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Denied applying for staff

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by GODZ_Noah1, May 16, 2019.

  1. GODZ_Noah1

    GODZ_Noah1 Member

    May 16, 2019
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    minecraft username-GODZ_Noah1

    no other minecraft accounts


    age-15 years old

    yes I have a working mic and I have discord

    yes I am able 2 record high performance game play for minecraft


    faction server

    I can do 7 hours a day and 30 hours a week

    no I have never bin banned on any server and I have never bin punished on a server

    I would mute them for 5 more min and if they are spamming or arguying I would talk 2 them and possible mute them for 1-3 hours and then see if they start making problrms

    I have never had a problem with any body on this server most peoepl help me out and stuff like that!

    yes I was staff on cosmic pvp and I was good on staff I make good desishions and I would solve problems and make peoepl happy and stuff and cosmic pvp factions got 2 may staff and then I left

    yes I love helping poepel, is minecraft and love getting rid of poepel and mutting all the bad poepel/hackers

    I would not give them mod and I would go into team speak kick that person or ban them and I would whatch the hacker for a lil bit if I see him hacking I would ban him and I would not give the 2 poepel mod

    I would in punish the person and I would explane that it was my mistake and I would say sorry and it would not happen again

    that u can strust me and I am helpful in many difance ways and I can be really nice and happy and help worthy 2

    and u can reach my email
  2. Jazzy

    Jazzy Member

    Dec 29, 2017
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    If this is a serious application, please put the questions in your application and spend some time writing it, editing it and fixing any grammar mistakes. There’s not much effort put into this.

    Some links that could help you with writing and editing your application as well as the requirements.
  3. UserNumberJuan

    UserNumberJuan Network Manager

    May 7, 2019
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    DENIED - Hello, GODZ_Noah1
    Your application has been intensely reviewed and the management team and has decided to deny your app you may reapply in
    2 weeks.

    Lack of detail and effort in the application.


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