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[Staff Application] Writing Guide

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by ItsJoes, May 12, 2019.

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    +=+ Application Writing Guide +=+
    Hello UniverseMC Players,

    In this post you will see key tips the management team has put together to increase your chances of becoming staff. This will help you boost your application to the maximum standard and shine above anyone else's. Be sure to read through it thoroughly as it does show in your application.

    Below will be some tips/information on writing your application if you really want to strive towards getting helper rank. If you haven't please read our requirements before you read this, and then make an application.
    If you're wondering how long the process normally takes for an application the answer is around 2-4 days, so if you haven't got a response within 1 week please make sure you contact a higher staff member saying you've been waiting a while. *DO NOT ASK THEM TO LOOK AT YOUR APPLICATION.*

    What do we commonly look for in your application?
    Your application is supposed to show us that you have the skillset and experience needed to take on the Helper role. We love reading everyones applications, however the applications that stand out are the ones that show honesty, personality and flair, the ones that try the hardest and never give up to prove to us you're fit for the staff team.

    Make sure that your application is well written and presented
    When we open and look at your application the first thing that we look at is how it is presented and written, so indeed the way your application looks does count towards getting higher chances. You may ask how to properly present your application, so here are some dot points:

    ★ Try to only stick to two colours for your answers/questions, ones that look neat and nice.
    ★ Try not to use emoji's in your application, it makes your application look messy.
    ★ Try your best to look for spelling mistakes and always read your feedback for constructive criticism on your application.
    ★ Try not to use overuse of bold text, try to only use it for your questions and not your answers.

    Make your application about you, what is special about you?
    Your application is suppost to be about you, and who you are. We know that everyone of you out there has skills, experience, and something that makes you unique that we want to see reflected in your application. We get a lot of applications and you need to keep in mind that we don't want people that have similar traits about each other, we want new and unique people that we will like and will do there job well. If you recon that you haven't added everything about you and it could be similar then consider changing it, what is it about you that makes you different? Keep that question in mind.

    We look for honesty
    When we look and read your application we always look for honesty, please do not be dishonest and write lies about yourself that aren't an accurate representation of yourself. Please realize that we can tell and it is simple to tell if you're lying, so don't. If you're applying on universe it means you're passionate about the server, so don't ruin your chances by then going ahead and lying about something that isn't exactly true about yourself.

    Don't hide facts about you, everyone of you have different traits and that's what we look for, so why hide them? If we can tell you're lying it will lead into an instant denial.

    Please consider reading this if you want higher chances of becoming staff.
    Kind Regards,
    Management Team

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