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Suggestion Revive the server


Mar 7, 2020
I feel like this server focuses on extrapolating as much money as possible from the current playerbase, instead of focusing on retaining new players.

Giving away ranks works to have somebody play on the server for a day because they're using all of their free "rank" perks. Once those perks get boring and they see how clearly P2W the server can get, they leave.

The buycraft shop needs an overhaul. The "sale" scam that's been running doesn't do anything for the playerbase. We all can see through it and are aware that these are normal prices. The goal of the "sale" is to get new players to feel rushed into buying something because they only have a day to do it. Get rid of the sale, and make the prices of ranks and extras more reasonable. Not only will this make ranks more accessible, but new players will spend their first days grinding rather than abusing their free rank's perms. After they love the grind and the server itself, they'll feel more comfortable dropping a small amount of money on the game. Ex, $15 on a rank. Once they spend money they'll feel as if they've wasted it if they stop playing, and they'll continue to play and spend more money on the server.

Right now, the way buycraft is setup is costing the server so much more money than it needs to. There needs to be an overhaul of the economy of the server.

I am open to criticisms, and this is NOT meant to be disrespectful in any way, just a community member concerned with the state of the server.