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Guide to having a decent application

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RevolutionYT, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    So, what do you have to remember?

    -Be positive not negative
    Be positive in your application, if someone gives a negative response on your application fix it and make them change your mind, don't go all a h no i do nt care

    -Be active on forums and in-game
    Be active if you want to become staff that is what staff members will mostly look at when you apply for the position. No activity = Lower chance of being accepted.

    -Be yourself and only yourself
    Staff would like to know about you! Not about a whole copied other application, this is about you and not anyone else so be truthful and not a liar.

    -No smileys; they happen to give your application a ‘childish’ look and don’t make you look very professional. Avoid smileys on applications, but use them everywhere else.

    -Spelling and Grammar; the top problem with applications is spelling and grammar is everyone notices it. You will get loads of ‘-1’s and that doesn’t make you feel any good and limits your chances of being accepted. Write your application on Word or another word processing software with a built-in Spelling and Grammar correction robot thing. Or, Use this tool. So, less “I hav staf cus me gud” and more “I want to help the community” No 'Text Talk" (cuz, idk, w etc.)

    if you have just joined the server cause you desperately want staff on a server; leave UniverseMC alone. Go to some server ran by a 10 year old kid who will accept any one who can spell internet. If you have played on UniverseMC for a while, you will have good ontime which looks brilliant on your application, and you will know most people. Win: Win! Have at least 1 month ontime.

    Make it readable. No one wants to sit there for an hour squinting to read an essay about your life. Less I want to be staff because..., more 'I want to be staff because...'
    Don't have a short application - at least 5 paragraphs, proof read it many times too
    Don't use bold text, underlining or italics. Don't space your application out too much, or too little. Don't curse. Put in the effort, Staff like a lot of detail.
    Don't complain or retaliate negative information. It will make you seem frustrated that someone that does not take negativity well.
    Don't use polls asking if you should be staff. Don't curse others. Be polite about negative comments and don't start trash talking.

    Example app

      • Age: DON’T: 13 and 21.43 days from 14
    DO: 13 (If its 13 its 13, not 13 but nearly 14 etc. – makes you look childish)

      • IGN (In Game Name): TAKE ADVANTAGE of Mojang’s tool to change your username! More professional usernames seem more mature!
      • Real name: Not J. Doe or Mr. Doe Keep in simple: John Doe
      • Server applying for (Skyblock or Factions) This one’s easy, write Skyblock or Factions. Rocket Science, huh?
      • Time Zone/Country: Not sure? Use this tool.
      • Any previous staff experience; don’t make stuff up.
      • Why you want to be staff? NOT “cause I wanna help community and dat” MORE: “I want to be staff as I believe I can help keep PvPWars a lovely place to come and spend time on. I also have experience with banning…..etc.
      • What will you do if you are given staff? NOT “I will laf cus I has comads and I wil ban everyone then me own and u al b slave.” Common sense.


      • Age: 11 next Tuesday
      • IGN (In Game Name): XxxHelperAdminPieEpicManxxX242134
      • Real name: John David George Frank Doe The Second Jr.
      • Server applying for (Factions/Skyblock): Both, whatever 1 u want I think.
      • Time Zone/Country: I don’t know, I live in Uk??
      • Ontime (Server total AND monthly) Do /ontime in-game: 2 year.
      • Any previous staff experience: I don’t think so
      • Why you want to be staff? Cause I will hav commands and promise I will be gud
      • What will you do if you are given staff?; if someone says naughty things my mum says its bad so I will kill them and ban dem.
    …Is crap.

    You guys have to remember, “There isn't some rule when writing that if you don't capitalize a word it doesn't 'count' as a word" -The Oatmeal

    STOP: I Think I Would Make A Good Staff Member Because….

    START: I think I would make a good staff member because…

    Spend time on your app. This isn't a race to see who can post their app first. This is like applying for a job, you should write it like a resume, meaning it'll take some time ( at the very least 30min to an hour).
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  2. Dnoxal

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    Mar 15, 2018
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    -Addon- Help players in chat, as well as forums and discord.

    I wish I had this when I applied!
  3. RevolutionYT

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Haha I will add-on now!
  4. RevolutionYT

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    Jan 9, 2018
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    Added -Be yourself and -Be active
  5. CodeXeno

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    Mar 9, 2019
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    Nice guide!

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