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    Denied ItzArchie's Staff Application (Also an Apology)

    That is what I like to see ;)
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    Denied MrWiId's Staff Application

    to make it clear, do never come with false accusations again :)
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    Denied MrWiId's Staff Application

    Firstly, I was falsely muted in the text channel. Secondly, this is not about me, it is about you. I never said you would be a terrible staff, I did not know you sent in an application until you said in the voice channel you were in the interview stage. Again, I do not care who becomes staff or...
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    Accepted QuantumHawk_'s staff application V2

    I know you have good leadership or managing experiences from before, so i dont understand why you are applying as a helper lmao. good luck ;)
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    Denied VoicelessTubers Staff Application

    Please add separate the questions and your answer with space and contrast colors. You got misspelling/grammatically errors in your application. Instead of saying "thanks for the feedback" actually go and do it, because it is for your best.
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    Denied ItzArchie's Staff Application (Also an Apology)

    Hi, Archie! It is a good thing you owning for your own mistakes and realize what you did wrong. I like and dislike some of your points in your application. However, I'm not the staff manager here. Under I gave you some suggestions I highly recommend you to consider. As Penguin suggested, I...
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    Denied MrWiId's Staff Application

    Hi MrWild, I do not think you are ready to be a staff member. Every time you are in public channels you bring negativity and do not understand anything about humor, such as jokes. There have been multiple situations where you have acted immature and childish in the public eye. However, I feel...
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    Denied Penetratinq's Staff Application

    suggestion start putting space after ". and ,"
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    Denied SourPatchSkidz's third application

    I suggest you adding more detail to your past experiences.
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    Denied Ghostinqs Staff Application

    I suggest you remove bold from your answers.
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    Denied BigBlakk's Staff Application

    I suggest you add more paragraph to your text, it makes it hard and "draining" to read.
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    Denied PrintCac's Staff Application

    What has being well-known to do with the staff position?
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    Denied PrintCac's Staff Application

    I actually disagree once again. Being a member and a staff member has two different jobs. You can not prejudge someone who is well-known or not, by saying the person can execute a better job. There are multiple examples of staff members who were known for their toxicity, but if you look at them...
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    Denied PrintCac's Staff Application

    Hi @LoonieTitan_! I disagree with the feedback above. Being a staff member has nothing to do with being publicly known. A staff member should be active, and you already are. Also for me, you answered accurately on the scenarios. Best of luck. Regards YunusEmre
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    halliie's Media Application

    Hello @halliie! After watching some of your streams, you seem to be mature and a person who makes good steam content. You interact with your views and this makes the whole stream more entertaining and just gives an overall positive vibe. People are active in chat and they do show support...
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    wow, inspiration! <3

    wow, inspiration! <3
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    Denied A couple suggestions

    @SoFocused, anything about the printer?
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    Denied A couple suggestions

    Opinion about your suggestions: I absolutely support your opinion on adding spawners value into island tops. This might be the right way to fix the economy, however, people without shard generators can have a chance to get into the island top. Adding bosses can be something new and fun way to...