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Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by UserNumberJuan, May 12, 2019.

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    May 7, 2019
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    Hello, I have decided to make a "Screensharing Rules | Guidelines" thread to clear up any confusion that you or your friends may have about our policy on this. This thread was made with the intent to better the knowledge on screen sharing on our server, and how it is constructed.

    What exactly is a screenshare?
    A screenshare will or might occur whenever a screenshare approved staff member suspects you of cheating or using a blacklisted modification on the server. If you are suspected of cheating, you will be frozen and asked to either admit for a 14-day ban or to join our Teamspeak. If you chose not to admit you have 5 minutes to join our Teamspeak. You will be asked to join TeamSpeak or discord (Depending on the staff member) and you will have to launch the application Anydesk. Both of these applications are 100% safe and are used every day by loads of servers.

    Doing the following will result in a permanent ban:
    Disconnecting at any point after being frozen.
    Refusing to screenshare.
    The discovery of any hacked client.
    The discovery of a blacklisted modification.
    The discovery of a Booter / IP stressor.
    The discovery of any dox or information leaks on someone.
    Any x-ray packs.
    Any proof leading to the evidence of you previously hacking on UniverseMC.
    Recording the screenshare.
    Trolling in the screenshare.
    Deleting anything from your Recycling Bin before the screenshare.
    Editing any files, mods, etc.

    You will be banned for 14 days:
    Admitting to cheating before the screenshare starts.
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