecraft Usernames (if applicable):
    NameMC link:
    • What's your timezone?:
    • Age:
    • Are you staff on any other servers?:
    • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone?
    Yes, My discord is: xChem#4523
    • Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?:
    Yes, I use OBS
    • Do you have a donator rank on any of our game modes?:
    Yes I have Mortal on Mars dimension

    2) Elaborate
    Where are you most active on the Universe Server?:
    As of now Mars Dimension.
    How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:
    2+ hours a day (I have a full time job so hours will vary daily).
    Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details (if applicable):
    SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player. They're arguing and spamming you, constantly telling you to unmute them. What would you do?:
    Kindly ask them to wait out their mute. Every player should have the same treatment from the staff team no matter their status.
    Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?:
    I think one significant mistake I made this past year was upgrading my PC when I didn't need to. I ended up dumping half of my savings for very little gain. I'm still working hard to rebuild my savings account back up. All I learned from this was not to blow my budget on something I don't really need.
    Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? If not, please explain how you could do as staff even without having any previous experiences. (Minimum 200+ words):
    Indeed I have a good bit of experience. I'll start from the top.
    I was first introduced into staffing back in ~2014. At this time Timeless was a massive factions server with massive YouTubers so I was taking on a huge role. I was pronounced Helper and stayed there for about 4-5 months before I resigned. Many of my responsibility's included: Welcoming new members, Answering any general questions in chat to ease weight of tickets, And Moderating Chat.
    Soon after resigning from TImelessPvP a few of my friends and a couple content creators actually decided to make a factions server. After a few months of playing I applied for Helper and was accepted. My main responsibility was to moderate chat at this point. I was soon promoted to Moderator and a few weeks later Admin. At this point I had fully dedicated to the staff team and was very passionate. Here my responsibility's had jumped to a new extreme. I was now dealing with everything from handing out faction strikes to handling tickets and everything in-between. I learned a lot about everything it takes to run a server during this period.
    After a very long 3 year break from Minecraft I decided to come back and pray the factions scene was still relevant. Obviously I was correct. I played Venom for about 2 months before applying to Helper. I was accepted sometime in August 2018. Majority of my responsibility's were to handle as many tickets as I could and moderate chat. I was Helper for about a month (1 map) before being promoted to Moderator. At this point I was learning to screenshare and learning more about cannons. After a long 2 months (2 maps) I was promoted to Admin and was a huge part of the team in many ways. I spent 6+ hours daily on the server. I was handling everything from screensharing to finding and fixing bugs to making Crates, GUI's, everything I could to better the server in any way possible. I was Admin for probably 2-3 months before resigning due to the fact that UniverseMC was buying Venom.
    If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?:
    I love anything that deals with computers. Usually i'm either learning about as much as possible or building one for a friend.
    I also love wrestling and do it as much as possible. I was State Champion 2 years in a row (Softmore and Junior Year).
    SCENARIO: You're on a busy game mode as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a junior moderator for a hacker, someone then messages you on discord telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?:
    (To make things easier we'll call the person messaging me about the hacker Jeff_1 and the person on Discord Billy_1)
    I think there's a few different proper ways to handle this. I would firstly ask Jeff_1 if he/she could record them and send me the video. I would then respond to Billy_1 and suggest they either turn the persons volume down or mute them. After that I would make sure that Jeff_1 is able to record and if he/she is not then I would ask if a higher staff that has staffmode was available. If Billy_1 is still having problems I would join the channel and kindly ask the user to stop blasting music and rather use Rythm Bot so everyone can hear the music with decent quality.
    SCENARIO: You've made an 'incorrect punishment' towards a player and there are 4 players arguing and spamming you saying that it was false. How would you handle it?:
    I would firstly take a look at all of my evidence I gathered to to punish the player in the first place. I would then ask another staff member of their option. If they say it is justified I would tell the 4 players to ask the punished player to dm me on discord if they would like a copy of the proof. However If the other staff member says it was unjustified I would go to an Admin with the evidence I have and let them make the decision on the punishment.
    Anything else we should know?:

    I think I could bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the team!
    Best Reguards,
    - xChem
  2. SourPatchSkidz


    Jun 19, 2018
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    Add more detail

    Become more well known

    Become more globally active

    Best of luck!
  3. xChem

    xChem Member

    Apr 15, 2019
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    Thanks for the helpful input! Will take this all into consideration!
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  4. Zuqi

    Zuqi Administrator

    Mar 27, 2019
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    I've personally worked with him before, he's insanely skilled at his job. He knows exactly what to do, and is very helpful indeed.

    Huge vouch from me :)
  5. pxlize

    pxlize UMC Staff

    Feb 26, 2019
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    Hello @xChem, I've come up with some suggestions that might help out your thread.

    Add some more detail.

    Overall, +0. I like the simplicity of the application, but some more detail will really help your application out in general.
    Good Luck,
    #5 pxlize, Apr 18, 2019 at 1:35 AM
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019 at 3:49 PM
  6. BigBlakk

    BigBlakk Member

    Apr 14, 2019
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    Pretty decent application! You have the experience which really puts you out there. I suggest to add slightly a few more details. Best of Luck!
  7. Dorito_

    Dorito_ Network Helper

    Mar 29, 2019
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    Hey @xChem, here are some suggestions I thought of after reviewing your application:

    » Become more globally active

    » Space out your answers from the questions

    » Add more detail on most of your questions

    Those are all the suggestions I have for you.
    Good luck on your application!
    - Dorito
  8. RoboticSavage

    RoboticSavage Network Senior-Admin
    Management Team Senior Admin

    Dec 29, 2017
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    DENIED - Hello there!

    Your application has been intensely reviewed by the management team and it has been decided to deny your application; you may reapply in 1 week.

    Be sure to look at our writing guide, this will help you when writing your next application and our general requirements,

    For these reasons your application has been denied:
    - Unknown within the community
    - Lack of trust built up within the community
    - Globally inactive
    - Little detail/no effort

    Please take care to fix this up when creating your next staff application in 1 week.


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