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  1. Jokester


    The server is going down hill fast for sure. I still like the play on it but doesn’t change the fact that it is dying. Many factions will be changing servers after Jupiter resets
  2. Jokester

    For The Love Of God Change The PvP System.

    Yes this is on uni and yes you can fix all in combat hence why it takes so long
  3. Jokester

    Who is joe?

    Which joe? I know if one joe who is hot af
  4. Jokester

    For The Love Of God Change The PvP System.

    When your fighting someone in the same gear dest to dest etc whether one is better or not, a fight will last anywhere between 30 min to 3 hours. I’ve had many fights that I pvped for over 2 hours and by the end no one died. We decided to cal it a draw and I’m not good at pvp so this is a...
  5. Jokester

    Accepted Toast_xD's Staff Application

    Hello Toast_Xd! After I reviewed your application, I feel like you would be a great staff member! You are always very helpful whenever anyone needs help. Good luck my friend!
  6. Jokester

    Denied brne staff appilcation

    This is so funny. Huge -1. Toxic AF, NO DETAIL AT ALL, Not a helpful person at all
  7. Jokester

    Describe this server in 3 words

    super fucking fun
  8. Jokester

    Finally patching walls for 12 hours is DONE! (Jupiter)

    Finally patching walls for 12 hours is DONE! (Jupiter)
  9. Jokester

    COVID-19 Support

    Jake Pralta is the best!
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  11. Jokester

    Denied Staff App for :headmod if not possible mod

    Everyone either starts at trainee or helper. Please follow the format
  12. Jokester

    Denied Helper Application - Uniqueness

    Please follow the proper format:
  13. Jokester

    Denied JustCallMeSemYT's Staff Application

    Hello, overall great looking application. As everyone said try being globally active. I see you in calls in discord all the time so keep it up. Have a good one!
  14. Jokester

    Denied FamilyCamp's Staff Application

    Hello, overall good application. I have seen you working on your toxicity but also work on fixing you rep. Also you are currently banned on Kit Pvp. Best of luck!
  15. Jokester

    Denied "Bradyroo124's Staff Application"

    Please follow the requirments: You cannot be staff on another server if applying here
  16. Jokester

    Denied NorthToSouth Media Application

    Hello, make sure you follow the requirements found here: You need 200+ subscribers to be eligible
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  18. Jokester

    Denied Why I should Be A Admin

    Please follow the requirments and format. If you are accepted it would be for helper:
  19. Jokester

    Denied TogglingSpeed's Staff Application

    Please read the requirements before applying. It says you CANNOT be staff on another server:
  20. Jokester

    Denied IronicX25 Staff Application

    Over no a bad application but here are some suggestions: Be more active on forums, discord, and on all realms Fix some spacing issues between words Add detail to each place you have staffed, don't just list the places Best of luck!