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Announcement ✦Mars Dimension Season 20✦

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Mars Dimension - Season 20
    Release: 22nd of February at 1PM EST

    Hello Astronauts,
    For this season we worked on countless changes that were highly suggested by the players.

    Faction member limit change

    As discussed within the community and in the faction leaders meeting we've decided to change our mars realm to 30 man factions rather than our previous 50 man factions.

    Item Filter

    For this season of Mars, we've brought one of our newest features to the server, Item filter! This feature will allow you to whitelist/blacklist of picking up certain items off of the ground. Here is a quick video on the new Item filter feature.

    Token Change
    For our 20th season, we've done a few changes to Tokens to make them a little easier to obtain. For this season we've increased the number of tokens you receive per vote and the amount you get from farming sugarcane.

    Rule changes

    This map we've done various rule changes that can be found here. These rule changes were suggested by the community and will help bring the gameplay on Mars to a better level.

    Shield Changes

    This map we've decided to increase the shield time to 10 hours a day. This change will now allow you to have 10 hours a day where you are completely unraidable.

    F Alts

    For this season of Mars, we've put in a patch to fix /f alts! F alts will allow you to invite your alts to your faction without taking up space. Anyone invited with f alts will only be able to talk in faction chat to prevent people from using this as a method as a bypass the faction limit.

    Additional Changes

    • Added Map20 GKIT
    • Bans reset, fresh start for all players
    • Added Map20 Tag
    • Added additional server optimizations
    • Added additional optimizations to the spigot
    • Fixed issues with the raiding outpost
    • Fixed reward issues with the raiding outpost
    • Added various new items to the token shop
    • Added February MCRATE
    • Added Premium package to the store
    • Added bulk packages to the store
    What are FTOP prizes?
    The payouts for this season will be the following:
    1. $250 PayPal & $80 Buycraft.
    2. $150 PayPal & $50 Buycraft.
    3. $25 PayPal & 20 Buycraft.
    4. $20 PayPal & $10 Buycraft.
    5. $15 PayPal & $5 Buycraft.

    What are StatsTOP prizes?
    The payouts for statstop this season will be the following:
    1. $25 Paypal

    Basic Information
    10-hour shields
    20 chunk buffers
    3-second cannon speed
    2k by 2k world borders
    30 man factions
    75 power per player
    13-day map, 5 days of grace
    4 worlds, 16 corners total!
    Sugarcane based Economy
    Wild, fly, and chat disabled for the first hour
    upgradable harvester hoes

    You can find a sheet of our economy here

    I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season for Mars. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
    SOTW: February 22nd at 1PM EST
    Grace ends February 27th, 4PM EST

    90% off sale on the server release
    13 Day Turbo Map - 5 day grace period
    The map is a NO HIDE meaning no value can be hidden!
    Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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