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Our #1 rated Minecraft Server
UniverseMC - Minecraft Server

Server address:
Server port: 25565

Gamemodes: Factions | Skyblock | Prison | KitPvP | Creative | KitMap | and more

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a computer game in which whole worlds are created from blocks that look like giant pixels. This is not a new hobby for teenagers: the project has existed since 2009, and the number of licenses sold has long exceeded 200 million. The gameplay of Minecraft is non-linear: tasks can be performed in any order, and the "correct" passage or a specific single goal simply does not exist.

Minecraft is a procedurally generated sandbox simulator that allows players to customize the world as they see fit. A feature of the game is cubic blocks...
The best Minecraft Prison Servers
What is the best Minecraft Prison Server?

Basic Information about Minecraft Prison Servers:
* Have features such as lucky blocks, gangs, cells, and more
* Typically don't have server resets frequently

A Minecraft Prison server is a type of Minecraft server where players start off in prison and rankup to try and escape. Typically on prison servers you will rankup by mining blocks, however this can vary server to server. What is the best Minecraft Prisons? According to our website's data UniverseMC was rated the #1 Minecraft Prison server of 2020. UniverseMC has had over 32,000 server votes this year across Minecraft server Lists, and after speaking to community members the server seems to really care about the community. This Server publishes weekly content updates, has unique features such as lucky blocks, cells gangs, op pickaxes, and over 20 more custom features.

Neptune Dimension - Season 20
Release: 12th July - 1pm EST


Hello Astronauts,

For this upcoming season, we tried to perfect as many things as we could to provide the absolute best gameplay experience for the players.

Here is a list of all of the features we've added/changed for Season 20.


For this season of Neptune, we have taken some time to fix the hopper freezing issue which was delaying and hindering a few islands last season!

Token Shop

For this season of Neptune, we have added some new tags to the token shop.


For this season of Neptune, we have added some more tournaments to make them more enjoyable and less repetitive.


For this season of Neptune, we have decided to remove cavern...
Uranus Dimension - Season 6
Release: 11th July - 1pm EST


Hello Astronauts,
Welcome to the Sixth season of Uranus. This season of Uranus, we have worked extremely hard on fixing issues from our previous season. We have added a few new features but have mainly focused on fixing bugs so this changelog will be quite short.


A highly requested command, /reboot will allow you to see when the server will reboot daily so you can fit it into your schedules.


For this season of Uranus, we have decided to implement cavern to the server! At cavern, you can gain rewards e.g. Tokens!

Added More Decoration Blocks to /printer

For this season of Uranus, we have decided to add more decoration blocks to printer.
What are FTOP prizes?
The payouts for this season...