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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by yoursooonice, Aug 8, 2019.

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    UniverseMC - Faction Rules: Mars.

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    Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change at any given time, it is your responsibility as a faction leader to keep up to date with the rules and make sure your faction members do as well. All punishments, whether done by a new recruit or a co-leader are all valid and no exceptions will be made. Any questions regarding the rules you must consult an admin/a member of the management team.

    ALL punishments and rules are able to be waived, applied, and compromised by and to the administrative team’s discretion, no exceptions.

    All rules that a faction breaks will be displayed in our factions striking system. This can be found on our Discord. Certain strikes require player removal/warn period, you will be notified usually through Discord direct messages. If you are struck, the administrative team are not obligated to inform you of your value being confiscated. The punishments for each strike will be given out as follows:

    Strikes 1-3 - 33% ./ftop balance deduction each strike

    Warnings - 3 warnings equal 1 strike

    Strike 4 - Factions disband - Lose base - Lose all value.

    Defensive rules.

    1. No Sort of Regenerating Walls/Chests.

    First Offence: Faction Warning + Removal/Sponge of the Walls/Chest.
    Second Offence: Faction Strike + 1 day tempban towards player who built the build.

    Any sort of regenerating wall/chest is not allowed, whether this be pushed out automatically by a piston or mined by a pickaxe.

    2. Illegal defences.
    You are are not allowed to use the following items as defences:
    - Cacti
    - Enchantment tables
    - Brewing Stands
    - All variants of chests
    - Levers
    - Cakes
    - SoulSand
    - Torches
    - Slime Blocks (Can be used for counter cannoning)
    - Iron fences & regular fences
    - Pistons

    First Offence: Faction Warning (24 hours to remove)
    Second Offence: Faction Strike + Defence Removed.
    All of the listed defences are not allowed on our network. Please note that you can use Slime Blocks for counter cannons!

    3. Patching walls with schematica printer or gen buckets during an active raid.
    a. Using gen buckets or schematica printer to patch walls that have just been hit with tnt!
    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: 12h tempban - Faction Warning
    Second Offense: 1 day tempban - Faction Strike
    Third Offense: 7 day tempban - 2 Faction Strikes
    Breaking this rule may result in a faction strike.
    You may not use gen buckets to patch your walls while there is an active raid. An active raid becomes inactive 7 minutes after the TNT last breached the previous wall. All of the walls you patch will be removed immediately.

    4. Covering spawners.

    a. 3x3 box with spawners inside is illegal
    b. Placing spawners in boxes in your walls is illegal, it has to be inside your main base
    c. covering your spawners in any sort of water/lava is illegal

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: Removal of obsidian and a faction warning
    Second Offense: 7d tempban for person who placed spawners and removal of spawners.
    Third Offense: 14d tempban for person who placed spawners, a Faction Strike and removal of obsidian/spawners
    This strike may be punishable by a faction strike depending on severity
    Obsidian may not be placed within 2 blocks of the spawners. (exception is vertical)
    Hanging spawners from the roof of a box are allowed as long as there is one block of obsidian above the spawner.
    Using obsidian in between spawners in pillars vertically is allowed.

    main base = one box closest to the corner (if it's a corner base) or closest to the middle of your buffer.
    You may not put spawners outside of the main base, you are allowed to have boxes within the base

    5. Illegal buffer.

    a. ✘ /f claim 20 would be an illegal wall buffer size (40x40)
    b. ✔ /f claim 10 would be a legal wall buffer size (20x20)

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: Removal of claim and faction warning
    Second Offense: Faction Strike
    Factions are allowed a maximum of a 20 chunk wall buffer. This buffer starts from the outer base wall. You will receive a warning for the first offence, if you have been asked to remove the claim and do not do so, you will receive a faction strike.

    6. Mining Spawners During Active Raid/Cutoff Period


    a. Mining your spawners after you placed them right after the cutoff period
    b. Creeper egging your spawners after you place your value after the announced cutoff period
    c. Placing value that you've been hoarding right before ftop payments is illegal. You must have proof of where the value came from in the form of a staff vouch who watched the raid or a raid video. We highly recommend recording your raid.
    d. Mining your spawners while you are being raided.
    e. Chunkbusting your base while being raided
    f. Trenching your base while being raided

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: 14d temp ban - Faction Strike - Compensation for raiding faction
    Second Offense: Disqualification/Disband
    You may not mine or place spawners after the placement time has ended. You are only allowed to place more spawners after raiding a faction and providing proof of all the spawners you obtained during that raid (video evidence). Cutoffs to place value is announced in our Discord. You are also not allowed to mine your spawners after a faction has started actively shooting, However you may mine if the raid is deemed Inactive which is after 7 minutes of the Faction has breached the previous wall.

    7. Raid detectors.

    a. Using a Discord bot to notify you when someone is near your walls
    b. Using OQ Minebot Raid Alerts
    c. Using Console Client Raid Alerts

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: 2 Faction Strikes
    Second Offense: Disqualification
    You may not utilize bots (This includes automated Discord Bots) that notify you of nearby players and tnt explosions for checking your walls or any other reasons. You may, however, use redstone check boxes to monitor your walls. Anything that notifies you about a potential raid other than redstone check boxes is not allowed.

    8. Straight Line Wilderness Patching


    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: 12h tempban + Faction Warning + Removal of Patching
    Second Offense: 7d tempban + Faction Strike
    Third Offense: 13d tempban + Faction Strike
    Breaking this rule may result in a faction strike.

    You are not permitted to use any claims past your 20 chunk buffer of walls, This includes wilderness/your own factions claims. You cannot use these claims to Prevent the attacking faction in any way to have to breach more walls.
    Claiming Rules.

    1. Anti-raid claims/Extending your buffer/1 Anti Raid claim per side of the base.
    a. A corner base would only be able to have two anti raid claims as they only have two sides (1 per side).

    First Offence: Faction Warning + Removal of Claims.
    Second Offence: Claims will be removed and 1 strike will be given.
    Extending Your buffer Isn't allowed. Anti-raid claims must be at a minimum of 5 chunks from the end of your buffer and the maximum size of the anti raid claims is 8x8 chunks. Same as raid claims. Anti-raid claims must be separated by 5 chunks if close to another anti-raid claim (by the same faction). Anti-Raid claims are limited to 1 Anti-Raid claim per side of the base.

    2. Bases too close.

    First Offence: Faction Warning + Notice to remove the base set in ./f home or message to leader on discord.
    Second offence: If base is not moved within 24 hours, the base will be set to conform to this rule, this may lead to a possible unclaim of a full base.
    When building a base next to another base, a minimum gap of 20 chunks is to be kept.

    3. A faction can only claim a single corner.
    a. Creating an alt faction to claim more than one corner.
    b. Claiming 2 corners.
    c. Claiming 1 corner in one world and 1 corner in another world.

    1st Offense: Removal of additional corner claim and Faction Strike.
    2nd Offense: Removal of ALL corner claims and Faction Strike.
    Each faction is allowed a maximum of one corner claim. Alt factions to claim additional corners is not allowed and is an even greater offense. This includes selling corners. Don't claim a corner if you don't intend on using it when you claim it. If a faction claims a corner and is unused within the first 3 days the corner will be unclaimed.

    4. Raid Claim Rules.

    Both of these raid claims would be allowed since they are equal to 64 claims.

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: Faction Warning + claims removed
    Second Offense: Faction Strike
    Factions are allowed a maximum of 8x8 raid claims (upto 64 claims). You may only have one raid claim PER SIDE of the base (64 claims). Punishments depend upon how many times staff have to ask you to remove your claims, how severe you broke the rule, etc. Factions are allowed 1 cannon per raid claim. If you are using an adjustable X cannon your backboard/float may be extended outside of your 8x8 (64 claims) claims but it must remain unclaimed if it does not fit inside of your 8x8 (64 claims) claims. If found to be using an illegal raid claim to breach a base, the defending faction will be subject to a rollback.

    5. B-Claims.

    a. Claiming a few chunks right beside someone claimed farm and within the buffer limit before grace ends.
    b. Claiming raid claims by someones base within their buffer limit before grace ends
    c. Claiming 1 chunk to stop a faction from getting a full buffer during grace.

    Punishment depends on severity
    First Offense: Removal of B-claims + faction warning
    Second Offense: Faction strike
    You may not claim chunks within a factions buffer limit during grace period. You are allowed to make raid claims outside the buffer limit before grace ends, however if it is found that it is within their buffer limit, you will be punished. Punishment at staff discretion.
    Cannoning rules.

    1. Cannoning Speed.

    NOTE:This is an illegal cannon speed!
    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: Removal of cannon, 3d tempban for player who made the clock + Faction warning
    Second Offense+: Faction Strike, 14d tempban for player who made the clock
    We as a staff team go off the ticks set on the cannon, not off of the breaking of walls. Video evidence is needed of the cannon ticks for us to roll back the defending faction. The current cannoning speed on the Mars dimension is 3 seconds.

    2. Multiple wall shooters.
    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    1st Offense: Faction Warning + Removal of Cannon + 7d tempban for the person who shot the cannon
    2nd Offense and Following: Faction Strike
    You can not have a cannon that shoots through more than 1 wall OR reverse layer per button press. (1 wall per button press is allowed two walls per button press is not allowed)

    3. Left/right shooting.

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: 7d Temp Ban + Faction Warning + Removal of cannon
    Second Offense: 14d Temp Ban + Faction Strike + Removal of cannon
    You may left or right shoot only if you have already breached the main base.
    The only time you are allowed to left shoot is with your counter cannon or an Adjustable X Cannon. You may also left shoot with a counter cannon inside your own claims wall buffers. Factions that have been breached with a left shooter will be rolled back accordingly.

    4. Roof cannoning.

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    All Offenses: Faction Strike
    Roof cannons are NOT allowed unless it exploits a playermade issue (ex: built base at wrong Y) Roof cannons are described as any cannon that shoots tnt and/or sand at or above Y:256.

    5. Cannon Count

    a. You cannot have one cannon in the sky and one cannon at bedrock even if they're in the same raid claim
    b. You can not raid at the same time as another faction

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    All Offenses: Faction Strike
    You may only use one cannon at a time while raiding a faction. You cannot have more than one Active cannon per raid claim In order to use a new cannon you must wait out the 30 minute cooldown.

    6. Lag cannons.

    All Offences: Faction Strike + Removal of Cannon.
    Any sort of cannon that may intentionally cause lag or crash the server will not be tolerated on our network.

    7. 1 Stacker Rule

    a. Using a 1 stacker does not count/start as an active raid.
    b. 1 stackers can fire as fast as you want
    c. 1 stackers do apply to the cannon count rule and the active cannon rule
    d. Reverse Hybrids/Wall removes do however apply to the 3-second cannoning rule.

    You are allowed to use 1 Stacker Cannon’s, However, using a 1 Stacker will not count as starting the “Active Raid Timer”. On top of that, 1 stackers can fire at whatever speed but they do apply to both the cannon count and the active cannon rule. (This does not mean you can genbucket patch against 1 stackers)

    8. AFK raiding
    You are not allowed to AFK raid another faction, one member of your faction has to be present on either their walls or inside the cannon box and he has to respond to dms of staff members.
    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    First Offense: Potential warning or tempban depending on severity.
    Second Offence: 7-30d tempban depending on severity.
    You may not ally factions through mcMMO party system or any other method for pvp advantages or any other advantageous reasons.

    2. Merging.

    a. Hey LitFac, you guys wanna merge with us before FTOP so we have a better chance at winning the prize?
    b. Merging with any other faction whenever is forbidden
    c. Having two accounts in different factions
    d. Having your members hop factions to help with different raids
    e. Having members hop from one faction to pvp and join the old faction back later.
    f. If a member gets kicked from a faction, they may not rejoin the faction. The only exception is when you are testing something/they leave and join the faction within a 24 hour period
    g. If your faction is disqualified/disbanded you are allowed to join/create another faction, however, you can not take any value across with you from the dqed/disbanded faction.

    Punishment Lengths Depend on the Severity
    First Offense: Faction strike(s) - at staff discretion.
    Second Offense: Disqualification and ineligible to claim ftop rewards
    Combining your factions value/members with another factions value/members into one faction throughout any point in the map will disqualify both factions and make you ineligible to claim any FTOP rewards. Members must stick to one faction. They may not play in separate factions even if they are on alts. You may leave your faction for another faction, however, if you are caught joining back you may be punished. You may leave or join other factions as long as it is before the end of grace period.

    3. Giving other factions wealth.

    Disqualified from ./f top payouts

    4. Autoselling.
    1 Faction Strike + Perm Ban for involved players.

    This includes scripts, macros etc.

    5. Excessively Ban Evading/Cheating.

    1 Faction Strike
    Note: Every 5 Bans will equal a strike

    6. Illegal homes.

    1 Faction strike + Season Blacklist for player(s) involved.
    No homes in ANY land besides your own factions.
    Raiding with any homes you have in other territory is strictly prohibited, if you are caught having a home in any land besides your own you will be banned.

    7. Scripting.
    Disband + Full removal of base, balance and all value in your PVs and Enderchest + Permanent blacklist from Mars Realm.
    Any form of scripting is strictly prohibited.

    8. Gaining value after spawner place has been disabled and/or was meant to be disabled.
    2 Faction strikes + Disqualified from weekly payout.
    You may not gain any value in any way after spawner placement has been disabled or was meant to be.

    9. Scattering Spawners.
    1st Offence: Faction Warning + Spawners made to be raidable
    2nd Offence: Faction Strike + Temporary Ban to user who placed spawners
    You may not scatter your spawners across your base roof, meaning making a pillar that is 1-2 spawners all over your roof. All spawners must be raidable. Spawners must be able to be cegged and cannot be freely floating.

    10. Insiding.
    All Offences: Permanent Ban + Full Compensation to Insided Faction.
    You may not inside in ANY way. This means taking value from your faction in anyway, tp’ing users into the base without the owner's consent, and unclaiming land that causes your faction to get raided.

    11. Intentional Insiding for Another Faction.
    1 Faction Strike for the gaining, plus all value taken.
    Insiding your currently faction to give value to another faction

    12. Backing into enemy land.
    You may NOT use the /back command to go into enemy land in any way.
    14 day ban to the user that executed the /back command.

    13. Raid Leeching.
    a. Waiting for a faction to breach a base and rushing in to steal the loot
    b. Waiting on a factions walls while another faction is attempting
    c. Being anywhere near a raid that is taking place in which you are not directly involved in (raiding/being raided)

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    1st Offense: 1d tempban + Faction Warning
    2nd Offense: 7d tempban + Faction Strike
    You may not leech off of a faction's raid. You must raid the faction yourself after they finish (after the timeout period) in order to get the base loot. Anyone involved in the leeching will be punished. Other players not in the faction (Attacking) are not allowed to be near the base, Anyone caught doing so will be punished accordingly.

    14. Cobble /Lava Monster
    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    1st Offense: Removal of Lava Monster + Faction Warning
    2nd Offense and Following: Faction Strike
    Creating Cobble monsters, which is placing lava and water on top of each other to create a giant cobblestone mountain, is not allowed.

    15. Automatic Farms
    Punishment lengths depend on the severity
    1st Offense: Removal of farm + 1 faction warning
    2nd Offense and Following: Faction Strike
    Creating an automated farm to do all of your farming for you (sugarcane farm that uses pistons)or any other crop.

    16. Raiding whilst /f armistice is active
    Punishment lengths depend on the severity
    1st Offense: 1 faction strike + faction raided fully rolled back.
    Raiding/COUNTERING ANY faction whilst your /f armistice is active (check if it's active with /f who). Any confusion about this rule please make a ticket on our discord.

    17. Payout Qualification

    a. 80+ Water walls on all sides of your base
    b. All Value must be placed in your Main Base
    c. Must have a minimum of 50 Million F Top Value

    1st Offense: DQED from payout
    Your main base is the box closest to the corner (if its a corner base) or in the middle of the buffer. If the value isn't placed in the main base it'll be considered the hidden value and it will be removed.

    18. AFKing On top of your Walls
    1st Offense: Account /spawned
    2nd Offense: Account Kicked from Server
    3rd Offense: Account Temp banned (1 Hr)
    4th Offense: Account Temp Banned (12 Hr)
    5th Offense: Account Temp Banned (24 Hr)
    The rule is implemented to counter Raid Detectors. You will not be instantly punished for this. Admins will verify if you're AFK for a decent period of time.
    19. A faction can only have a maximum of 4 spawner boxes.
    Examples: a. A faction can have 4 spawner boxes not including blaze grinders.

    1st Offense: DQED from payout
    You may only have a maximum of 4 spawner boxes. This does not include any sort of grinders an example of this would be a blaze grinder.
    No Hide Rules.

    1.Hiding/Placing Value


    This rule isn't active during grace.
    When tnt enables this rule will activate!

    a. Hiding any of your factions value on alts is an offense. This is typically a much harsher punishment.
    b. Hiding any of your factions value in ender chests or player vaults is an offense.
    c. Hiding any of your factions value in unclaimed bases is an offense.
    d. Hiding any of your factions value in chests that are in your largest claim is an offense. The value must be placed.
    e. Hiding any of your factions value anywhere but your biggest claim is an offense e.g. Balance/Echest/Pvs.
    f. Starting when tnt is enabled 10% of your placed value may be hidden (value in pv, echest and balances added up). However, if you have less placed then 1 billion you are allowed to hide up to 100 million. the maximum you may hide is 500million (factions that have over 5billion placed may hide up to 500mil)
    (the management team reserve the rights to edit this rule if a loophole is found and will punish for it accordingly)

    Punishment lengths depend on severity
    All Offences: Faction Strike. Removal of hidden value.
    Every Faction must have all of their ftop value placed within their main base. Faction's value is heavily monitored on UniverseMC and we advise you to place your spawners/value the moment you get it. Hiding value in playervaults/echests/balance etc. is not allowed. You must place value within 2hours of a raid/getting value.

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