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  1. SourPatchSkidz
  2. DutchEvel
    DutchEvel PenguinNerd
    hey i got banned by : AnonymousOG and the reason was broken terms of service. but idk how i was building by base and if u inclaim som land u sil can fly in that land somtimes.. and i downt know why cuse it was a bugg in the server somtimes Banned on :2019-01-21 massage on 2019-2-18
    1. PenguinNerd
      Well I personally can't do anything about that, You'll have to talk with Anonymous regarding your ban.
      Feb 18, 2019 at 6:09 PM
  3. RevolutionYT
    hey any staff online
  4. Toxic_Alchemist
  5. FluffyPaper
    There's no such thing as perfect...
  6. Kreepinq
    how u get banned then
  7. RevolutionYT
  8. RevolutionYT
  9. RevolutionYT
  10. RevolutionYT
  11. Kreepinq
    no, I never wish luck on ban appeals unless they were false
  12. RevolutionYT
    boys wish me luck on my ban appeal
  13. RevolutionYT
  14. Utiyi
  15. EwanThePug
    EwanThePug Dnoxal
    Applied for your frost faction! Thanks for the opportunity!
    1. Dnoxal
      Congrats on getting accepted to frost nice to have you.
      Feb 14, 2019 at 12:15 AM
  16. EwanThePug
    Happy to be looking through the forums!!! :D
  17. EwanThePug
    Applied for helper!
  18. RevolutionYT
    Long time since I’ve been able to play this server and still can’t :(
  19. RevolutionYT
  20. dylangames111
    It is my favorite faction server because it is fun and all the staff and higher are always willing to help if we need help and the owner