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Announcement Skyblock Server release - Earth dimension season 5


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Dec 27, 2017
Earth Dimension
Release: December 12th at 1pm EST

Hello Astronauts,

Welcome to the fifth season of Earth! This season we've done some heavy changes to the economy.

Economy Changes

Last season of Earth the economy was extremely inflated which caused the gameplay to become extremely dull quickly. For this upcoming season, we've reworked the economy and made it much more balanced! This season we have nerfed mining, crops, and decreased how much spawners made making the overall economy have less money.

December MCRATE

For this season of Earth, we've added our brand new MCRATE! Purchase this new crate on the store to win incredible rewards.

Revamped Store prices

As suggested by the players we've looked at the price of some our store items and made changes accordingly! For this season of Earth, we've lowered the price of crate keys, monthly crates, and more!

Shop Changes

For this new season of Earth, we've added more 1.16 blocks to the shop and added additional nether blocks!

Revamped PVP arena

For this season of Earth, we've brought back the old PVP arena from season 2 that was highly requested!

Crate Changes

For this season of Earth, we've done some highly suggested changes to our crate system!
Added a re-roll feature (Will be available for Premium and Ghoul ranks)
Added a fast open feature (shift right-click to open multiple keys at a time)

Amulet Shop Changes

For this new season of Earth, we added a few more items to the Amulet shop!

Dungeon Reward Changes

Due to the team working on ensuring that the economy stays balanced through the entire season certain rewards were nerfed or removed from Dungeons to keep them balanced.

Additional Changes!

  • Fixed multiple bugs that occurred throughout last season!
  • Fixed lag issues that occurred later in the season
  • Added coinflip
  • Changed percentages of ores, blocks appearing in cobble generators
What are IS-TOP prizes?
The payouts for this season will be the following:
1. $100 Paypal & $100 Buycraft
2. $50 Buycraft
3. $25 Buycraft

I hope everyone is excited about our new season of Earth. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!

SOTW: December 12th @ 1PM EST
85% off sale on the server release
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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store; UniverseMC | Welcome
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