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Discussion in 'Resolved Applications' started by Omar, Oct 12, 2019.

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  1. Omar

    Omar Member

    Jan 30, 2019
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    - What is your In-Game Name? - SnTrapperYt

    - Are you applying for Twitch or Youtube? - YouTube

    - What is your Discord/Can you get Discord? - ITrapx#1787

    - What is your Twitch/Youtube Channel? -

    - How many Subscribers/Followers do you have? - 627

    - In average, how many views per video do you get/What is your total amount of views? - 8,900

    - How often can you upload? - 2 times a week

    - Are you familiar with the server rules? - I have been playing since universe released

    - Do you meet the requirements/agree to expectations? - Yes

    - Proof Of Ownership? -

    Extra info - I used to be a youtuber on the server i resigned and i have been playing universe since it released
  2. Tank

    Tank Staff Application Critic

    Dec 30, 2018
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    Denied - Hello!

    After long consideration, your application has been denied for the following reasons:

    Denied due to:
    -Hasn't posted a video on our server
    -Has large uploading gaps, some a few weeks, most a few months, making me doubt question 7
    -Recent inactivity

    Note: I would suggest creating an upload schedule and build up your fanbase!

    (You may reapply in one week)

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