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    Denied Skyblock ban for Xray

    Denied Incorrect format
  2. Airfixking

    Denied Narthoolis_ Encouraging me to "die"

    Denied I have denied you report as it is not punishable if you feel this is wrong please DM me on discord (Airfixking#2697)
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    The new forum's look neat

    The new forum's look neat
  4. Airfixking

    Buycraft Confirmation

    I have to admit this is a very good idea -Air
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    Jupiter TrapHouse!

    That’s just not true
  6. Airfixking

    Doing my work as a Jr mod

    Doing my work as a Jr mod
  7. Airfixking

    My fake Application to show someone colors

    Thread Locked
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    Jupiter TrapHouse!

    Grammatical mistake, “2 times a week”, should be twice a week -Air
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    Revenge, but one lyric at a time

    This thread is no longer active Locked
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    I need some help

    There has been a response and a large amount of time for it to be read so I am going to move this. Locked
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    Staff Team

    Thank you -Air
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    Accepted Enabling Printer on Badilion Client

    Thread Title: Enabling Printer on Badilion Client IGN: (In-game name): Airfixking Date: Nov 5, 2019 Suggestion: Please, can you enable printer on badilion client. Server: Jupiter Planet Reason for this Suggestion: This Would help because people won't have to swap back and forth when raiding...
  13. Airfixking

    Recognition for B1ackmailed

    I was reading through the staff recognition thread and I noticed there's a lot of recognition for tank and the admins but none for @B1ackmailed yet he is active and helpful in-game, He is a good hard-working staff member and I feel he is under-appreciated.
  14. Airfixking

    ItsJoes' Recognition

    Everyone likes Joes