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Announcement ✦Uranus Dimension Season 1✦

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Mar 14, 2020.

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    Uranus Dimension - Season 1

    Release: 21st of March at 1PM EST

    Hello Astronauts,
    Welcome to the first season of Uranus! This realm will be aimed towards a competitive gameplay experience.


    For the upcoming Uranus dimension, we have some INSANE payouts.

    First place: $500 PayPal & $80 Buycraft WEEKLY
    Second Place: $50 PayPal $75 Buycraft WEEKLY
    Third Place: $25 PayPal $50 Buycraft WEEKLY


    For the first season of Uranus, the economy will be sugarcane. While owning the outpost you will receive a 2X sell booster on all harvester hoes! NOTE: upon joining the server you will receive a harvester hoe.

    Faction Sizes
    For the first season of Uranus the faction size will be 10 mans. This season we will be having f roster. Each faction will be allowed 5 roster kicks and it'll be 15 man f roster.

    Additional changes/features
    All and all I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming Uranus dimension release. Here is the TLDR if you are looking for all the features right away.
    • $630 in total payouts ($500 PayPal)
    • 7-day map, 3 days of grace, 4 days of TNT.
    • No-hide map!
    • Sugarcane Economy (OUTPOST IS A HUGE FACTOR)
    • Protection 5 sharpness 5 maximum
    • 10 man factions, 15 man f-roster with 5 kicks every season
    • Vanilla custom enchantments
    • 12-hour shields
    • 2.5k by 2.5k world borders
    • upgrade harvester hoes
    • raiding outpost
    • Flawless creative printer
    • Token shop (can purchase ranks inside)
    • stats top prizes
    • 25 chunk buffers, 3 second cannons, 12 hour shields

    What are FTOP prizes?
    The payouts for this season will be the following:
    1. $500 PayPal & $80 Buycraft.
    2. $75 Buycraft
    3. $50 buycraft

    What are StatsTOP prizes?
    The payouts for statstop this season will be the following:
    1. $25 Paypal

    Basic Information
    12-hour shields
    25 chunk buffers
    3-second cannon speed
    2k by 2k world borders
    10 man factions
    250 power per player
    7-day map, 3 days of grace
    4 worlds, 16 corners total!
    Sugarcane based Economy
    Wild, fly, and chat disabled for the first hour
    upgradable harvester hoes

    I hope everyone is excited about the first season of Uranus. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
    SOTW: March 21st at 1PM EST
    Grace ends March 24th, 4PM EST

    90% off sale on the server release
    The map is a NO HIDE meaning no value can be hidden!
    Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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    oh god another factions realm please help me

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