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Dec 29, 2017
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Mars has officially closed in prep for next season. Oct 3, 2018

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Dec 14, 2018 at 8:00 PM
    1. Theblockenater
      1. Dnoxal
        Please do not ask about your ban appeal.
        Dec 10, 2018 at 11:41 AM
    2. RoboticSavage
      Mars has officially closed in prep for next season.
    3. RoboticSavage
    4. EclipsedOG
      Robotic can I be invited to the servers discord. I have a lot of things to tell you that happened. Add me on discord at my new one EclipsedOG#7196
      1. SinnFein
    5. ZEUS
      Hey can come Facction and help me and give me back galactic rank IzaFour telled me you can help me get the back bcs you are higher rank
    6. Tarikkasmer
      Well, I have a problem, Today i watching my serie and me neighbor send me one msg in discord saying thats she was banned for "Hack Client" but the problem in this situation is , She was banned with my ip, at the moment of fac She use my Net without my consent, and when i join in the server the same Staff ban me for "Ban Evading", you can unban me and clear my ip? I mo not involved in this situation and be banned...
    7. trenzaolre
      I am sorry for saying this but This is fucked up I was just banned for advertising and I wasn't advertising I was saying it is f up when a mod will not help you and I was banned for that under advertising someone needs to fix this problem and they need to fix the problem with my island I logged in this morning and I was removed from my island and I don't know how because I'm the only one on it
    8. RoboticSavage
      PURGE EVENT, 16th March << Be there!
    9. Natsuki
      Hello, RoboticSavage. I am G_G_Natsuki (Natsuki). Recently, I got accepted in the first stage of staff (Application), and I currently have the interview stage left. I would really appreciate it If I could get the specific date of the interview. QuantumHawk_ mentioned that I might need to do the interview today (Thursday in my time zone) but I'm not sure what am I supposed to do.
      1. ItzzzAviator
        Send a pm to QuantumHawk himself, including your discord. Thats what I did, and he added me. I guess from there on you can implement a date for the interview. That's what I did the last time I got interviewed, I set up a specific day and time with the staff member, and it worked perfectly, we were both perfectly on time.
        Mar 8, 2018
    10. Conceptors
      Yo can you send me application requirements?
    11. RoboticSavage
      LAG is resolved
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