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Tentor’s Reapplication

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Dnoxal, Nov 9, 2019 at 9:15 PM.

  1. Dnoxal

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    Mar 15, 2018
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    Disclaimer~Extra Information

    (Check Question 11)
    I’ve reported over 16 people in the last 2 days, and which most have been punished accordingly.

    I am not a "perfect" person, so I have some pros and cons.


    Staff Experience

    Exceeds Age Requriments

    Can spot some hacks

    Fast Learner

    Can work with anyone


    Kind of Immature (I'll admit)

    1) Simple Information

    • Minecraft Username:

    • Previous Minecraft Usernames:
    Bajan_fan, xNuggetx123, And JakobTheDoge

    • Timezone:
    My currently Timezone is EST

    • Age:
    As of right now, I’m currently 13 and a half. My birthday is April 27, if you would like to know.

    • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone?
    Yes, I have access to discord and a microphone. My microphone is very sensitive to noise, though.

    • Do you have the ability to record minecraft videos?
    Yes, I use a software known as “QuickTime” and OBS. I prefer OBS as it is faster and the files are not that big.

    • Are you Star (Or Above)
    I am currently Ghoul Rank on the Jupiter dimension. I’m thinking on getting a rank on Pluto as well.

    • What is your full discord name?
    Dnoxal/Tentor 谢谢!#3351

    2) Elaborate

    2) Where are you most active on the Universe Server?
    I am most active on the factions planets. I can sometimes be on Pluto, Jupiter, or mars.

    3) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?
    I can play 1-2 hours on weekdays, 2-3hours on weekends.

    (Times May vary due to some events)
    Here is a more detailed list:
    Monday: 1-2 hours (Maybe 1-4)
    Tuesday: 1-2 hours (Maybe 1-4)
    Wednesday: 1-2 hours (Maybe 1-4)
    Thursday: 1-2 hours (Maybe 1-4)
    Friday: 2-3 hours (Maybe 2-4)
    Saturday: 2-3 hours (Maybe 2-4)
    Sunday: 2-3 hours (Maybe 2-4)
    For example, I played around 3-4 hours each day since jupiter started. I currently have around 40 hours playtime total.

    4) Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.

    Yes I have. I have been banned on cosmic prisons for "Using a Blacklisted Mod/ Client" (I was auto mining) But I wasn't using any Clients at all, just a simple setup of my mouse and an item (Mostly a pencil holder) on top of my left click button. I am deeply sorry for this and I will never make a bad mistake like that ever again. Other than that, iIve never been punished before on any servers. (This was around 1-2 years ago)

    5) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player. They're arguing and spamming you, constantly telling you to unmute them. What would you do?

    First, I would review the evidence of the player being punished, then I would tell them that the punishment has been made, and that they can still talk, just not in game. If they continue to spam and argue with me, I would mute them again, but for a longer period of time. (Or whatever rule they break, i.e: Spam) If this continues, I would dm them on discord, and try to resolve the issue as best as I can.

    Real Experience-

    Not going to lie the first time I was staff, I muted a well known player (Not going to say who it is) the first day I was a helper, and they did everything in power to prove that I’m wrong. I talked to the player in discord dms and after a bit we had the issue resolved.

    6) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last month? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?

    One mistake that I made within the last month was when I just came home from school, and I was just about to play some video games when my mom said that I had to take out the trash. I told her "Yeah, Ok. I'll do it in 5 minutes!" After a few minutes, I decided that I could maybe drag it a little bit more and do it in 10 minutes. Turns out I couldn't, and I got into trouble.
    -What I learned
    I learned to always do something and not drag it on, thinking that you can do it later.

    Another mistake (Server related)
    I was at china for about a month. It was the time I was demoted from Jr.Mod. I think I just wanted to have some fun, and I was being pretty immature. Well, I got demoted for that.
    -What I learned

    Always be Mature, as you will be an example for other players wanting to be staff.
    (See question 11)

    -In game
    I was once a mini mod on the server, and my application got denied due to it. I thought it would benefit the newer players by keeping the community clean while staff aren’t online, but there was a lot of reports on me saying that me mini modding was quite irritating.
    -What I learned
    Don’t benefit someone but negatively impact someone else.

    7) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? (Minimum 200+ words)
    Virtual Experience

    I have been staff on a few decently big servers such as:

    Skybounds is a decently big Skyblock server with at least 100 people on constantly. It had a very friendly community, and very few toxic players in it. As the tides turn, staff members were getting promoted very quickly. Soon enough, there was already 11 admins on the team. The players started to get frustrated, as some staff thought this was unfair that they didn’t get promoted, so they kind of started to rebel and stopped getting online, so the hackers and spammers didn’t get punished. The community fell apart, and some of my staff friends resigned. The 100 players dropped down to 50. Then, I resigned.

    You guys should know about this server because I’m applying for it again. Well, I resigned because my grades were slowly dropping and I needed to get a foothold in my life and education again.
    The second time I was a Staff member on UniverseMC was when Zoxide, PenguinNerd, and I decided to reapply. I was promoted to Jr.Mod in 1 1/2 months and I stayed Jr.Mod for a while before getting demoted for being unprofessional. I learned to mostly be professional while on the network, but once a while, have some fun!
    ~Small servers that are in development~
    Of course, there are some small servers in development that I should mention. Servers like frostymc, (which I was admin) OlympusCraft (I was co-owner, with access to console) and a bit more.

    Other then minecraft servers, I have also been staff on some discord servers such as

    -UniverseMC- Helper and Jrmod
    -SavageGames- Mod- Moderated in game, discord, forums. Watched for hackers and general rule breakers.
    -BlackClover/Frost- Recruit Finder- Recruited new faction members
    -DogePlays- Co Owner- Management- Invited players and advertised
    -FrostyMC- Manager- Management- Administration
    -Team Val_- Mod Moderated chat, made sure that toxicity stays out
    -Pokemon Go discord- Support- Answered tickets and questions

    -Skyages- Helper- Moderated Chat, etc
    Gang wars- SrMod- Helped out with management
    ExtremePVP- SrMod- Helped out with management

    8) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft ?

    I am into coin collecting playing table tennis, and I like to draw on my free time. Something I also enjoy doing is recording videos, even though I don’t upload. Normal when I play I stream it on my private channel.

    9) SCENARIO: You're in a busy gamemode as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a moderator for a hacker, someone then pokes you on teamspeak telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?

    I would quickly contact the other staff members via slack or discord for help, then I would quickly answer the questions, while hopping on to teamspeak on another tab. (I would get back into the game once I'm in the channel.) If the player was playing ear rape, then I would give them a warning while asking the players who claim that there is a hacker to try to record the evidence. If no players have a screen recorder, I would watch them with my own screen recorder on, and see if anyone is using a blacklisted mod or client.

    More detailed description:
    I would first deal with the player who was hacking, as that is the most important to deal with then chat rules, since the player can easily toggle their hacks on and off. I would request that a staff member (Jr.Mod+) could come online. If they don’t, I would have to record It myself, and if the evidence is valid, I could ban them for 7 days (The max time a helper can ban for) and ask for a ban expansion.

    Trying to multi-task, I would join the voice channel while going back in game, as you could do at the same time. Even as I’m rushed, I’ll still be calm and answer all questions with detail. I’ll tel the player blasting music to stop, and if it continues, I’d mute them in the discord.

    Actual Experience-
    Having bots online, players calling out hackers, and someone spamming you in discord to move them to support room is a crazy situation, especially if you’ve only been helper for 2 weeks. Bots would be dealt with first, by contacting higher-up staff members in staff chat, then move the players in support room, while recording the evidence.

    10) SCENARIO: You've made an 'incorrect punishment' towards a player and there are 4 players arguing and spamming you saying that it was false. How would you handle it?

    I would first review the evidence that I banned the player with, seeing the players are indeed correct. If they are, In would apologize to them, and ask a higher up staff member to unban the player. (I would give the falsely banned player some of my in game items.) If the punishment is indeed correct, then I would tell them that the punishment is correct and not false. I would also give a self reminder to not do what made me mess up and false punish that player. Sometimes players spam staff members about false punishments that are not always considered ‘false’, so before you make any actions, you must review the footage before telling the players anything.

    Actual Experience-

    Once I was correct about the ban and I wasn’t

    I told them that the evidence I recorded was valid. If they continue to spam me, I’d ask a admin to confirm it was a fair ban, and send them a screenshot of it.

    Apologize, and unban them ASAP

    11) Anything else we should know?
    I was sick for awhile and I couldn't really get on the server, discord, and forums that much. I'm now recovered and I will be active once again! My uncle recently died so I have to go to his funeral. I’ll make it up by being really active on Monday or/and tomorrow!

    I got demoted as a JrMod for unprofessionalism. I have learned from it since then. I’m working on staying Mature and professional, I’m trying my best!
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    Great looking application. I don't see anything that really should be changed. I remember you when you were staff, you were good at what you did, and I hope you get accepted once more.

    Good luck! +1​
  3. Dnoxal

    Dnoxal X-Staff

    Mar 15, 2018
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    Thanks you for your feedback! It’s greatly appreciated.
  4. troy

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    Apr 2, 2018
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    Ok application Try to add fewer spaces in the format bc I can't tell if it is a long good Sarnario answer or just 2 sentences with 10 spaces. Overall best of luck-Troywatkins

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