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Announcement ✦Pluto Dimension Season 2✦

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Nov 23, 2019.

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    Pluto Dimension
    Release: 30th of November at 1PM EST

    Hello Astronauts,

    Welcome to the second season of Pluto! After our first map, we've reflected on some of our issues and noted all of your suggestions!

    Here is a list of all of the features/information we've added for our second Pluto season.

    Custom enchantments

    After listening to community feedback we've decided to completely remove our old custom enchantment plugin and add custom enchantments that everyone knows and loves! These new enchantments will allow PVP to be more "Vanilla" and stop armor from breaking at such a fast rate.



    Last map, the only way to obtain collectors was through the store which caused an immense about of "p2w" gameplay. For this upcoming season, we've added a token system that will allow you to buy collectors in-game! You can obtain tokens in-game by doing /vote!


    Economy Changes

    As stated above, we've made collectors much easier to obtain this map! With that being said, we've decided to nerf the price of cactus $1 PER and sugarcane down to $15 PER. With that being said, the economy is still HEAVILY a Cactus economy.


    This map we've introduced the new DEATHZONE. In the deathzone there will be an outpost which will give you the following rewards
    * $15,000 PER faction MEMBER every 5 minutes
    * 3X EXP booster
    * 2X Spawner rates


    December Crate

    This map we've introduced the NEW LIMITED time December crate! This crate can be purchased on our store here.


    Ftop changes

    This map we've introduced the Progressive FTOP! The last map the server had its quiet points due to no one having value placed which is why we introduced progressive FTOP. Spawners will gradually gain value on FTOP based on how long they are placed down! For a spawner to gain FULL value it must be placed for 4 days.


    We've also added additional features to this map! Here is a quick list of some of our other features we have added.

      • Made cactus sell for $1
      • Made sugarcane sell for $15
      • Removed 5x5 chunkbusters
      • Fixed ping spikes
      • Switched custom enchantments plugin
      • Added more checks to freecam lava bucketing
      • Fixed sometimes chunks in spawn disappearing
      • Added EXP boosters into Alien Invasion
      • Added December MCRATE
      • Added MAP2 GKIT
      • Added /tps to all players
      • Added the ability to add efficiency books to your tray picks to make them faster
      • Changed fly radius from 50 to 100 for ghoul ranks
      • Added additional server optimizations


    Here are the payouts for the Pluto dimension! Note: all VALUE must be placed in the last 24 hours! This is a hide map meaning you can hide value until the last 24 hours.

    What are FTOP prizes?
    The payouts for this season will be the following:
    1. $200 PayPal & $50 Buycraft.
    2. $100 PayPal & $40 Buycraft.
    3. $25 PayPal & 15 Buycraft.
    4. $20 PayPal & $10 Buycraft.
    5. $15 PayPal & $5 Buycraft.

    Basic Information
    20 chunk buffers
    3 second cannon speed
    2.5k by 2.5k world borders (End,Nether,Overworld,Drylands)
    15 man factions
    125 power per player
    13 day map, 5 days of grace
    4 worlds, 16 corners total!
    Cactus based Economy
    Wild, f fly, and chat disabled for the first hour
    No flying in enemy land

    6-hour shields daily (disabled 24 hours before payout)
    Eco can be found here (heavily cactus based)

    I hope everyone is excited as I am for the map of Pluto! We are still open to suggestions so if you have any questions or concerns please DM me on discord! (AnonymousOG#0001)

    Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
    SOTW: November 30TH at 1PM EST
    90% off sale on the server release
    Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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