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Announcement UniverseMC Jupiter Dimension Release - Season 26


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Dec 27, 2017

Jupiter Dimension
Release: April 3rd at 1PM EST

Hello Astronauts,

Welcome to the changelog for the upcoming season of Jupiter! In this post, we will cover all of the new content that has been added for this season.



For this season of Jupiter, we have decided to bring back one of our older spawns that was highly requested.

Deathzone Changes

For this season of Jupiter, we've done some changes to the deathzone that were highly requested by the community! For this season we've added KB spots into the deathzone.


For this season of Jupiter, we've added completely new cosmetics which can be obtained on our
store or through the token shop. Some of the cosmetics that have been added are Trails, Balloons, Emotes, Mounts, Death Effects, Arrow Effects, and more!

Payout Changes

Starting this upcoming season all Buycraft payouts will be removed. The new payouts will be the following;

1. $40 Paypal WEEKLY
2. $25 Paypal WEEKLY
3. $16 Paypal WEEKLY

Seasonal MCRATE

For this season of Jupiter, we've decided to revamp how we do our monthly crates. Instead of doing a new monthly crate each month, we've replaced that system with the new seasonal mcrate.

Infinite Waterbucket

This season will see a new highly requested feature. Infinite water buckets will be available for purchase in the token shop for only 75,000 tokens! Happy base building!

Spawner Stacking

For this season of Jupiter, we’ve upped the number of spawners you can fit in one stack. Our suggestions channel has seen this positive change come and go, and we believe it’ll only benefit factions in the long run. The old stack limit was 25; it has since been increased to 64!

Gambling Feature Changes

Due to countless bugs in the previous season, we've decided to remove all gambling games besides coinflip, which will still be available to play by typing /coinflip in-game!

Additional bug fixes/changes

  • - Fixed Stats Top
    - Added new tags to the Token Shop

  • - Made nearly all ranks obtainable in-game temporary

  • - Minor crate key reward changes
  • - Increased overworld border to 20k by 20k
  • - Changed conquest from twice a day to once

    Have anymore feature ideas? Join the
    discord and let us know!

What are FTOP prizes?

The payouts for this season will be the following:
1. $40 Paypal WEEKLY
2. $25 Paypal WEEKLY
3. $16 Paypal WEEKLY

I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season for Jupiter.
Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!

SOTW: April 3rd, 1PM EST
Grace period will end 10th of April at 4PM EST

85% off sale on the server release
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

discord; Join the | UniverseMC | Discord Server!
store; UniverseMC | Welcome
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