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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Iza, Oct 3, 2018.

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    Jan 2, 2018
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    Hello Factions players of UniverseMC,

    In this thread I’ve listed the official factions rules of UniverseMC. We have chosen to add a Factions striking system, please keep in mind that these rules are going to be updated if we want to add something so it is your own responsibility to keep up to date with these rules. How the factions striking system works is you will be given a strike every time you break one of our factions rules. The punishments for each strikes will be given out as Followed:

    Strike 1 - 10% of the factions value taken

    Strike 2 - 20% of the factions value taken

    Strike 3 - 35% of the factions value taken

    Strike 4 - Factions disband - Lose base - Lose all value​

    1. No regen walls

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    2. If you wish to build your base next to another factions, there must be a 30 chunk gap minimum

    Punishment: Faction will be messaged with a warning that they have 24 hours to move the base claims so there's a 30 chunk gap, if the claims has not been fixed within the given period of time they will be given a factions strike.

    3. Anti raid claims/Extending your buffer is not allowed

    Extending Your buffer Isn't allowed. Anti-raid claims must be at a minimum of 5 chunks from the end of your buffer and the maximum size of the anti raid claims is 10 chunks on each side of the base . The faction will be given 24 hours to remove the illegal anti raid claims if they do not cooperate we will forcefully remove them and the faction will be striked.

    4. A faction can only claim a single corner.

    Punishment: If a faction claims multiple corners they will be asked to unclaim all but one.

    5. Alt/ally factions cannot be used to evade any of these rules

    Punishment: Both factions will be disbanded.

    6. In no way, shape or form are any detectors allowed. This means you are not allowed to use anything that would inform you that you are being raided. Manual checking however, is allowed

    Punishment: Faction will be disbanded as well as leader being permanently banned.

    7. Defending with any of these items is not allowed
    - Cacti

    - Enchantment table

    - Brewing Stands

    - All variants of chests

    - Levers

    - Cakes

    - SoulSand

    - Torches

    - Iron fences & regular fences

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    8. Patching walls with schematica printer or gen buckets is not allowed during an active raid. Keep in mind you are not allowed to remove spawners if you’re actively being raided

    Actively being raided includes TnT being shot at your base and or active PvP being fought inside your base. If TnT is not been actively fired for at least 7 minutes then it’s not considered an active raid. Please note, building a cannon isn’t considered an active from of raiding.

    Note: The removal of FTOP value while being raided is strictly prohibited and will result in compensation to the raiding faction regardless of being breached or not - NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes & a 7 day temp-ban to all faction members involved. If this happens twice to a single faction, they will be disbanded.

    9. No form of clocks can be used for any cannons.

    The only exception to this rule is if the clock is ONLY attached to a REDSTONE LAMP for the purpose of informing you when to shoot again. The clock can not alter the cannon in any way or power it.

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the player issuing the cannon

    10. You cannot prestack more then 7 shots at a time, this rule applies per cannon and cannot be evaded through the use of multiple sand comps

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike + 14d ban for the players issuing the cannon

    11. No multiple wall one shots. Maximum of 1 wall break per shot, and can only shoot every 4 seconds.

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the players issuing the cannon

    12. No left/right shooting

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike & a 5 day tempban to all involved players. Faction would be compensated for lost spawners.

    13. No cannons that abuse a miscoding in plugins, .jar files or anything server side

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    14. Roof cannoning is NOT allowed - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

    15. Only one active cannon per attempt (includes raiding with two factions) - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    16. You may not merge factions if either faction is on F-TOP or will get placed on F Top by doing so - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Punishment: 3 Faction Strikes + All value gained from the merge taken

    17. Giving other factions wealth

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

    18. Autoselling is not allowed - includes but not limited to selling scripts, macros and or an autoclicker

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    19. Covering up your spawners in obsidian, water, lava or any other block to prevent factions from raiding you is not allowed

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

    20. Excessively Ban Evading/Cheating

    Note: If you or your faction members are constantly cheating/ban evading your faction will receive a strike as a result of their actions.

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    21. No Larger than a 20 chunk buffer. (20 claims going out on each side from the first wall to the last wall)

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    22. Any cannons that abuse a miscoding in plugins, .jar files or anything server side related will result in a punishment decided upon by the admins.

    23. Cannons that lag the server dramatically, (crashing server, or causing an unplayable expierence) we have the right to remove

    24. Any form of fully automatic cannons including auto sand comps are not allowed in any way.

    Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the player issuing the cannon

    25. Sand alts are not allowed

    Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

    26. Illegal homes

    No homes in ANY land besides your own factions.
    Raiding with any homes you have in other territory is strictly prohibited, if you are caught having a home in any land besides your own you will be banned.

    Punishment: 1 Faction strikes + 18d ban.

    27. Scripting

    Any form of scripting is strictly prohibited.

    Punishment: Disband + Full removal of base, balance and all value in your PVs and Enderchest + Permanent blacklist from the entire network.

    28. Claiming after spawner placing has been disabled

    You can't claim a piece of land that will gain your faction any value after spawner placing has been disabled.

    Punishment: 1 Faction strike + Disqualified from weekly payout.

    ** These rules are subject to change at any given time, failure to read these actively will not be an allowed plea of ignorance **
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