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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Hello everyone! Today I'm here with another weekly update. Before this update I'd like to start it stating that I havent been active due to having the Flu, so sorry for the lack of updates expect us to return fully next weekend! To get started I've been reading a lot of the forums and noticing a lot of issues, focusing mainly on our staff team. The manager and I (GetRushed) Have been talking about how we can improve this team for you to make sure everyone who needs help, gets help. We have just talked to all the staff members on this team to ensure they know there role is to help you guys, whatever enemy in Factions or allies in Factions they must be fair all around. I'd like to say that you guys should seen an improvement by the staff of this server dramatically!

    The next thing I will be stating the servers state playerwise. I've invested into quite a few slot advertisements due to the finacial support you guys have been giving us for our server! We've bought around 3 slots on various Minecraft Servers List to get new people for everyone to play with. You guys can expect thousands of unique players joining the UniverseMC network within the next couple weeks! :cool:

    The last thing I will touch on in this weekly update is a sorry. I've been lacking in many fields myself including in-game,on the forums,and helping all of you guys. I'd like to say myself will be trying my very hardest to get on in-game more often and on teamspeak to help you guys with your concerns! I do not have any major updates besides the optimization of our Factions gamemode. I've done many things to improve the TPS on the server and most of the time it averages in the 19's now! Where it previously would average 14-16 TPS. Since I dont really have a list of what I did update here is a list of what to expect within the next week(s)

    • Currently working on Lag backs on Factions (Tends to happen in PVP)
    • Working on lag spikes when someone joins Factions (Espically when new person joins)
    • Working on new Mcrate for next month :D
    • Working on adding Bosses to skyblock
    • Working on adding Daily koths along with possibly daily key alls on Kitmap
    Thanks everyone for reading this! Due note the reason most updates didnt happen is due to me just getting over the Flu :confused:.

    Have a good night/day!

    Thanks, AnonymousOG Owner of UniverseMC
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