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Announcement ✦ VENUS DIMENSION SEASON 10 ✦



(( Release: Saturday 26th December @ 1pm EST! ))

Hello Astronauts,

This upcoming season of Venus has been prepared to be the best possible map we can provide for prison, we have brought some awesome new features, countless bug fixes and a brand new set of rules this season to hopefully give everyone the best possible season we could have!

We hope that everyone reading this before Christmas has an amazing Christmas and anyone reading after, we hope you had an amazing Christmas and got all the gifts you wanted. We know this year has been a really hard year and we hope that our content this year has been a some what comfort to everyone.

Here is a list of all of the features we've added/changed for Season 10.

Lucky Block Update!

For this season of Venus, we have decided to update Lucky Blocks to better suit the realm, provide better rewards and overall work better! We've added a new fancy animation for placing them down and mining them and also made some amazing optimisations to make the plugin less laggy to ensure that the gameplay is more smooth.

Brand new Enchants!
For this season of Venus, we have decided to implement some brand new enchants. We have added a brand new enchant Value Finder, this enchant allows you to find value when mining. Another enchant we've added is Chemical, this enchant is our first pickaxe pvp related enchant, when Chemical activates it gives your opponent a random effect, use this with care cause aloth it can provide poison and slowness it can also provide them with resistance! Our third and final enchant is JackHammer, this enchant explodes a whole layer of the mine at once! We hope that these new enchants are fun and exciting for the community to explore!

PvP Arena!

Last season of Venus, we introduced the brand new PvP arena for prestige 5 and above players. We noticed that this arena did not really bring anything special to the table and have now added a special
Alien Invasion. This Alien Invasion carries custom pickaxes, monthly crates and special unique perks! We hope the addition of this will allow the arena to be more fun.

Fishing Realm!

For this season of Venus, we have implemented the fishing realm once again. Allowing you to fish for awesome rewards! Last season there were issues stopping us from allowing this realm to function.We have however worked tirelessly to have it working for this season as it was a huge disappointment to us as-well as the community when we were un-able to run this amazing feature last season! Hopefully everyone will enjoy this feature!


We have released our brand new December MCRATE, you can pick it up form! Along with the brand new December MCRATE we have also released a brand new, never seen before, Venus MCRATE, with brand new and exclusive items! Ever wanted OP Armour? Check out the Venus MCRATE @!

Additional Bug Fixes/Changes
  • Updated the rules!
  • Minor edits to the economy to slow it down.​
  • Changed the PvP Map back to the GTA Map.​
  • Fixed multiple issues with some custom enchants.​
  • Fixed Lucky Blocks rewards not working.​
  • Fixed an issue with island permissions, armour stands can no longer be placed.​
What are Cell Top Prizes?
The payouts for this season will be the following:
1. 40$ BuyCraft
2. $20 BuyCraft
3. $15 BuyCraft

I hope everyone is excited about this upcoming season for Venus. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
85% off sale on the server release
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team

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