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Announcement ✌Jupiter Dimension season 12✌
Hello everyone!
I'm extremely happy to announce Jupiter Dimension season 12!

For this season we worked on fixing countless bugs but also adding new content that I'm sure you will all enjoy. Here is a brief list of all of the bugs we have fixed this season!
  • Fixed chunkbusters for coleaders
  • Fixed genbuckets turning into lava
  • Fixed spawners now blocking water (act as sponge blocks to prevent watered spawners)
  • Fixed being able to gen while enemies are nearby
  • Fixed logging out in enemy land and staying in their base
  • Fixed sellsponges saving money upon server reboot
That was a list of the primary bugs we've fixed for this season! We've also fixed many other bugs on top of the list. Here is a list of some of the new features we've added for this upcoming season!
  • 2x sellwand (sell items for 2x the original price!)
  • New donation system
  • f inspect (coreprotect for faction leaders)
  • Crophoppers are now free
  • New Dragon Boss
  • /f alts (use this command while inviting all so you can see who is an alt and who isn't in your faction!)
  • /f raidclaim (Will automatically claimed the raid claim radious to prevent confusion on rules)
  • 3x3 chunkbusters (will bust 3 chunks at a time instead of 1!)
  • Bounty System
  • Alien Invasion
Here's a list of how we are doing payouts, we hope you guys enjoy!

  • F-top #1 $40 Paypal $40 buycraft (WEEKLY PAID @ 4PM EST)
  • F-top #2 $25 Paypal $25 buycraft (WEEKLY PAID @ 4PM EST)
  • F-top #3 $16 Paypal $16 buycraft (WEEKLY PAID @ 4PM EST)

I hope everyone is excited for this upcoming season for Jupiter. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
90% off sale on the server release
TRAILER: reupload the trailer for 2 x Divine keys on release! (ANY SUB COUNT)

Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team
Announcement Mars | Season 4
Mars Dimension.

19th of January - 1PM EST.

We are delighted to be bring you season four of the Mars dimension on UniverseMC.

For this season we have focussed on transforming the dimension into competetive factions.

The following prizes will be paid out weekly:
1st Place - 100$ PayPal & 40$ Buycraft
2nd Place - 50$ PayPal & 25$ Buycraft
3rd Place - 25$ Paypal & 20$ Buycraft
4th Place - 20$ PayPal & 10$ Buycraft
5h Place - 15$ PayPal & 5$ Buycraft

Besides the already present features, we added a ton more!:
- Automated boss spawning.
- Tray pickaxes.
- Sand wands.
- /TPS - See our stable TPS for yourself!
- Revamped envoys.
- 2X Sellwands.
- 4 New custom bosses.
- Brand new January Crate.
- 2 Outposts.
- /FPS - Massive client-side optimizations!

Tons of bugs have been fixed too!

- F-vaulting in combat has been fixed.
- Anticheat false-kicks have been fixed.
- Hoppers have been opt
- Fixed several bugs with enderpearls.

We hope to see you all on release!
Announcement Jupiter Dimension Season 11
Greetings everyone!
I'm extremely happy to announce that our Jupiter dimension will be coming to a close in preparation for our next map.

For this season of Jupiter we focused on fixing major bugs along with adding new features to keep gameplay fresh throughout the entire season. Here is a list of all of the bug fixes we've done for Jupiter dimension season 11 release!
  • Fixed repeaters not working in your own claimed land
  • Fixed /wild (however will be disabled for exactly an hour after SOTW)
  • Fixed many things with cannons along with a new patch for East & West cannoning
  • Fixed crucial phase bug
  • Fixed all broken voting links that would go to broken websites or not give rewards
  • Fixed tping into faction land that didn't belong to you
  • Fixed Irongolems not dropping the proper amount of loot
  • Fixed auctionhouse randomly clearing
  • Fixed clearlag clearing more frequently then being announced
  • Fixed sellsponges
Those are the majority of bug fixes we've done for Jupiter for this upcoming season! Some fixes have not been listed but have been done! Here is a list of all of the new features we've added this season!
  • 5 NEW custom enchantments! (Refill,Stealer,Antigank,Enrage,SantasReindeer)
  • Outpost buff (2 x as strong)
  • Lowered amount of votes for vote party to start
  • New revamped voting rewards
  • Revamped supply crates
  • Math game will now give more money upon winning
  • Multiple new tags
  • /f setpaypal
  • New winter crate
  • New January crate
  • Client side optimizations (/fps)
  • New auction house layout
  • 3 new bosses
  • Now can ally 2 people!
Since this release will be happening during Christmas break we will be having a Christmas event going during the Christmas season!
The Christmas tree event will happen every 3 hours on the Jupiter dimension. Every 3 hours 8 chests will spawn around the Christmas tree in the warzone. These chest contain the most OP loot currently available on the...
Announcement Mars season 3

We're thrilled to announce that we're finally done preparing our 3rd season of Mars.

We have been focusing mainly on major bug fixing to make this season as bug free and smooth as possible to make sure everyone enjoys the 3rd season of mars.

Here's a change-log of the stuff we have been working on getting fixed, if you have a bug that is not currently fixed please let us know by DMing one of our staff members!

List of what major bugs we have fixed:
- Fixed all faction permission bugs!
- Sell sponge duplication bug fixed!
- Optimised anti-cheat (Mainly free cam bugs)
- Fixed Bedrock breaking at Y level 0
- Fixed all bugs with homes in other territory
- Fixed Shockwave pickaxe bugs

List of what new items we have added:
* New Battle pass purchasable from the store!
* 2 New bosses!
* New spawn!
* New revamped scoreboard.

We're doing weekly payouts for the top 3 factions every Saturday, amount is listed below.
F-top #1 $40 Paypal $40 buycraft
F-top #2 $25 Paypal $25 buycraft
F-top #3 $16 Paypal $16 buycraft

Here's a short trailer for a little preview of the next season:
Reupload the trailer to your YouTube channel and get 100+ views and you will receive x2 Special keys on release!

SOTW for mars season 3 date/time:
24th November at 1PM EST
Announcement Jupiter Season 10

We're happy to announce that we're finally done working on our season 10 of Jupiter, even tho we do not have a lot of big updates this season we did a lot of bug fixing to make this season as flawless as possible so we can all enjoy it as smooth as possible!

Here's a little changelog of the stuff we added and updated!
* Sell sponges
* New LIMITED EDITION Ghoul Rank will ONLY be available for 2 weeks after being released this will be released 27th october!
* Updated Universe Crate
* New PV plugin which have fixed all PV corruptions!
* New Automated Koth Build!
* Fixed minor bugs with custom enchantments.
* New UniversePass! This is something you can buy from our buy crate website.
* New Updated Factions plugin!

Here's a list of how we are doing payouts, we hope you guys enjoy!

F-top #1 $40 Paypal $40 buycraft
F-top #2 $25 Paypal $25 buycraft
F-top #3 $16 Paypal $16 buycraft



Release: 3rd November 1pm Est

EOTW: 27th october 4pm est
Announcement Skyblock Build Event
Hello UniverseMC,

We are happy to announce we will be hosting a skyblock build event. This event will be lasting 1 week, in this week you will be required to build to the best of your ability. We will only be looking at your builds at the end date, do not ask for your build to be viewed any earlier.

Results called:
13/10/2018, 1PM EST.


$35 Buycraft

Enter this competition here (if not entered your build does not count)

Good luck everyone.

Thanks, Management Team.
Announcement |+| Mars Season 2 |+|
Hello everyone.

We're proud to announce we have finished our Mars realm Season 2 and we will very soon be releasing it, time and date will be later in the post.

Here's a little list of the new updates we have chosen to add so we hope everyones satisfied with it.

Automatically sell items that land on the sell sponge
New optimizations to improve lag
New october crate with new never seen before items
Weekly payouts
New /jp /cf /rps plugin added
Printer mode! Print automatially more efficiently /printer on
Throwable creeper eggs
Vanilla custom enchants!
Lightning wands
New TnT Paper
Virtual tnt fill paper.
Simply right click near your cannon and boom 64 x 64 radius fills with TnT
Custom unique warzone this season
New youtubers and partners
Updates done to anticheat to improve its detection

Here's a list of how we are doing payouts, we have chosen to do weekly payouts this season so we hope you guys enjoy!

F-top #1 $40 Paypal $40 buycraft
F-top #2 $25 Paypal $25 buycraft
F-top #3 $16 Paypal $16 buycraft


Upload the trailer following this tutorial:


Release: 6th October 1 PM EST

EOTW: 2nd October 4 PM EST

Announcement UniverseMC Faction season #7 Info
Hello everyone. Wow, this post been anticipated for a super long time. Here is the information post pertaining to UniverseMC faction season 7. I'll be explaining everything you need to know in this post for our next season and updates to be expected.

To kick off this post I'd like to state that we've gotten a new spawn built for us, along with a custom world painted just for our server =D Here are some pictures for those who are curious.

Only decided to include a few pictures to keep the rest a surprise :p

The next area I will be touching on will be the basic information needed to make sure that you know everything there is to know about next season! So let me get straight into it;
  • No more MCMMO
  • New Custom Enchantments (HUGE REVAMP)
  • Worldborder enderpearl bug fixed.
  • Ce Abuse fully patched.
  • 10k by 10k Overworld-10k by 10k Flat End- 10k by 10k Flat Nether
  • Revamped Gkit GUI
  • Custom warp GUI
  • Shop GUI
  • Custom Terrain
  • Randomly generated blaze temples in flat Nether
  • Fully redone crates
  • Optimized backend (backups more often Iplocked staff accounts)
  • Paypal prizes upped :D
  • New KOTHS
  • OUTPOSTS (Huge update)
  • Hoppers/mob spawners optimized (overall big grinders cause less lag)
  • Bosses had minor changes.
  • GKITS updated (old custom enchants removed new ones added)
  • Gorilla Pets along with other pets Disabled
  • 1 week Tnt grace Period
  • Koths every 6 hours
  • Overall better mechanics pvp, tnt, game mechanics
  • AntiCheat update
  • 30 Power per player
  • 50 people per faction
  • 20 Chunk Buffer Max
  • Custom /gen GUI
  • Over 5 New custom enchantments!
  • Optimized custom enchantments to make pvp more often and less then 1 hour fights
  • Revamped Monthly Crates
  • Fishing Rewards (New)
Now that I've listed those things, those are just a few of the things we've updated this season....
Announcement ☢Weekly Update 0.6☢
Hello everyone! Tonight I am happy to announce yet another weekly update! I've been truly trying to continue to do weekly updates and not get off track. This weeks update Is big lots to announce! :) To get started I will start with a few minor bug fixes. Do note I've done many more bug fixes but this is just listing a few of them.
  • Fixed /Enderchest in combat along with many other commands
  • Fixed TPS drops (Unless cannons/genning is going on)
  • Fixed Minor crate bugs (Percentages not making sense and not in order ext)
  • Fixed KOTH dropping Monthlycrates
  • Fixed Koths on Kitmap (Automated to every 4 hours)
There is a list of a few of the bug fixes that we've done this week. Before I get into what was added new I'd like to say over the next week and the rest of this weekend I will be working on a few things. Particularity this sudden crashing issues we've been having. This past week many of you may not know but just about every night I've been up at 4AM working on either the server crashing, or something wrong with one of our plugins not allowing users to join. I've found the issue with people not being able to join at some points and fixed this connection issue. I will continue to investigate the crashing to the best of my abilities. Another thing I'd like to touch on is Skyblock, most likely one of our most inactive gamemode in the update wise. I would like every skyblock player that reads this to reply at least 1 thing they would love to see added to skyblock! I will try my best to get it added. Here is a list of what we've added this week.
  • New AntiCheat (does less false bans and stops many exploits)
  • New February Crate :cool:
  • New Hub (Full revamp and new theme)
  • New Insanity Crate on Kitmap
  • Recruiting many new youtubers to the community
  • Purchased a slot advertisement for us! :)
  • Worked on Kinks in the staff team espically with mis confusion in rules, ext.
Thank you everyone so much for reading!

Announcement ⭐⚡!UniverseMC Weekly Update 0.5⭐⚡
Hello everyone! Today I'm here with another weekly update. Before this update I'd like to start it stating that I havent been active due to having the Flu, so sorry for the lack of updates expect us to return fully next weekend! To get started I've been reading a lot of the forums and noticing a lot of issues, focusing mainly on our staff team. The manager and I (GetRushed) Have been talking about how we can improve this team for you to make sure everyone who needs help, gets help. We have just talked to all the staff members on this team to ensure they know there role is to help you guys, whatever enemy in Factions or allies in Factions they must be fair all around. I'd like to say that you guys should seen an improvement by the staff of this server dramatically!

The next thing I will be stating the servers state playerwise. I've invested into quite a few slot advertisements due to the finacial support you guys have been giving us for our server! We've bought around 3 slots on various Minecraft Servers List to get new people for everyone to play with. You guys can expect thousands of unique players joining the UniverseMC network within the next couple weeks! :cool:

The last thing I will touch on in this weekly update is a sorry. I've been lacking in many fields myself including in-game,on the forums,and helping all of you guys. I'd like to say myself will be trying my very hardest to get on in-game more often and on teamspeak to help you guys with your concerns! I do not have any major updates besides the optimization of our Factions gamemode. I've done many things to improve the TPS on the server and most of the time it averages in the 19's now! Where it previously would average 14-16 TPS. Since I dont really have a list of what I did update here is a list of what to expect within the next week(s)

  • Currently working on Lag backs on Factions (Tends to happen in PVP)
  • Working on lag spikes when someone joins Factions (Espically when new person...

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