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Announcement Server Update: 0.3

Hello everyone! The management team is pleased to bring you
this weeks update. Server update 0.3

Token Shop
We know a lot of you guys have been waiting for the token shop for quite some
time now! After weeks of development and testing, the Administrative team
can finally bring you this feature. With tokens, you can buy many things. When
in game, simply run the command "/token shop" this will then bring up a GUI
that will give you the list of what you can purchase with your tokens. You can get tokens by simply being on the server. If you are familiar with our skyblock,
you know how this works. Any bugs need to be reported to the staff team immediately.

We have officially added PracticePvP to our network, in exchange for
SkyPvP which we saw was inactive on our server. We hope to see you guys playing on PracticePvP!

Edit: We will be adding more ways to get tokens soon.

Kind Regards,
Management Team