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Announcement ✦ Prison Event? Rank Giveaway? ✦
Hello everyone!

We have recently had a lot of issues with factions, the staff team have been putting a lot of effort to put this right. While we are still sorting a few things out the management team have decided we will do a prison event to give back to one of our smaller gamemodes. We feel prison is uncared for and not given as much attention as the other servers. A lot more events will be planned on kitmap, skyblock and even factions. More information will be given out on them. Let's focus on our prison event.

Next week on the Saturday 1PM EST, we will be hosting a great treasure hunt. This will be made in spawn. To get things hyped as well we will be doing a rank giveaway! Many OP things will be hidden and given away. The rank will be overlord, our top rank.

To enter the giveaway click yes on the vote.
We will be doing a lot more events and keep the gamemodes fair for everyone. Hope to see you there!
Announcement Factions Update
Hey Guys, So the Last couple of hours factions has been down Due to a bug in our system. We have been working on it for a while and think we have fixed it. We are having a 12 hour rollback but this does not mean blocks will be unplaced only thing that will be rollbacked Are Pv's Enderchest Homes and Balances

So As of this cause Me and other staff are going to be Doing a massive DP like last season. If you guys don't remember what happened last time This is like the same situation. Along with the Drop Party, We Will Be Doing A Key All! do note; not everyone was affected


Announcement Saturday 2 PM Be There
Hello UniverseMC players,
So as you guys seen recently our playerbase has lost a little players lately. So to help us fix this we are going to be hosting a Massive Drop Party On Factions Along with a Key All Global on all servers. So make sure you have all your alts on all servers to receive a crate key. Thats all im here for if you have any questions go on Private Message me them. If you find any bugs Or glitches on the forums Make sure to pm me so it can be fixed.

Management Team | UniverseMC​
Announcement New Staff Manager
Hello, UniverseMC Players.

Today, the Management team is pleased to bring you exciting information. As you may know, our old staff manager (GirlOwl) was just demoted for failure to perform her staff manager duties and targeted disrespect towards certain staff and players. As you know, many of our staff members relied very dependently on GirlOwl to be there for them. 3 days ago, we were a staff team of 28, now we are a team of 21. We have decided to bring in @GetRushed_ as our staff manager. @GetRushed_ was previously manager, and the rest of the management team thought it would be best to bring him back as the staff manager. We really want you guys all to know how appreciated you guys are on the server. We will start to plan more events for the community.

Message from @GetRushed_ :
" Hello UniverseMC Staff/Players. As of today, I will be taking the role of Manager. As some of you may know I have been here since the start of UniverseMc. Although I have resigned many times during this smooth/bumpy road of UniverseMC's growth. I have always stayed in touch with the owner and the server. I will do my job as manager to fairly choose the many staff applications daily. Also, I will be on the server to help with any questions that I get but although that is true just like everyone else I am only human so if you do not get a quick reply from me, it is not the reason of ignoring you it will be because either I am already dealing with someone else's question or maybe I might be AFK. So if that happens to any of you players or staff please do not be offended by it for any reason. So I hope you are all ready to have a great time on UniverseMC. And treat all players the same way you wish to be treated. To start off, I will be implementing a new way to get donation issues resolved so they don't get lost in the staff chats messaged. Also, I will be implementing weekly meetings for the...
Announcement Server Update: 0.3

Hello everyone! The management team is pleased to bring you
this weeks update. Server update 0.3

Token Shop
We know a lot of you guys have been waiting for the token shop for quite some
time now! After weeks of development and testing, the Administrative team
can finally bring you this feature. With tokens, you can buy many things. When
in game, simply run the command "/token shop" this will then bring up a GUI
that will give you the list of what you can purchase with your tokens. You can get tokens by simply being on the server. If you are familiar with our skyblock,
you know how this works. Any bugs need to be reported to the staff team immediately.

We have officially added PracticePvP to our network, in exchange for
SkyPvP which we saw was inactive on our server. We hope to see you guys playing on PracticePvP!

Edit: We will be adding more ways to get tokens soon.

Kind Regards,
Management Team

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