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Discussion in 'Recognition' started by 9HD, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. 9HD

    9HD Junior Mod
    Junior Mod

    Apr 10, 2018
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    Honestly Tank is an amazing person he’s outgoing active fair i’ve never seen him be biased ever in any type of scenario no matter how they act. Tank in my opinion is the best or one of the best staff members and admin he does everything right and teaches everyone what to work on. He also directs us very well and makes sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing while also working as an admin while also always dealing with tickets and bugs. He always has a good attitude, always does his job he works very hard and it shows. I wish tank the best of luck! Also P.S TANK IS A QT
  2. KazGames

    KazGames Professional Application Reviewer

    Dec 30, 2017
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    I agree, Tank is very responsive when it comes to all platforms on the UniverseMC network. He has amazing activity. He's just amazing overall :)
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