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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Takedowns, Jun 27, 2019.

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    UniverseMC - Skyblock Rules : Neptune.
    Created on June 26th, 2019.

    Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change at any given time, it is your responsibility as an island leader to keep up to date with the rules and make sure your island members do as well. All punishments, whether done by a new recruit or a co-leader are all valid and no exceptions will be made. Any questions regarding the rules you must consult an admin/a member of the management team.

    ALL punishments and rules are able to be waived, applied, and compromised by and to the administrative team’s discretion, no exceptions.


    1. TP Trapping/Killing
    TP'ing a player with false information to where they are being TP'd
    ie: Warzone / Island.
    Example: "TP for free Zombie Pigman spawners!"


    First Offense: 1 day temporary ban
    Second Offense: 7 day temporary ban
    Third Offense: 30 day temporary ban
    Fourth Offense: Administrative Decision

    2. Insiding
    *Destroying land and/or taking items of any kind from another player’s island.

    First Offense: Permanent Ban w/ Appeal
    Second Offense: Season Blacklist

    3. Glitch Offenses
    *Showing players glitches only in return for items/money
    *Using a server glitch to gain personal benefit
    *Being aware of a glitch and not informing a staff member about it

    First Offense: 30 day temporary ban
    Second Offense: Perm Ban w/ Appeal
    Third Offense: Perm Ban w/o Appeal

    4. Banning Staff Members From Island
    Banning staff members from the island so staff can not tp in any way to your island

    First Offense: warning
    Second Offense: 1-hour temporary ban to the leader
    Third Offense: 1-day temporary ban to the leader

    5. Cheating or Any sort of Blacklisted Modifications
    Any sort of Blacklisted Modification that helps increase your ./is value or benefits you in any sort of way.
    NOTE: This will be up to the management team decision.

    First Offense: 50% of ./is value taken
    Second Offense: Disqualification from ./is top payout.

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