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    Denied Faction Tournaments

    Thread Title: Faction Tournaments IGN: (In-game name): PotPlease Date: Dec 22, 2019 Suggestion: On ArcaneHCF there was a faction tournament at the end of every map just a simple 15v15 in a box and it was really fun for all players if you did this the day before grace period is over with a $35...
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    PotPlease YouTube Rank

    Will be posting a video talking about Pluto sotw on Christmas day and that will get at least 150 views
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    PotPlease YouTube Rank

    What is your In-Game Name? PotPlease Are you applying for twitch or YouTube? YouTube - What is your Discord/Can you get Discord? PotPlease#3699 - What is your Twitch/Youtube Channel? - How many Subscribers/Followers do you have? 600 exactly - In average...