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Dec 27, 2017
The world of Minecraft Servers

Our #1 rated Minecraft Server
UniverseMC - Minecraft Server

Server address:
Server port: 25565

Gamemodes: Factions | Skyblock | Prison | KitPvP | Creative | KitMap | and more

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a computer game in which whole worlds are created from blocks that look like giant pixels. This is not a new hobby for teenagers: the project has existed since 2009, and the number of licenses sold has long exceeded 200 million. The gameplay of Minecraft is non-linear: tasks can be performed in any order, and the "correct" passage or a specific single goal simply does not exist.

Minecraft is a procedurally generated sandbox simulator that allows players to customize the world as they see fit. A feature of the game is cubic blocks that make up the entire game world, biomes, and characters. It can be played alone and over the network. Gamers have complete freedom of action and huge opportunities for creativity.

The base world of Minecraft is a combination of different biomes - ecosystems working under the real laws of nature. The game has several modes. The first is creative. Here, the players are not in danger, while they have an infinite amount of resources. The second mode is survival. In it, all the resources have to be mined. Also, there are monsters from which you need to protect. There are a few more modes, but they don't stand out as fundamentally as these two.

The game has had a big impact on the modern gaming industry. Minecraft has inspired hundreds of developers to create their open-world and crafting voxel projects. According to YouTube statistics, users have uploaded over 12 million videos by 2018 about the game. Due to its growing popularity, the MineCon conference was organized, which attracts thousands of fans annually.

Many teachers and educational institutions around the world saw great educational potential in this concept. And in 2016 the educational platform of the same name was launched. Which allows you to work with classmates, receive assignments from the teacher, and do homework.

Minecraft Servers
Minecraft servers

In Minecraft Servers you can forge collaborations, share knowledge, and many other things, but the Server must be also populated, is well cared for, is controlled by people who regulate the way we talk, and a good Ban mechanism that hunts who uses the Hacks. And so guys, today let's talk about a highly sought-after topic on Google that I would never have been able to miss: the list of the Best Minecraft Servers. We will see seven, accompanied by an introductory screenshot. Ready?

Minecraft is a cult game among teenagers around the world. Over the years, the "pixel world" has evolved a lot. A huge variety of mods, mini-games, and plugins have appeared. Last time we showed you how to create your own server. Today we will look at ready-made solutions and try to choose the best among them.

What are the servers in Minecraft?
What are the servers in Minecraft?

The most obvious answer is licensed and pirated. Licensed are those offered by the developers. And pirated ones are unofficial ones, which allow you to play with your friends any version of the game downloaded from the torrent. Each type has both pros and cons. On a license, for example, you get full technical support, the most current version of the game. And, accordingly, all its updates and stable work of the client. But such servers do not pamper their users with a variety, and there are not so many servers as we would like. For pirates, the pros and cons are inversely proportional, that is: you can find a server for every taste, with various mods and plugins, but you can forget about stable maintenance in the vast majority of cases.

The best Minecraft license servers. Besides the aforementioned division, it is possible to classify servers by direction. Three main types can be distinguished:


Quality servers of this type can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is because a lot of financial investments are required to implement a server on which the player will plunge into a living world with his own history. Of course, the developers have a much larger pool of opportunities and resources than private ones, so if you want to plunge into a detailed world, then go ahead to the official servers.

Classic server

The most popular type of server because it does not require much effort on the part of the administration. You will not see any frills in the form of mods and plugins on such servers. This type is suitable primarily for beginners who have not yet had time to get bored with the usual game. For veterans, hardcore, and mod enthusiasts, it's best to choose something else. We do not recommend looking for classic pirate servers. There are a lot of them and they are no different from the official servers. So why sacrifice quality then?

Hi-tech server

These are modified versions of the game. The in-game world can be remade beyond recognition. As a rule, such servers offer players the most extensive opportunities. Such solutions are suitable for gamers who are already fed up with standard Minecraft and want something new and unusual. Because there are not as many official servers as Pirated ones, their variety leaves much to be desired. Therefore, pirate servers are the best choice for the experienced gamer.


This mode was created specifically for the creators of maps for the passage. The gameplay will be somewhat limited here. So, you cannot destroy and place blocks. In all other respects, the Mode resembles Survival. It is worth warning right away that it is almost impossible to do without cheating here. What is the difficulty of the regime? At least that here you need to destroy blocks with the correct items. This means, for example, that you can destroy a stone only with a pickaxe, earth - only with a shovel, etc

The list of best Minecraft Servers

The list of best Minecraft Servers

Currently, there are a large number of servers in Minecraft, all with different themes and different interesting activities for users to be entertained, but that does not mean that each of them is the best option for fun. Some are very popular and loved by players, such as Hunger Games or Skyblock, but beyond these, many are recommended for you to have a good time without getting bored.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of servers especially for Minecraft so that you can experience new dynamics in the world of blocks. Next, I leave you the best ones and explain why you should try them.

1. UniverseMC Minecraft Server

Server address:

The first major server in Minecraft is UniverseMC. It is one of the best Minecraft servers on this list. A huge Minecraft faction server offering minigames of all kinds, from the best BedWars to the Skywars with Lucky Blocks to the TowerWars minigame, similar to Clash Royale.

The UniverseMC Server makes no distinction between languages as you have over 90,000 current players there, an impressive number to say the least. However, the English language predominates. While the Versions of the game supported by UniverseMC range from 1.8 to the newest version!

The most famous US and non-US YouTubers have played on UniverseMC: Kendal, St3pNy_, FaviJ, and these are just some of the US YouTubers because I could add that PewDiePie, the king of YouTube, also plays on UniverseMC!

Also, as an icing on the cake (even if I can't see a cherry on a cake), there are Minecraft animations inspired by UniverseMC Minigames! It is impossible not to put this Server in the first place, because if it is not worthy of the ranking of the Best Servers of Minecraft, it is hard for someone else to be.

This is a licensed server that has been operating since 2016 and is constantly evolving. At the moment, it offers players a huge number of mini-games:

• BedWars
• Arcade Games
• Duels
• Arena brawl
• Crazy walls
• Mega Walls
• SkyWars
• Quakecraft
• The walls
• Smash heroes
• Speed UHC
• Warlords
• VampireZ
• Build Battle
• Murder mystery
• UHC Champions
• The TNT Games
• Cops and Crims
• Paintball warfare
• Turbo kart racers
• Blitz Survival Games

And the list doesn't end there. If we were the top licensed Minecraft servers with mini-games, then this server would definitely take first place. There is so much entertainment for the player that no other platform can boast.

The best Minecraft license servers. The second undoubted advantage of UniverseMC is availability, which reaches 70-80 thousand players at its peak. Even on weekday mornings, the number of gamers on the server does not drop below 30 thousand. The server hardware is designed for a maximum of 77,100 seats, which sometimes leads to the fact that there are simply no free slots left. However, many users complain about fake numbers online. Perhaps the administration is a little cheating online, but on the server, you will meet thousands of people. Is this not enough for you?

At least once a week, the administration releases various patches to maintain balance. Or even adds something new. The only significant disadvantage is that the server is foreign. Therefore, for comfortable gameplay with foreigners, you will need knowledge of English, at least at a basic level. The server website is also in English.

Server Type: Minecraft faction server | Minecraft Kitpvp server | Minecraft Skyblock server | Minecraft prison server | Minecraft creative server | Minecraft Survival Server


• Huge community
• Regular updates
• A large number of mini-games


• Need to know English
• There is not always free space on the server

2. TritonPVP Minecraft Server

Server address:

TritonPVP is a rather famous Server, with more than 1000 active players on average, which has several possible minigames, including its prison, its PvP, CakeWars, Murder Mystery, but above all the SkyWars, the most ever played on the Server. The predominant language is English. If you want to learn more, watch the Server Trailer get an idea of what it is like.

Licensed server for the English audience. The site is completely executed in English. This facilitates navigation and allows you to count on fast and high-quality technical support. The number of mini-games, of course, is not as large as that of its predecessor, but they are:

• SkyWars
• SkyBlock
• Prison
• BuildBattle
• Creative +
• BedWars
• Survival +
• Annihilation

The developers promise players unique mini-games and they keep their word. Here you can try out Modes that you will not find on other servers. Also, the community notes the high stability of servers: there are practically no wipes.

The best Minecraft license servers. The online server is about 400 people at its peak and about 50 people on weekdays. But what does it matter if you play with friends? A big plus is a support for many versions of the game, ranging from 1.8 to the latest version. The frequency of content updates leaves much to be desired. But those mods that have already been introduced on the server work stably and without bugs.

Server type: Minecraft Skyblock Server | Minecraft prison server


• Many supported versions
• Unique mini-games
• Generator Upgrades
• Visual Borders
• Unique Missions
• GUI Shop
• High stability
• Custom Islands
• Optimized performance


• Low online
• Small variety of mini-games
• Rare updates

3. SpawnerUS Minecraft Server

Server address:

SpawnerUS is one of the major Minecraft faction Servers. This Minecraft faction server is not overly populous, it has about 400 players, with minigames like Call of Minecraft (Broken Right Now), Kit PvP, Spleef, and a strange minigame called TNT Wars, which I recommend you try if you don't know.

Several moderately famous YouTubers play on This Server. At first, you will spawn in a point of the world where you cannot destroy or do anything. To start your game, enter the Command in Chat /wild with which you will be teleported to a random point in the World and you can play. The Server support many versions of the game, ranging from 1.8 to the latest version.

Server type: Minecraft faction server


• Interesting mini-games
• Always available
• Unique Missions
• Wonderful performance

4. EliteMC Minecraft Server

Server address:

EliteMC has about 200 players lately but distributed over a few games, so there is a good concentration of people on the Server. The main games are TNT Wars, Call of Minecraft, Kit PvP, Spleef, which have between 30 and 80 Players on average. Games to come: Survival, Factions, and Skyblock.

The best Minecraft KitPvP server of the minuses, it should be noted a rare content update and a small number of mini-games: SkyWars, Tower Defense, Lucky Silands, MinerWare, EggWars. But the lack of variety is fully compensated for by the uniqueness: you will not see some entertainment on other servers. Also, the server has excellent uptime. The most current version of the game is installed - 1.8.

Server type: Minecraft KitPvP server | Minecraft Skyblock Server


• Unique worlds with mods
• Unique mini-games
• Always free seats
• Relatively high online
• Good uptime performance


• Knowledge of English required
• Small variety of mini-games
• Rare updates

5. InsaneMC Minecraft server

Server address:

InsaneMC is a very popular Minecraft Prison Server and offers a huge amount of Minigames. Therefore, some features of the Server are:

• Lucky Islands
• Wing Rush
• Present Rush

These are just some of the special Minigames that this Server has, and I wouldn't miss them, I would take a look, they seem very nice to me! Games are: such as WoM(World of Minecraft), Vampire, Creative, Bender, Lobby, Factions, and many more.

If you are a fan of Skyblock, then InsaneMC may become one of your favorite servers because it is a world where you will find different versions of the said minigame. That is, they all have the same gameplay, but with different themes and variables that make it even more fun when you go to play.

Server type: Minecraft Prison Server

6. LuckyMC Minecraft Server

Server address:

LuckyMC is a licensed international server. It does not support multiple languages. But it has a relatively high online presence: about 1000 users on weekends and about 400 people on weekdays. The stock of seats is huge and amounts to 30,000 slots. So you won't be queuing up. It has been operating since October 31st, 2020. It is famous for its unique and diverse worlds. Everything from survival to Prison is here.

It's the perfect server to test your skills as a survivor, as the only rule here is don't cheat. In this world, you will have all the freedom as a survivor, although there is no zoning, anti-duel, and anti-being-<Swear Word>. You can take it as an incredibly difficult level of the campaign mode, so it is not going to be simple at all to try to survive for long.

Server Type: Minecraft Prison Server | Minecraft Survival Server


• Always free seats
• Unique worlds with mods
• Unique mini-games
• Relatively high online
• Good uptime performance


• Knowledge of English required
• Small variety of mini-games
• Rare updates

Game Modes in Minecraft
Survival Mode

The main goal of the players in this mode is to gain experience and obtain various materials for construction or crafting while defending against hostile mobs. Various difficulty levels will be available here. Also, this mode is characterized by the fact that the player will not have infinite resources, also, there will be a limited amount of health and satiety. That is why you will have to look for food while trying to hide from hostile mobs in parallel (which will be enough in this mode). In general, if you want to constantly develop and overcome all sorts of difficulties, then this mode is ideal for you.

Creative Mode

Do you want to create without any barriers? It is for these purposes that this mode was created in Minecraft! All aspects of survival have been removed here (even hostile mobs will be neutral towards players). Also, players will have an infinite number of blocks, items, and ores in their arsenal. Just open your inventory and start creating what you want. Also, in this mode, flights are possible (for this, press the "Space" key twice). And the player will not feel hungry and will be practically immortal (of course, he will still die from the / kill command). Some of the items will only be available in creative mode (such as Summoning Eggs) of Minecraft Bedrock.

Multiplayer mode in Minecraft
Although Minecraft can be played alone, one of its main attractions is the multiplayer mode, which allows users to interact with each other. This can lead to many things depending on the environment.

For example, players can choose to fight a war, complete joint quests, or simply coexist peacefully on their small swaths of virtual land. There are four main options for multiplayer;

Minecraft Realms
Minecraft Realms is a true game-changer for the legendary game that Microsoft bought for $ 2 billion. This allows friends across virtually all major gaming platforms to connect, sharing a permanent world that will never disappear.

Split Screen
This is for consoles only and allows four users to play Minecraft together using one screen.

Online Server
This is the most interesting of all and assumes that the user actually sets up an entirely online environment from scratch to host Minecraft games. Usually, the host rents out server space from the hosting company.

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