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Denied Nesquicked's Staff Application

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Dec 29, 2017
Simple Questions
• Minecraft Username:
My current Minecraft username is NesQuicked
• Previous Minecraft Usernames:
My past usernames are _9Y, ChickenGurshawn, Gurshawn, GurshawnGaming, MasterBuddyRules. Here's all my name info
• Timezone:
UTC:8:00, Pacific Standard TimeZone A.K.A Canada BC, Yukon Territories, and California in the USA. I live in a similar Timezone to many other players so it makes it a lot more convienient for others and for me.
• Age:
I am currently of the age 13 and my date of birth is May 27, 2004! My birthday is coming up sooooo soon!
• Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a working microphone?:
Yes, I have TeamSpeak, Discord, Skype, ETC. My discord name is NesQuickieFied#2104, My Skype name is Gurshawn Rai. And my TeamSpeak is NesQuicked. I have a TurtleBeach Stereo HeadSet so I can hear everything and it picks up my voice very well as well. I am always on discord and TeamSpeak.
• Do you have the ability to record minecraft videos?:
To be honest I dont usally record Minecraft, but the answer is Yes, I use OBS for YouTube recordings and QuickTimePlayer for Hacker Recordings.
I also use the Replay Mod which is a completely friendly mod that allows you to record Minecraft at high FPS and doesn’t need to be enabled so it will automatically record everything as you go and allows you to watch the recording when you log off. I will never use this mod to abuse free cam mostly because I don’t know how to use free cam.

• Are you Star (Or Above):
Yes, I am the Blizzard Rank as of right now. I purchased it last Christmas and trust me, it was very expensive. It was a Limited Edition Christmas Rank that is now currently un-available for purchase.
2) Where are you most active on the Universe Server?:
I am the most active on Factions as that is my main game mode and I enjoy it the most. Considering it has the most players it has the most toxicity and from that I’ve learned to cope bad situations and solve problems. I also play on PracticePvP and Kitmap occasionally.
3) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:

4 hours After 4:00PM


4 hours After 4:00PM


4 hours After 4:00PM


5 hours (11:00AM-4:00PM)


5 hours (11:00AM-4:00PM)


6 hours all day


6 hours all day

If you would like to know my complete schedule here it is:

Sunday, Wake up at 11pm, play Minecraft for 3 hrs, eat food, play Minecraft for 1hrs, Play for the local soccer team in tournaments for 2hrs, play Minecraft for 2hrs, do any spare work, go to sleep
Saturday, Wake up at 11pm, play Minecraft for 3 hrs, eat food, play Minecraft for 1hrs, Play for the local soccer team in tournaments for 2hrs, play Minecraft for 2hrs, do any spare work, watch tons of Netflix, go to sleep
Monday, Wake up at 7am, get ready for school and leave at 8am, go to school and come back at 3:30pm, eat food, play Minecraft for 5hrs, watch Netflix, and go to sleep.
Tuesday, Wake up at 7am, get ready for school and leave at 8am, go to school and come back at 3:30pm, eat food, play Minecraft for 3hrs, go to school, and go to sleep.
Wednesday, Wake up at 7am, get ready for school and leave at 8am, go to school and come back at 3:30pm, eat food, play Minecraft for 5hrs, watch Netflix, and go to sleep.
Thursday, Wake up at 7am, get ready for school and leave at 8am, go to school and come back at 3:30pm, eat food, play Minecraft for 3hrs, go to school, and go to sleep.
Friday,Wake up at 7am, get ready for school and leave at 8am, go to school and come back at 3:30pm, eat food, play Minecraft for 3hrs, go to school, watch Netflix, go to sleep.

4) Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details.:

Server Banned On: UniverseMC
Reason: Use of Malicious Hacked Clients A.K.A PvP Aura Hacks
Innocent or Guilty: Innocent, My younger cousins decided he would pull a prank on me by trying to get me banned for a few months. He used the Wurst Hacked Client and killed several players, who I feel very bad for. He even used all of my PvP Sets and died with them all. Gladly my account got banned before he did too much damage.
Banned by: DynexMC
Duration: Permanently Banned

Server Banned On: UniverseMC
Reason: Chat Related
Innocent or Guilty: 50%Innocent, 50%Guilty, My keyboard is a little bit messed up so sometimes it repeats characters and also sometimes the caps lock doesn't get turned off, unless I hit it really hard. It makes it difficult to remember sometimes. I am sorta guilty because I did sometimes do caps spam ETC. So yes I would admit to being 50% guilty of the chat related abuse. I am very sorry about it.

5) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player. They're arguing and spamming you, constantly telling you to unmute them. What would you do?:

Tell them that if they continue to spam, then they will be muted for even longer. I would also ask them to not argue with staff and take a look at what they were saying incase I made a mistake, then tell staff I messed up. I wouldn’t I mute them because they’re popular because that would be abusing my staff powers and could lead to them thinking they are better then others and saying things that make people never want to come back and potentially make some people depressed. I’ve seen it before and I don’t want to see it on this server. I am aware that if I abuse I would have my permissions revoked.
6) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last month? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?:
A mistake I recently made was getting into a fight at school...
So basically what happened was this guy kept on trying to talk bad about me and then he started kicking me. He got dirt in my mouth and I asked him to stop multiple times until I got so mad I punched him in the face and knocked him out. I learned that if something is bothering me irl orin-game I should cope the situation by requesting help. I will never get into a fight again because

7) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?:

Demote Reason: They didn't interview me

Server: DawnLightNetwork



Duration Of Staff Time: 1month

I haven't gotten too many past experiences because all of the servers I had applied on and gotten accepted on were all knock offs of great and amazing servers. I was staff on UniverseMC at one point but then got demoted because I was apparently "unapproved" and not interviewed. Anyways since I Haven't gotten too much staffing experience I have decided this would be a great start for something great for me to do for the community. Everyone has to start somewhere and I chose here. I hope that's okay with you. For IRL experiences if you ask me the question "Do you have any past experiences with moderation/leadership" I will of course say yes whether or not I go into too much details or not. In this case-scenario I'm of course going to write down as much as I possibly can and the best answer I can give you as of now is "yes" I am very experienced in being a leader/moderator. For example I have volunteered at several pet centres and had to take care of multiple stores without being paid or rewarded. I love participating in out door activity that isn't screen related such as Minecraft, Fortnite, and just video games/YouTube in general so yes I do part in lots of leadership roles. One example would be that I am captain on a soccer team, meaning I call all the shots and make sure everyone is doing their job. I also play Captain in several other sports but I'm also going to try and make this section straight to the point and clear. I have an older sister who used to work at a few fast food places, until she quit. I can't state why she quit, but in that time I served several customers and cleaned tons so I did moderate that community as well. I also have volunteered at my school to moderate the Office and take peoples calls ETC. Heres all the things that I have to do when I moderate the office: Pick up all the calls sent in and make sure they get to their people, talk on the PA when ever something happens and also make all the announcements and keep up to date on my school work, I have to pretty much sit there and multi-task the whole day, plus there are several students that go home early and have to call their parents. Some students are injured so I have to take them to the first aid area and give them the correct item, such as: bandages, treatment oil, ETC, so you get the picture of working the office. I also lunch monitor, where I have to moderate classrooms of younger children and take care of them while they eat and play outside. Now this all seems like a lot at first look, but you will definitely get used to it after working for over 7months straight. I also have been staff on several MineHut Player Hosted Servers where up to 50-100 players could be online at once, and surprise, surprise, who had to take care of them and do everything while the other staff went on their breaks? That would be me if you hadn't already realized. I have a lot more past experiences that I can't even remember but I'm still going to keep thinking until I can get as many as possible. I think I listed a lot of IRL experiences so I'm going to go into some more Minecraft experiences. So My first ever Minecraft staffing experience was when I saw a player make a Minecraft server and basically have his friends play on it. I thought that it could be very fun so I did exactly what every other player that would like a Minecraft server of their own would do at the time. I went on bukkit and created a server. It wasn't a very good server, since at the time spigot wasn't really an option, and I wasn't too good with plug-ins, but I still managed to create my own Minecraft server. So considering I was the owner I decided I would have a little fun and do a little experimenting and test out some cool add-ons. I decided that I would use a variety of plug-ins such as MCMMO, WorldEdit, ETC. I started telling a bunch of my friend about my server and tried to get it to gain popularity, and I at one point had 100players playing at once. The server wasn't really factions or anything, it was pretty much SMP (Survival MultiPlayer). I'm pretty sure that I even decided to start hiring staff at one point and give my server a name. I'm pretty sure I name it Gurshawn's SMP Server, and yes I get it, it's a really bad name, please don't mention it, I would actually like to forget about that hahaha. Another Minecraft experience would be when I applied for staff on a server called GalacticPvP, that was owned by one of my friends who wanted to make a space themed SMP server for all his friends, including me. The name was inspired by a mini-game called GalaxyWars which was very fun back in the older Minecraft days. GalacticPvP was very fun and I had actually applied for Helper on that server and got accepted. I had to work my way up the staff chain, until I finally reached the Admin rank. At that moment when I got promoted I was probably the happiest guy anyone could ever meet at the time. I was an administrator on a 125player Minecraft server, I felt amazing about how hard I had worked and how much of an impact I had made on that community. I soon from there had got promoted to Co-Owner and had the chance to get behind the scenes. I had gotten access to "the console" which at the time I thought was just a mini control panel that didn't have too many functions, but I went on to find out that that mini control panel operated the entire server. Sadly a few weeks later the server had to close down for personal reasons that I am un-able to discuss with you as of now. I was very sad but then realized, that there was a lesson to be learnt here, every great thing comes to an end, which at the time I for some reason believed it. I don't want the same fate for UniverseMC, which is why I am applying to keep players on the server, and to make it a better community for the player. I think that this is enough for now, but I will always be constantly adding on more

8) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft ?:
I play several sports such as: Soccer, VolleyBall, FootBall, BasketBall, Badminton, A little bit of Tennis, and Track and Field which is basically a running event where they race us and see who is fastest. I also have Volunteered at many pet shelters and play Fortnite in my spare time. I just started to play minecraft a lot more often. Once again my full schedule is in my "How much time can you dedicate to the server?". Also in #7 I have a bunch of outdoor activities listed. A big Hobby of mine is garage work, meaning I love to get my hands dirty and do the work that requires you to get into engineering. I attended a program called Math Celebration, which is basically where schools send a team of students in certain grades to attend a math competition, and I have come 1st place every time, except for once, which was when I came 2nd because one of my teammates was missing and couldn't make it so we had to replace him someone, and the thing is, they didn't actually look at skill level when the picked the replacement, they just pulled a random name, and that one person pretty much didn't know 1 clue on what to do and just kept on pressing the buzzer and saying "uhhhhhh". Another Event I attended was called Stem Stretch, where you basically go to a place called the Delta Manor and do advanced subjects such as, Science Advanced which stands for the s in STEM, Technology which stands for the T in STEM, Engineering which is my favourite and it stands for the E in STEM, and finally Math which stands for the M in STEM. It was a very difficult project, but me and all the other kids from schools that attended beat the entire system. It was very tricky because it included several trick questions and impossible equations that really put your brain to the test.
9) SCENARIO: You're in a busy gamemode as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a moderator for a hacker, someone then pokes you on teamspeak telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?:
I would ask everyone very politely to ask me for help one at a time and not just simply mute chat and start muting individual players, instead I would help everyone and if possible I would ask from help from another staff member around me, put a player or 2 on hold for 2 seconds until I can catch one of the hackers, and ask the player on teamspeak to tell me what there issue is, then sort it out for them. I wouldn't really consider it over working since I've seen harder jobs at staff where the entire server spams you. If the hackers didn't admit to the use of clients I would ask an ScreenShare approved staff member to ScreenShare them, but I would still make sure to go into the /staff mode and freeze them. The only reason why I know what /staff is, is because I was staff on UniverseMC at one point as well. Also I would use my Replay Mod to record the proof of hackers just in case I can't give the correct punishment. I would just like to state that I would never use my replay mod to abuse, such as going into free cam and going inside bases because that would be completely wrong.
10) SCENARIO: You've made an 'incorrect punishment' towards a player and there are 4 players arguing and spamming you saying that it was false. How would you handle it?:
I would ask the players very politely in chat to calm down and check if my punishment was incorrect. If they continue to spam I would Mute the chat and ask everyone to calm down. Shortly after the mute-chat I would resume chat and see if the spam continues. If it does continue I would call higher staff for help with the chat so I could actually focus on the incorrect punishment. If I realize what I did was wrong I would avert the punishment and ask another staff to help me with it. If I can't figure out what was wrong with my punishment, I would contact higher staff. I would also make sure to remember to apologize to the player I banned for the in-convenience.
11) Anything else we should know?:


I am very loyal and won’t resign from this server until the day it completely dies, even if I one day get staff on a bigger server like <Server Name> I will still play here more often. Also I won’t abuse even if I got told to or paid to do so, I respect the staff team very much and everyone around it.


I think you should pick me over someone else because I am very dedicated and focused on my task, helping others. I would stop during PvP just help anyone that needs help or is confused about something. I am willing to do ANYTHING and when I say anything I mean, ANYTHING to succeed at my task.


UniverseMC is constantly growing bigger and bigger. It would be my honour to help this server grow even bigger. The fact that this server has so many busy staff that are always working hard just makes me think if i was a staff how much more easier would i be able to make it for everyone. I just want to make sure that we have no hackers/abusers online to ruin the game for everyone else


I am never disrespectful to staff and never argue back with them even if they are wrong. I think everyone on the staff team is very nice, helpful, and overall make the server a lot better. I am very active and meet all requirements that staff are required to have. I show respect to everyone no matter who they're and what they have done in their past.


I am very mature and act older then my age and make sure 24/7 I am not using abusive/sexual language. For instance: if someone swears at me i will not use abusive language or say something that is violating the rules. I am also very honest and never lie especially to another staff member.

Quick Learner

I am extremely good at learning, meaning I can pick up on useful tips staff use on the server. I also have a lot of past experiences at being staff so I am good at my job. I have picked up a lot of good staff advice in my pasts. I can adapt to certain rules very quickly.


I am very good at knowing who is wrong and who is right in most situations meaning I can fix problems very fast and know to always contact higher staff if I can't solve the issue. I also would say that the player is innocent until proven guilty because false banning players would be worse then not banning a player.

Good Mood

I am always in a good mood and ready to happily assist any players in game. I am genuinely in a very happy-go-fun mood and am very enthusiastic. I am very kind, and nice to everyone even if they disrespect me. I still manage to keep a good mood even things if aren't going my way in life.


I am very passionate at my job and love minecraft with a passion. I have been playing for over 5 years and am an expert at the game itself. You can ask me almost any question about Minecraft factions or questions about vanilla. Overall I am very good at this game. I can easily share my knowledge about this game to make an un-experienced new player into a highly skilled Minecraft gamer.


I have very good grammar and that it self just makes the staff team look more representative and professional. This means that more players will join this server because they know staff can help them.


I am a very good leader being the 1st resource that people would ask for help from. I also have had to lead an entire server of players that was bigger then UniverseMC and had players 2x as toxic.

I am very reliable and people can depend on me for help. I can help with many tasks and never let down a player. As they say: "You Can Count On Me". Also I like to make sure that the person is 100% satisfied with what they get from me as a staff member and as a normal player


I have a lot of patience which means I can wait if someone needs time to get on team speak, and if someone was looking suspicious and doesn't have team speak installed and doesn't know anything about it, I will wait for them and help them get through it and teach them step to step on how to download it and use it.

I live in Canada, BC, I love PvP, I used to run a YouTube channel with my friends called McTopics and it had over 34k subs but it has recently been shutdown by the owner for private reasons I am un-able to state. Theres some proof that I respect others privacy. I am a great builder, I can help with more then 1 job, Even if this gets DENIED I will still play here, If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me in-game at ChickenGurshawn. I know that this doesn't really effect my chances of being accepted but I could say that I'm pretty good friends with a lot of people on the server. I really hope that a lot of players recommend me to do things differently because I know, that no one is perfect and that I can always improve. I learnt a saying about improvement: If someone says that there is nothing you can improve on, their advice is completely wrong and that you should take that as a challenge to aim higher and do better. I hope that everyone reading this has at least one suggestion to give me because I am always constantly trying to improve my work and make sure that it is always my best work possible!

I have been screen shared multiple times and have been proved innocent all those times. I know how to SS on Discord,, TeamViewer, Skype, AnyDesk, ETC

Heres what I would do if they seemed like they are using Malicious Hacks (PvP Related)

1.Freeze the player if they are looking suspicious.
2.Ask them if they would like to admit to the use of hacks/cheats
3.If they admit then they would get banned for the amount of time that the guidelines say when it comes to admitting and ban them for the correct malicious hacks duration.
4.If they don't admit I would give them 5mins to join TeamSpeak
5. I would move them to the SS channel and ask them to download which ever one the are comfortable with (TeamViewer,, Skype, Discord, AnyDesk)
6. I would 1st ask them to go to their .minecraft folder and check for mods/versions
7. Check their java, to see their clients and logs
8. Check their recycle bin
9. Check their google history to see if they try to download clients
10. Make them change their hit/break button (Grave, Minus, Period, BackSlash, ETC)
11. If they're clean then I would let them go
12. If I find hacks I would ask them one more time if they admit to malicious hacks and if they say yes I would give them the ban duration of admit to hacks after ScreenSharing

I hope everyone reading this is having an amazingly great day and thats all from me folks!
Also please read the whole thing because I put a lot of effort into this staff application... Alright BYE.

Character Count: 22,827 Characters
Word Count: 4300 Words, NOT including the word count


Feb 16, 2018
Good app but very very difficult to read. Try to space out each section and add some color to differentiate the questions.


May 7, 2019
DENIED - Hello,
Your application has been intensely reviewed and the management team and has decided to deny your app you may
reapply in 2 weeks.

Organization, too hard to read.

Not open for further replies.