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    Accepted Media Application

    User name: GetGoodSkid What is your In-Game/Discord name? GetGoodSkid Are you applying for Twitch or Youtube? Youtube What is your Discord Name? GetGoodSkid#4079 Do you have a working microphone? Yes What is your Twitch/Youtube Channel...
  2. GetGoodSkid

    Unban and Blacklist

    This is not the correct place to appeal a punishment, please make one in appeal a punishment! King regards Skid
  3. GetGoodSkid

    my blacklist appeal got denied.

    You will have had a reason for being blacklisted we don't blacklist people for no reason
  4. GetGoodSkid

    Denied Lizardcatcher313 Staff Application

    hello, I have some suggestions for you application! 1, add some more detail to all the scenario questions and q7, as q7 is the most important of them all. 2, change your color scheme it, honestly hurts my eyes to read just straight aqua on a black page. 3, become more globally active. And may...
  5. GetGoodSkid

    Denied gpb staff application

    Hey man, I see you have tried in this application but there are a few things you need to change in order for the staff to think you put 110% in, 1, why so many spaces in between your questions makes it look like your trying to make your application bigger than what it actually is. 2, your...
  6. GetGoodSkid

    UnBanned ME!!!

    you cant post public ban appeals staff members wont even look at it make a new one using the correct format from the second link and first !
  7. GetGoodSkid

    Denied GetGoodSkid's Staff Application

    Thanks bro, I want the best chance I can get!
  8. GetGoodSkid

    Denied Staff Application

    you need to use the right format
  9. GetGoodSkid

    Denied GetGoodSkid's Staff Application

    • Minecraft Username: GetGoodSkid • Previous Minecraft Usernames (if applicable): • What's your timezone?: ADST • Age: 14 • Are you currently staff on any other server(s)?: No • Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? If you have...
  10. GetGoodSkid

    Denied Stipra's staff application!

    Hi, I have really nothing to say as its been stated above i really like this application and wish you the best of luck !! +1 Thanks, Skid
  11. GetGoodSkid

    Denied Danletto's Staff aplication

    Hello, I have read your application and I deem this to be horrible there is no detail at all, you have not put any effort into this application there are numerous grammar issues, man if you want to become staff on Uni you need to up your game a lot. This application doesn't even have 200+...
  12. GetGoodSkid

    Accepted Zoxide’s Staff Application

    There is no major ones, it's just full stops, and commas, its a really good application, I wish you the best of luck man!
  13. GetGoodSkid

    Denied PENETRATINQ’s Staff Application

    Hello, I have read your application and have seen a lot of small grama issues they are not huge but little things like full stops in the right place and commas, spelling, etc. But there is a lot of detail and that's good to see that you have put effort into this application! Thanks, Skid
  14. GetGoodSkid

    Accepted Zoxide’s Staff Application

    You have had bad reputation here, by past actions on your part. But I believe that you have changed since the incident that happened. Good detail, near to none grammar issues. Best of luck Kind regards Skid
  15. GetGoodSkid

    Denied FamilyCamps Staff Application

    Best of luck man Kind regards Skid