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✩Jupiter Dimension Season 27✩

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Aug 15, 2020

Jupiter Dimension
Release: July 10th at 1PM EST

Hello Astronauts,

Welcome to the new season of Jupiter. This season of Jupiter a lot has changed from last season. We've added new features, bug fixes, completely revamped our rules, recruited countless new recruits to the staff team, and spent countless hours working to bring you guys a great Season 27 of Jupiter Dimension!


For this season of Jupiter, we have decided to use a brand new spawn the community has never seen! Here's a sneak peak!

2021-07-01_19.10.30 (1).png

Koth System

For this season of Jupiter, we have added a Koth to /warp End & /warp Nether instead of having all three Koths located within Overworld Warzone! With this, we've decided to bring back some old Koth locations that will give the OG players of the community some nostalgia.


For this season of Jupiter, we have decided to move our Cavern from /warp Deathzone, Cavern can now be accessible to everyone from the North Side of /spawn! This is to make Cavern a bit easier for every player to access and gain Caverns benefits!

Starfall Location

For this season of Jupiter, we have added a new custom location for our Starfall event! The Starfall Chest will now drop near a Meteor Crash Site which can be located at a random location at /warp deathzone! Wander Deathzone to find the Meteor and gain its special benefits & rewards!

Revamped /warp Deathzone

For this season of Jupiter we have reworked our Deathzone layout. We have added a brand new Deathzone location that features our new Starfall location, KB Spots & More!

New Custom Enchants

For this season of Jupiter, we have decided to add some new custom enchants for the pvp lovers! These enchants will make PVP more engaging & fun for everyone!

Custom Knockback 5 Items

For this season of Jupiter, we have decided to bring back the Knockback 5 enchant but in a unique way, Knockback 5 can now be put on any item by simply placing a KB 5 enchant onto any item of your choosing! Meaning you can place this enchant on a block of dirt or a players head if you would choose to.

Additional bug fixes/changes
  • Removed all grass & flowers from warzone.

I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season for Jupiter.
Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
SOTW: July 10th, 1PM EST
Grace period will end 17th of July at 4PM EST

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