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Dec 27, 2017
Earth Dimension Changelog
Release: February 13th at 1pm EST

Hello Astronauts,

Welcome to the sixth season of Earth! This season we've done quite a few changes, especially with the economy.

Economy Changes

Last season of Earth the economy was extremely inflated, users had trillions of dollars and it really made the gameplay become stale. For this season our primary focus was to completely fix the economy to ensure that the server never gets repetitive and people don't gain money as quickly. For this season we've nerfed voidchests, removed spawner upgrades, and did countless changes to shop prices to help with the economy.

February MCRATE

For this season of Earth, we've added our brand new MCRATE! Purchase this new crate on the store to win incredible rewards.

Custom Enchantments

Another one of our big features for this season is our completely revamped custom enchantments! For this season we've added over 20 custom enchantments that can be applied to armor, tools, and more! Experience can be used in an enchantment table to obtain these custom enchantments.

Gapple Cooldown

As we continue to try and balance PVP one step we took this season was to add a gapple cooldown.

Sawmill PVP arena

For this season of Earth, we've brought back the old Sawmill PVP map!

Additional Changes!
  • Fixed multiple bugs that occurred throughout last season!
  • Fixed /is coop
  • Removed the message when buying spawners
  • Added brand new revamped cosmetics
What are IS-TOP prizes?
The payouts for this season will be the following:
1. $100 Paypal & $100 Buycraft
2. $50 Buycraft
3. $25 Buycraft

I hope everyone is excited about our new season of Earth. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!

SOTW: February 13th @ 1PM EST
85% off sale on the server release
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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