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Denied Sorran,s Staff Application 2019-07-12

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Sorran2019, Jul 12, 2019.

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  1. Sorran2019

    Sorran2019 Member

    Jul 12, 2019
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    1) Simple Information

    • Minecraft Username: Jackright

    • Previous Minecraft Usernames (if applicable): I Dont have Any Other :)

    • What's your timezone?: Sweden

    • Age: 15

    • Are you staff on any other servers?: Nope

    • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? If you have discord, please list your full discord name and tag. Example; Example#1234: Sorran#4238

    • Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?: Yes, i do

    • Do you have a donator rank on any of our game modes?: No I don't :)

    2) Elaborate

    2) Where are you most active on the Universe Server?: Skyblock

    3) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: Every day! And Every Hour! i have Summer holidays!

    4) Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details (if applicable): Yes! From <Server Name> They thinked i Was Glitching!

    5) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player. They're arguing and spamming you, constantly telling you to unmute them. What would you do?: Im saying to them ''Please stop Spamming i Muted you For a Reason! So Wait until u mute goes Away!'' If They Spam more i Blocking them if theres in Discord Private Messanges In Minecraft im Kicking them if they Spamming more i Tell a Higher Adminstratator to Take Care of it!

    6) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?: Honestly, I have not done anything wrong do not brag but seriously

    7) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? If not, please explain how you could do as staff even without having any previous experiences. (Minimum 200+ words):

    Blaze MC : This was the first server I was staff on. I was one of the many administrators of the server and was widely loved due to my activity on the server. I was really good friends with the manager of the staff team, and a lot of the time we ran most of the events and staff meetings. I would like to try to be as involved if accepted on UniverseMC. I resigned from BlazeMC due to some outside issues with my life at the time.

    Home: At the moment my mom always need someone to help her. Whether it is with laundry or dishes and I always try to help out whenever I can. I never fuss about any of the work I . She is always thankful to have me here to help her.

    Club in school: I am in a club at school that focuses on helping and volunteering at other places ex like a food kitchen or a soup kitchen. We help out others that are in need. I have learned a lot and still learning a lot of this experience.

    8) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?: A Club in School idk if it is a hobby but i have and A starting a Minecraft Karriär.

    9) SCENARIO: You're on a busy game mode as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a junior moderator for a hacker, someone then messages you on discord telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?: Im Saying i have 2 People i gonna help! Okey Can you wait Little i have 1 other i coming so fast i can!

    10) SCENARIO: You've made an 'incorrect punishment' towards a player and there are 4 players arguing and spamming you saying that it was false. How would you handle it?: Im Gonna ask what i did incorrect and try to fix the problem otherwise i trying to Contact a Higher Moderator / Adminstrator

    11) Anything else we should know?: My Name is Oscar And im 14 Years old!
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  2. KazGames

    KazGames Professional Application Reviewer

    Dec 30, 2017
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    - Visual Issues -

    - No color scheme
    - Hard to read
    - Un-organized
    - Not Centered
    - Grammar Mistakes
    - Spelling Mistakes

    - Application Issues -

    - Grammar and spelling in the application is a little off, I recommend reading over the application again to fix any minor mistakes that may effect your application.

    - Question 3, You state you can spend "every day and every hour" towards the server. Please put a visual schedule and list actual time frames. There's no way that you get no sleep at all. I like the enthusiasm, but effort and professionalism is also very beneficial towards an application.

    - In Question 5, You stated that you would tell them, "I muted you for a reason" I'd say that is a very unprofessional way of handling the situation and can be handled better. You also said you would block the user, which is not something you should do as staff. You also stated you would 'kick them' and if the issue continues, you will 'get an administrator to handle it.' These are both very bad ways of handling the situation. I recommend getting proof, verifying, and then muting the user. If the punishment proves false, contact a higher up to remove the punishment. I'd also recommend refraining from contacting administrators for such minuscule problems that occur.

    - In Question 6, I seriously doubt that you have never made a mistake. Even if the mistake is not life changing, it will still help the staff determine your eligibility for staff on the UniverseMC network. Just a recommendation to think things over and maybe list any type of mistake.

    - Question 7, Failure to meet the 200 word requirement. You also stated the chores you handle at your own household. As this may be a sign of maturity, it has nothing to do with server moderation and doesn't benefit your application. Instead, I believe it will be looked at as a way to fill in more words and make your application look more professional than it really is.

    - In Question 9, It was very difficult to read and understand, but from what I could understand, you would tell the users asking questions that you are busy, I agree that you should and may do that as they are not priority, but I feel there is a lack of detail for the hacker situation as well as for the user in the Discord blasting music and causing a disturbance.

    - In Question 10, If I read this correctly, You would ask what your mistake was, other than doing that, you would contact a moderator or Administrator? I would just like for that question to receive more detail and explanation.
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  3. UserNumberJuan


    May 7, 2019
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    DENIED - Hello,
    Your application has been intensely reviewed and the management team and has decided to deny your app you may
    reapply in 2 weeks.

    More Detail.

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