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best minecraft server

  1. AnonymousOG

    Good Minecraft Servers

    What makes a Minecraft Server Good? As much as it may seem, this question is not as simple as it sounds. There are thousands of Minecraft servers available free to play so finding the best server can be very difficult at times but don't worry we've got you covered! Currently, the best way to...
  2. AnonymousOG

    Announcement Minecraft Skyblock Server - Earth dimension season 6

    Earth Dimension Changelog Release: February 13th at 1pm EST Hello Astronauts, Welcome to the sixth season of Earth! This season we've done quite a few changes, especially with the economy. Economy Changes Last season of Earth the economy was extremely inflated, users had trillions of dollars...
  3. AnonymousOG

    News The vast world of Minecraft Servers

    The world of Minecraft Servers Our #1 rated Minecraft Server UniverseMC - Minecraft Server Server address: Server port: 25565 Gamemodes: Factions | Skyblock | Prison | KitPvP | Creative | KitMap | and more What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a computer game in which whole...
  4. AnonymousOG

    Announcement ✦JUPITER DIMENSION SEASON 15✦

    Jupiter Dimension Release: 14th of September at 1PM EST Hello Astronauts, For this season we worked on re-working the server's appearance along with contacting new content creators and optimizing the server to ensure the gameplay experience is flawless. Here is a list of all of the features...