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    No one likes whiteknights either, but that doesn't stop me lol :P

    No one likes whiteknights either, but that doesn't stop me lol :P
  2. PenguinNerd

    Accepted Egirl re-application

    Correct, I had demoted her from the VerixPvP staff team. If you have any further questions regarding that contact me via discord. Alistair#4081. This individual is a very competent staff member, would certainly be beneficial to the UniverseMC staff team. Best Wishes, Penguin
  3. PenguinNerd

    I'm good, you?

    I'm good, you?
  4. PenguinNerd

    You know it. ;)

    You know it. ;)
  5. PenguinNerd

    Very big RIP indeed my friend.

    Very big RIP indeed my friend.
  6. PenguinNerd

    Indeed. ;)

    Indeed. ;)
  7. PenguinNerd

    New color

    The new colors look awesome! Best Wishes, Penguin
  8. PenguinNerd

    Announcement ✦Mars Dimension Season 18✦

    #Hype! (Although I don't like Mars :p)
  9. PenguinNerd

    Denied Real Application

    Become less toxic, add a color scheme consisting of two corresponding colors such as Orange and Blue, and become more globally active. Best Wishes, Penguin
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    Denied CosmoIssues' reapplication

    Hello Cosmo! Overall a good application, you just need to be a bit more globally active! Best Wishes, Penguin
  11. PenguinNerd

    Accepted Torque's Staff Application

    Hello, been a while Torque. I would suggest adding a bit more detail to your application, other than that you're looking good! Best Wishes, Penguin
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    Neptune IS Top predictions

    Ew Zoxide, you're on the bottom. :p
  13. PenguinNerd

    Neptune IS Top predictions

    Skyblock is just ew, PenguinNerd On TOP!
  14. PenguinNerd

    Jupiter TrapHouse!