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Dec 27, 2017

Earth Dimension
Release: October 10th at 1pm EST

Hello Astronauts,

Welcome to the fourth season of Earth! This season we've done a ton of changes so be sure to read the ENTIRE changelog so you do not miss out on any important information.

1.16 Base Jar!

For this season of Earth, our biggest change was making the server base version 1.16. With Earth now being on a 1.16 core, we have hundreds of new blocks, new spawners, and a new economy!


Revamped Island System

For this season of Earth, we've introduced our FULL island plugin revamp! Here is a list of some of the new content in our new plugin.
★ Island bank - store money in your island bank to allow your members to take and deposit money whenever!
★ Island chest - store your valuables in your team chest so no one ever logs out on accident with their items again!
★ Island missions - complete missions to receive incredible rewards!
★ Revamped island permissions - the ability to control more of your island now than ever before!
★ and more!

Revamped Minions!

Towards the end of the last season of Earth we had quite a few issues with our minions, this season we are happy to announce that we've finally finished our minions revamp which will fix all of the issues reported last season! Along with this, we've changed the upgrading system and aesthetics for all minions.

October Monthly crate!

For this new season of Earth, we've added the new October monthly crate! You can obtain this NEW monthly crate through in-game events or the store.

Elementals Monthly crate!

For this season of Earth, we've added a fully brand new monthly crate that contains new never seen before items such as vindicator spawners, ravager spawners, and more. You can obtain this SUPER OP monthly crate on our store.

Game Reward Changes!

For this season of Earth, we've completely revamped the game rewards to make sure that they are more worthwhile going to. Here is a picture of some of the new rewards.

Koth Reward changes!

For this new season of Earth, we revamped the KOTH rewards! Upon capturing the Koth you can now obtain new items such as netherrite and the dragon skull!

Economy Revamp!

Seeing as we have updated Earth to 1.16, we have also updated the economy to be based on new crops! Farm bamboo and beetroots to rise to the top of the leaderboards!

Additional Changes!

  • Fixed multiple bugs that occurred throughout last season!
  • Removed tokens!​
  • Optimized the server to be able to hold more players!​
  • Revamped PVP area and spawn​
  • Countless more features!
What are IS-TOP prizes?
The payouts for this season will be the following:
1. $100 Paypal & $100 Buycraft
2. $50 Buycraft
3. $25 Buycraft

I hope everyone is excited about our new season of Earth. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!

SOTW: October 10th @ 1PM EST
90% off sale on the server release
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

discord; Join the | UniverseMC | Discord Server!
store; UniverseMC | Welcome
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