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Iwisa Staff application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Ethan, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Ethan

    Ethan British=Life

    May 12, 2018
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    Minecraft Username:


    Previous Minecraft Usernames (if applicable):

    What's your timezone?:

    BST (GMT+1).



    Are you staff on any other servers?:

    I am not currently staff on any other servers.

    Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? If you have discord, please list your full discord name and tag. Example; Example#1234

    I do have discord, my username is British#2535.

    Do you have the ability to record Minecraft videos?:

    I do have the ability to record Minecraft videos with high quality and smooth FPS.

    Do you have a donator rank on any of our game modes?:

    I have a rank in these realms:
    Jupiter: Ghoul
    Mars: None
    Venus: None
    Neptune: None
    Saturn: None

    2) Where are you most active on the Universe Server?:

    I am most active on the Jupiter realm, but I am willing to be active on the other realms whenever needed.

    3) How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:

    Monday & Tuesday: 3 - 4 Hours
    Wednesday & Thursday: 2 - 4 Hours
    Friday - Sunday: 3 - 5 Hours
    (Subject to change at any time)

    4) Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, please include details (if applicable):

    Yes, I was banned on Jupiter when I unintentionally teamed with a hacker and I've now learned from my mistakes. I've also hacked on Mars and I don't know why I did it to be quite honest. I've also been muted on Jupiter when I advertised my YouTube channel. After receiving all of these punishments I've now learned my lesson and continue to follow the server rules.

    5) SCENARIO: Suppose it's your first week of being a Helper and you mute a well-known player. They're arguing and spamming you, constantly telling you to unmute them. What would you do?:

    I would first give the players spamming me a verbal warning, and if they keep doing it I would warn them. If they question the punishment I will show them the evidence of the reason they were punished. After that if they continues to spam I would mute them accordingly to whatever guidelines I am given.

    6) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?:

    One of the many mistakes I have made within the last year was that I thought it would be smart to miss a few days of school. The way I have dealt with this was that I received all the work and homework I missed and have to do it all during this summer. I have learned that I need to prioritize my school work.

    7) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? If not, please explain how you could do as staff even without having any previous experiences. (Minimum 200+ words):

    I have been staff on a few different servers:
    ClassicSandstone - Owner

    I did own this server I did get a few players now and then but I took a break from Mc and the server died so then I decided I was not fit to own a server but help servers owners by looking after players, and getting rid of players who ruined experience the of the players such as cheaters Overall, I have been staff on two servers and love helping the players and staff have the best experience.
    Livida - Helper

    I was a helper on there and I took my role as staff very seriously. Every day I got on for a couple hours and check for hackers and people breaking the rules, and muted anyone who needed to be muted.
    Nexor - Trial mod

    I was a trail mod on this HCF server which I got on daily to help the other staff members deal with hackers and rule-breakers.

    8) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?:

    I go to my dads every day after school on Fridays for me and him to spend time and do some coding.

    9) SCENARIO: You're on a busy game mode as a helper, questions are flying at you rapidly, you can just about keep up. You're getting messaged by 2 different players both asking you to get them a junior moderator for a hacker, someone then messages you on discord telling you that there is someone blasting music in their channel. What do you do?:

    Firstly I would to teleport to the "hacker" and make sure there not false reporting and if there was a hacker I would go into the discord dm a Jr. Mod asking to deal with it while I'm dealing with the person blasting music in discord. if they didn't stop blasting music I would ask a higher staff member to server mute the bot for a bit and then I would give a verbal warning to the person blasting the music.

    10) SCENARIO: You've made an 'incorrect punishment' towards a player and there are 4 players arguing and spamming you saying that it was false. How would you handle it?:

    Firstly I would kindly ask them to stop spamming me while I'm reviewing the evidence with another staff member. Then if it was incorrect I would apologize to the player and get a higher staff member to unban them.

    11) Anything else we should know?:

    I'm still on summer holidays for 3 weeks this means I can spend more time on the server.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application and have a wonderful day.

    Glowing Regards,

    - Iwisa
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  2. Zoxide

    Zoxide Member

    Mar 6, 2018
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    Hey there! I recommend spacing your questions out a bit more to make it looks a lot neater, and to also remove the “Simple Information” and “Elaborate” as well as either removing all question numbers or changing all questions to be in a numbered order etc.

    Overall very nice person to talk with and be around! Would make an excellent staff member +1

    Good luck
    - Zox
  3. Ethan

    Ethan British=Life

    May 12, 2018
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    Hello zoxide, I have used your adviced and changed my application hope you enjoy.
  4. W60

    W60 Member

    Aug 14, 2019
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    Overall a fantastic application, no wrong grammar or anything! Good job!
  5. Ethan

    Ethan British=Life

    May 12, 2018
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    Thank you very much.
  6. PenguinNerd

    PenguinNerd Fluffy Penguin <3

    May 11, 2018
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    Hello, @Ethan I like your application, although it has some grammatical errors that will need to be fixed. Overall fairly detailed and a very nice gentlement to speak with.

    - Penguin

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