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Announcement ✦Venus Dimension Season 6✦

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Venus Dimension - Season 6
    Release: February 1ST 1PM EST

    Hello Astronauts,
    The long-awaited Venus dimension season 6 is finally here! We've added many features for our sixth map, and fixed countless bugs.

    Here is a list of all of the features we've added for Season 6.

    New spawn
    This map we've added a new snazzy spawn! Here are some sneak peeks



    Prestige Rework
    This season we've introduced a FULL prestige re-work. For this season we've introduced Prestige mines. Prestige mines will contain various blocks in the mines such as Sponges, Beacons, and Prismarine. Here are some sneak-peaks of the Prestige mines! :)



    Prison Mine changes
    During the last map's SOTW it was made apparent to management that certain mines would not reset quick enough to keep up with the player's custom enchantments. This season we've introduced a system that will reset the mines based on percentages.

    Server Optimizations
    As stated earlier in the changelog, with our recent change to our prison mines we've made all mines reset Asynchronously! This will help with the server's performance ensuring the highest quality of gameplay for all users.


    New Custom enchantments

    After listening to community feedback we've introduced an immense amount of new custom enchantments!

    Fly custom enchantment
    Our first new custom enchantment will be our Fly custom enchantment! This custom enchantment upon being put onto your pickaxe will allow you to fly whilst mining!

    Key Finder custom enchantment

    The key finder custom enchantment will give you a chance to find crate keys whilst mining depending on the level! The key finder will allow you to find Rankup keys, Lunar keys, Atlas keys, and Venus keys!

    Fortune and Efficiency enchantments
    This season we've made the Fortune and Efficiency custom enchantment be upgradeable to level 10,000!

    Luck custom enchantment
    This season we've introduced our Luck custom enchantment! This custom enchantment will allow you to find more lucky blocks whilst mining.​

    Sponge and Beacon balance

    In our previous seasons, the difference between Sponges, Beacons, and Prismarine has been immense making it nearly impossible to gain cell value unless you had a way to obtain Prismarine. This season we've BUFFED sponges and Beacons.

    January MCRATE

    This season we've introduced our January MCRATE! You can obtain this crate through the store.

    Lucky Vaults

    This season we've introduced new Lucky vaults! Lucky vaults will be obtainable through Lucky blocks. Lucky vaults will contain various items such as Money, CRATES, Prismarine, and more!

    Lucky Blocks

    This season we've introduced Lucky blocks! Lucky blocks will be obtainable while mining and contain many INCREDIBLE rewards!

    Here are some of the additional changes we may for this upcoming season​

      • Added January MCRATE
      • Added January Tag
      • Added Map6 GKIT
      • Added additional server optimizations
      • Added new GKITS to the store
      • Added multiple new bosses
      • Fixed negative cell value bug

    What are CELL top prizes?
    The payouts for this season will be the following:
    1. Winners Bundle & $35 Buycraft WEEKLY.
    2. $25 Buycraft WEEKLY.
    3. $15 Buycraft WEEKLY.
    4. $10 Buycraft WEEKLY
    5. $5 Buycraft WEEKLY

    I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season of Venus. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
    SOTW: February 1ST at 1PM EST
    90% off sale on the server release
    Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

  2. AnonymousOG

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Being added to the store shortly :)
  3. Triqes

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    Oct 12, 2019
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    can you take out they key animation on venus

    since ur adding a key finder there will be even more keys

    and its just annoying to open

    and also buff the venus crate becuase its sometimes just not worth opening

    make the crates close to the same on other realms

    like and admin crate and that stuff

    so there is actually worth to opening keys
  4. Angry_Pineapple1


    Jul 25, 2018
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    Not hyped.
  5. MuslimPC

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    Nov 24, 2018
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