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Found this really funny minecraft story!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Spoonite, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Lol, you think that you can just hover over this just to see what it is before clicking on the actual post? well jokes on you joker im one step ahead of you so you won't be seeing nothing here unless you click on the actual post so yeah

    In order to protect Minecraft (our “Game”) and the members of our community, we need these end user licence terms to set out some rules for downloading and using our Game. We don‘t like rules any more than you do, so we have tried to keep this as short as possible so you can thank us later. If you break these rules we may stop you from using our Game. If we think it is necessary, we might even have to ask our lawyers to get in touch.

    If you buy, download, use or play our Game, you are agreeing to stick to the rules of these end user licence terms ("EULA”), oh and also this includes cracked minecraft. If you don‘t want to or can‘t agree to these rules, then you must not buy, download, use or play our Game. This EULA incorporates the terms of use for the website (“Account Terms”), our brand and asset usage guidelines and our privacy policy. By agreeing to this EULA you also agree to all parts of these three documents, so please read through them carefully.


    The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we‘ve made. By “distribute anything we‘ve made” what we mean is “give copies of the game away, make commercial use of, try to make money from, or let other people get access to our game and its parts in a way that is unfair or unreasonable” But this rule does not really count since notch said he doesn't care about fake minecraft copies being downloaded... So the one major rule is that (unless we specifically agree it – such as in brand and asset usage guidelines) you must not:

    • give copies of our Game to anyone else;
    • make commercial use of anything we‘ve made;
    • try to make money from anything we‘ve made; or
    • let other people get access to anything we‘ve made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable.
    …and so that we are crystal clear, what we have made includes, but is not limited to, the client or the server software for our Game. It also includes modified versions of a Game, part of it or anything else we‘ve made.

    Otherwise we are quite relaxed about what you do - in fact we really encourage you to do cool stuff - but just don‘t do those things that we say you can‘t.


    You have bought the game so you can use it, yourself, on your computer.

    Below we also give you limited rights to do other things but we have to draw a line somewhere or else people will go too far. If you wish to make something pertaining to anything we‘ve made we‘re humbled, but please make sure that it can‘t be interpreted as being official and that it complies with this EULA and the brand and asset usage guidelines and above all do not make commercial use of anything we‘ve made.

    The permission we give you to use and play our Game can be revoked if you break the terms of this EULA.

    When you buy our Game, we give you permission to install the Game on your own personal computer and use and play it on that computer as set out in this EULA. This permission is personal to you, so you are not allowed to distribute the Game (or any part of it) to anyone else. This also means you cannot sell or rent the Game, or make it available for access to other people and you cannot pass on or resell any licence keys. You may however give gift codes that have been bought through our official gift code system. This is important to help us stop piracy and fraud and to protect our Game. It is also important to prevent members of our community from buying pirated versions of our Game or fraudulent licence keys – which we may cancel, such as in the case of fraud.

    If you've bought the Game, you may play around with it and modify it. We'd appreciate it if you didn't use this for griefing, though, and remember not to distribute the changed versions of our software. Basically, mods (or plugins, or tools) are cool (you can distribute those), hacked versions of the Game client or server are not, YEAH STUPID HACKERS YOUR VIOLATING PART OF THE EULA WHEN HACKING (you can't distribute those).

    Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. . Modifications to the Game ("Mods") (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don‘t sell them for money / try to make money from them. We have the final say on what constitutes a tool/mod/plugin and what doesn‘t.


    If you make any content available on or through our Game, you must give us permission to use, copy, modify and adapt that content. This permission must be irrevocable, and you must also let us permit other people to use, copy, modify and adapt your content. If you don‘t want to give us this permission, do not make content available on or through our Game. Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it will be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don‘t like.

    If you are going to make something available on or through our Game, it must not be offensive to people or illegal, it must be honest, and it must be your own creation. The types of things you must not make available using our Game include: posts that include racist or homophobic language; posts that are bullying or trolling; posts that might damage our or another person‘s reputation; posts that include porn, advertising or someone else‘s creation or image; or posts that impersonate a moderator or try to trick or exploit people.

    Any content you make available on our Game must also be your creation. You must not make any content available, using the Game, that infringes the rights of anyone else. If you post content on our Game, and we get challenged, threatened or sued by someone because the content infringes that persons rights, we may hold you responsible and that means you may have to pay us back for any damage we suffer as a result. Therefore it is really important that you only make content available that you have created and you don‘t do so with any content created by anyone else.


    When you get a copy of our Game, we provide it ‘as is‘. Updates and upgrades are also provided ‘as is‘. This means that we are not making any promises to you about the standard or quality of our Game or that our Game will be uninterrupted or error free or for any loss or damage that they cause. We only promise to provide the Game and any services with reasonable skill and care and even then you have to accept that we may release games well before they are complete and so they may (and often will) have bugs – but that‘s a price you pay for getting them so early. The law in most countries says that we can‘t disclaim liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence so if your computer gets up and stabs you because of something we‘ve done wrong then we‘ll take the hit on that.


    If we want we can terminate this EULA if you breach the terms. You can terminate it too, at any time, all you have to do is uninstall the Game from your computer and the EULA will be terminated. If the EULA is terminated, you will no longer be allowed to play our Game. The paragraphs about "Ownership of Our Game”, “Our Liability” and “General Stuff” will continue to apply even after the EULA is terminated. So don't do anything stupid or you'll get banned from minecraft itself :)

    In conclusion thats how mafia works
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