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Announcement Ban Appeal Information

Discussion in 'Formats' started by UniverseMC, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Dec 26, 2017
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    Hello, recently we have had some confusion with the rules, that falls under "Common Sense" So we have come to the conclusion to make this post to clarify.

    Format | HERE

    1.) Do not start a conversation with staff regarding your ban.
    2.) Do not post a ban appeal more than one time. We see it the first.
    3.) Do not have false information in your ban appeal.
    4.) Do not add slander in your ban appeal.
    5.) Do not spam your appeal with "Bumps" or tags to staff members.
    6.) Do not forget to follow the format.

    A failure to follow the provided rules and the format will result in a denial of your ban appeal. This is the warning. If your ban appeal is denied, you can re-appeal in one week.

    Kind Regards,
    UniverseMC Staff Team​
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