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Factions Jupiter Season 11: What Will Make A Better Server Experience

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by JusbotYT, Dec 7, 2018.


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  1. JusbotYT

    JusbotYT Member

    Dec 7, 2018
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    Hello everyone!

    As some of you know, my name is JusbotYT, or some will know me as JayX or Jay.

    I am a player on Jupiter, and I've noticed that the experience has been affected due to some constant repetitions in the server's seasons.
    As a former Factions server owner, I wish to give a suggestion to the staff about next season.

    For the Jupiter realm:

    Rank Names :
    The rank names have stayed the same for a while, so let's switch it up a bit.
    I will suggest the following names for the next season: (KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE SUGGESTIONS)
    STAR: Private (Iron Armor (PROT 1) Diamond Tools (Sharp 1, Effic 1)
    FLARE: Corporal (Iron Armor (PROT 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 2, Effic 2)
    COMET: Sargeant (Diamond Armor (PROT 1) Diamond Tools (Sharp 2, Effic 1)
    NOVA: Lieutenant (Diamond Armor (PROT 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 3, Effic 2)
    SOLAR: Captain (Iron Armor (PROT 3, Unbreak 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 4, Effic 3)
    ECLIPSE: Major (Iron Armor (PROT 3, Unbreak 3) Diamond Tools (Sharp 4, Effic 4)
    NEBULA: Colonel (Iron Armor (PROT 4) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 4)
    GALACTIC: General (Iron Armor (PROT 4, Unbreak 2) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 4)
    VOID: Commander (Iron Armor (PROT 4, Unbreak 3) Diamond Tools (Sharp 5, Effic 5)

    SPECIAL KIT: DIAMOND ARMOR (Prot 5, Unbreak 4) (Sharpness 6, Fire Aspect 2)

    The G-kits should be lowered in value, as the kits are a bit too overpowered. I suggest keeping only the Special Gkit and make it hard to get it in the crates.
    We should also lower the crates, as there are a bit too many, and the server economy seems to be affected quickly.

    For the factions aspect:
    -15 player factions (Max 30 Power per player) NO ALTS or 1 ALT allowed
    - Factions only allowed to ally 1 other faction
    - FTOP #1, 2, 3 get prizes, only 10 FTOP spots
    - Vanilla Factions (Example: Sharpness 5, Prot 4 Armor) (ONLY SPECIAL KIT GETS PROT 5)
    - Custom Enchants (Switch from Cosmic Enchants to Archon Custom Enchants???)
    - Genning (Gen Buckets are Allowed)
    - TNT and Creeper EGGS (Disabled for 1 week)
    - Ender Dragon Event after 3 days of release (Ender Dragon Egg = 1 million FTOP)
    - End Warp disabled (Use of portals only)
    - /wild warps and /nether
    - Betrayals = Bannable
    - Unclaimed Bases = Allowed
    - 10-week season or Whatever the staff decides

    For the raiding aspect, we need to fix the cannoning issues. We also need to figure out a new anti-cheat system, as I've seen personally some hackers that aren't getting attention from the staff.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll agree with some of my suggestions,


  2. ChristianDiscord

    ChristianDiscord Network Helper

    Oct 3, 2018
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    I love some of these suggestions, although I'm not sure if the name change for the ranks would help but maybe thats just me! :)
  3. J0NBE4R

    J0NBE4R Network Moderator

    Jul 15, 2018
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    Moved to correct forum.

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