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  1. Hazb0

    Sandbot Tutorial

    Hi all! In this thread I am going to be covering how to use and acquire a Sandbot, for all players who do not understand / know. I will be covering a step by step tutorial with images included! What is a Sandbot? - A Sandbot is an in-game item which automatically places sand for you instead of...
  2. Hazb0

    COVID-19 Support

    Hello all, As we all know, there is an ongoing, global pandemic which is affecting us all in one way or another. No matter where you are, or where you live, it is vital to follow your government's policies and procedures to ensure your safety and of others. In this thread, I am going to be...
  3. Hazb0

    Accepted Hazb0's Staff Application.

    Hello there, I am writing to you today to apply and hopefully spark your interest in my possible future availability and eligibility for a staffing position on UniverseMC. I hope that you are well and that you maintain positive through these uncertain and unknowing times. Colour Key: White -...