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Denied Jupiter Season 11: What Will Make A Better Server Experience

Discussion in 'Denied Suggestions' started by JusbotYT, Dec 7, 2018.


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  1. JusbotYT

    JusbotYT Member

    Dec 7, 2018
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    Hello everyone!

    As some of you know, my name is JusbotYT, or some will know me as JayX or Jay.

    I am a player on Jupiter, and I've noticed that the experience has been affected due to some constant repetitions in the server's seasons.
    As a former Factions server owner, I wish to give a suggestion to the staff about next season.

    For the Jupiter realm:

    Rank Names :
    The rank names have stayed the same for a while, so let's switch it up a bit.
    I will suggest the following names for the next season: (KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS)
    STAR: Private (Iron Armor (PROT 1) Diamond Tools (Sharp 1, Effic 1)
    FLARE: Corporal (Iron Armor (PROT 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 2, Effic 2)
    COMET: Sargeant (Diamond Armor (PROT 1) Diamond Tools (Sharp 2, Effic 1)
    NOVA: Lieutenant (Diamond Armor (PROT 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 3, Effic 2)
    SOLAR: Captain (Iron Armor (PROT 3, Unbreak 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 4, Effic 3)
    ECLIPSE: Major (Iron Armor (PROT 3, Unbreak 3) Diamond Tools (Sharp 4, Effic 4)
    NEBULA: Colonel (Iron Armor (PROT 4) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 4)
    GALACTIC: General (Iron Armor (PROT 4, Unbreak 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 4)
    VOID: Commander (Iron Armor (PROT 4, Unbreak 3) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 5)

    SPECIAL KIT: DIAMOND ARMOR (Prot 5, Unbreak 4) (Sharpness 6, Fire Aspect 2)

    The G-kits should be lowered in value, as the kits are a bit too overpowered. I suggest keeping only the Special Gkit and make it hard to get it in the crates.
    We should also lower the crates, as there are a bit too many, and the server economy seems to be affected quickly.

    For the factions aspect:
    -15 player factions (Max 30 Power per player) NO ALTS or 1 ALT allowed
    - Factions only allowed to ally 1 other faction
    - FTOP #1, 2, 3 get prizes, only 10 FTOP spots
    - Vanilla Factions (Example: Sharpness 5, Prot 4 Armor) (ONLY SPECIAL KIT GETS PROT 5)
    - Custom Enchants (Switch from Cosmic Enchants to Archon Custom Enchants???)
    - Genning (Gen Buckets are Allowed)
    - TNT and Creeper EGGS (Disabled for 1 week)
    - Ender Dragon Event after 3 days of release (Ender Dragon Egg = 1 million FTOP)
    - End Warp disabled (Use of portals only)
    - /wild warps and /nether
    - Betrayals = Bannable
    - Unclaimed Bases = Allowed
    - 10-week season or Whatever the staff decides

    For the raiding aspect, we need to fix the cannoning issues. We also need to figure out a new anti-cheat system, as I've seen personally some hackers that aren't getting attention from the staff.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll agree with some of my suggestions,


  2. ChristianDiscord


    Oct 3, 2018
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    I love some of these suggestions, although I'm not sure if the name change for the ranks would help but maybe thats just me! :)
  3. J0NBE4R

    J0NBE4R Administrator
    Management Team Administrator

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Moved to correct forum.
  4. Acceptation


    May 10, 2018
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  5. Jamesies

    Jamesies Member

    Dec 4, 2018
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    I think that the reason Jupiter has been doing so well is because its an OP server, which makes the PvP fun. However, it may be cool to see this implemented on a new planet, possibly even Mars.

    - James
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