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Jan 9, 2020
When making a Staff Report, please follow the following format.

Your IGN: Zilexavay

Staff Members IGN: yoursooonice

What did they do?

[20-02-2020 14-02-08] Admin | NoHub: <@664183061885354012> I can’t see the ticket, what’s the issue?
[20-02-2020 14-02-16] Zilexavay: Yoursooonice is actually harassing me at this point. @Admin | yoursooonice, seriously, wtf do you want from me? You warn me for 'toxicity', I respond to that by asking you to leave me alone, and you literally mute me for SIX hours? What the hell is wrong with you? Can you actually leave me alone? I was talking to other players but you need to find some fault with whatever I do, literally anything I do, you will warn me, or immediately kick me and cite some random <Swear Word> reason. Are you serious? I am literally a donator on the server and I play regularly, fine I break the rules sometimes, but warning me for toxicity and then literally muting me for six hours? It's literally like you are trying to get players to stop playing. I was about to rank up to Ghoul and spend another good 20-30 pounds on the server. But now I won't. Because you treat players like <Swear Word> by using your 'power' in such an awful way as you do. Instead of muting and warning, actually have some courtesy and speak to the player before just using your power and just punishing for whatever reason. And toxicity? Seriously? Fine, provide proof - is that justification for a 6 hour mute? What about the other players who were toxic to me? Like are you serious? This is the nick name thing all over again. What the actual hell do you want from me?

<@!227148828543811584> PLEASE read all of this.
@Admin | NoHub Also you please.
[20-02-2020 14-02-19] Zilexavay: Can you see it now

[20-02-2020 14-03-27] Trainee | gpb: if you have an issue with a staff member make a staff report on the forums
[20-02-2020 14-03-47] Admin | yoursooonice: Would you like proof
[20-02-2020 14-03-53] Admin | yoursooonice: you 100% didnt say "leave me alone"
[20-02-2020 14-03-55] Zilexavay: <@!291738405648465921> , thank you for your response but this is a ticket for Nohubb
[20-02-2020 14-04-05] Admin | yoursooonice: i can post proof for the warning and the mute
[20-02-2020 14-05-01] Zilexavay: proof? are you serious? what is this? jail time? it's a game bro, you need to calm the hell down. if you want to serve time in the public forces ask <@!355761461601239051> for advice and he'll help you in getting into the irish police force, but for you to mute me for something as stupid as this and not even for one hour but for SXI?
[20-02-2020 14-05-02] Zilexavay: SIX
[20-02-2020 14-05-20] Zilexavay: honestly a joke <@!227148828543811584> i am so sorry for tagging you multiple times but please please please read my original ticket
[20-02-2020 14-05-28] Zilexavay: ^the long <Swear Word> paragraph at the top

[20-02-2020 14-08-51] Admin | NoHub: Like zile come on, you’re not leaving me much room... it’s pretty toxic
[20-02-2020 14-08-57] Zilexavay: ok and look at the other players msgs?
[20-02-2020 14-09-02] Zilexavay: azeal kun?
[20-02-2020 14-09-10] Zilexavay: show the whole screenshot of the first one
[20-02-2020 14-09-14] Zilexavay: why werent they warned
[20-02-2020 14-09-16] Admin | NoHub: I’m not online rn and I wasn’t on at the time
[20-02-2020 14-09-18] Zilexavay: why am i singled out
[20-02-2020 14-09-23] Admin | NoHub: Yoursooonice sent me that ss
[20-02-2020 14-09-34] Zilexavay: yoursooonice can u send the whole ss <@!431173720464293899>
[20-02-2020 14-09-39] Zilexavay: why is he warning only me?
[20-02-2020 14-09-49] Admin | yoursooonice: he was warned
[20-02-2020 14-10-00] Zilexavay: dont believe it
[20-02-2020 14-10-13] Zilexavay: if you did u probably did it a couple mins ago
[20-02-2020 14-10-17] Zilexavay: or right now actually

[20-02-2020 14-10-45] Zilexavay: do u want to show the time stamp for that?

[20-02-2020 14-11-27] Admin | yoursooonice: anything else ?
[20-02-2020 14-11-33] Zilexavay: yes, 1 minute ago
[20-02-2020 14-11-43] Zilexavay: u warned him when i brought it up that u singled me out
[20-02-2020 14-11-46] Zilexavay: and only warned me
[20-02-2020 14-11-52] Zilexavay: meaning you were singling me out
[20-02-2020 14-11-54] Zilexavay: at the time
[20-02-2020 14-12-07] Zilexavay: theres a word for that - it's called being biased
[20-02-2020 14-12-17] Admin | yoursooonice: Anything else ?
[20-02-2020 14-12-47] Zilexavay: i am making a staff report on you for being biased. again.

[closed by yoursooonice]



On which server did this occur? Jupiter.

Anything else? Stop singling me out. Stop harassing me. Leave me alone. Let me play the game in peace.
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Jan 9, 2020
Why was the other player warned right when I mentioned that I was being singled out? That is proof of the staff member's biased behaviour. Attached is the proof of this. Compare the time when I was muted and when this player was muted. That is proof of biased behaviour. Not only this player - but multiple other players were being toxic to me so I responded to them as such. I can guess they weren't warned either, but I was.


Nov 29, 2018