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Announcement ✦Mars Dimension Season 16✦

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by AnonymousOG, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Mars Dimension - Season 16
    Release: 16TH of November at 1PM EST

    Hello Astronauts,
    For this season we worked on improving the overall gameplay experience on our Mars dimension.

    Here is a list of all of the features we've added for Season 16.
    • Flawless printer - fixed all of the issues with ghost blocks, getting kicked, ext.
    • Added Map16 GKIT to our store
    • Fixed many issues with f armistice
    • New November mcrate available on our store
    • Optimized the servers backend to help with performance
    • All bans reset
    • When the server reboots alts will now go to the hub
    • Additional patches to prevent freecamming (specifically lava freecamming)
    • Minor changes to rules to ensure no confusion occurs

    What are FTOP prizes?
    The payouts for this season will be the following:
    1. $250 PayPal & $80 Buycraft.
    2. $150 PayPal & $50 Buycraft.
    3. $25 PayPal & 20 Buycraft.
    4. $20 PayPal & $10 Buycraft.
    5. $15 PayPal & $5 Buycraft.

    What are StatsTOP prizes?
    The payouts for statstop this season will be the following:
    1. $25 Paypal

    Basic Information
    20 chunk buffers
    3-second cannon speed
    2k by 2k world borders
    50 man factions
    75 power per player
    13-day map, 5 days of grace
    4 worlds, 16 corners total!
    Sugarcane based Economy
    Wild, fly, and chat disabled for the first hour

    You can find a sheet of our economy here

    I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season for Mars. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
    SOTW: November 16TH at 1PM EST
    90% off sale on the server release
    13 Day Turbo Map - 5 day grace period
    The map is a NO HIDE meaning no value can be hidden!
    Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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    Maybe they'll finally be enforcing the no hide rule and people hiding till last 30 minutes before placement :thinking:

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