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Announcement New Management Implementations

Hello, UniverseMC players. This is a small update from the management team.
Please take your time to read this thoroughly. This post explains
vital information about the future of applications.

o Pending now means that you have 1 day to fix the task given to you
by someone on the management team. This may be anything from adding
detail to following the application format.

o Interview stage means you are one step closer to getting staff. The
manager will tell you in the post to add their skype. You two will
then hop on a Skype call and you will have to answer a series
of questions that provide us with more information about you.

o Our management team will not be looking at applications
daily to ensure a quick response. We understand that you guys
may get impatient, and we are sorry. Sometimes we may be
busy with a network-breaking issue, therefore we will not be

Management Team
Announcement Season 4 Kitmap Release

Hello, UniverseMC players. The management team is pleased to announce the release of Season 4 kitmap on our network. The management team and the kitmap developer, Discarded, have been working very hard to ensure the best gameplay on our kitmap. We have optimized kitmap so much this season and we hope you guys all enjoy. Here are some of the new features:

Important Days:
Bug Testing:
Thursday, January 11th at 4 PM EST to Friday, January 12th at Midnight EST.

Release Date:
Saturday, January 13th at 2 PM EST.


Bronze is the cheapest rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $5.00 at

Iron is the middle rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $10.00 at


Gold is the most expensive rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $25.00 at

More ranks may be added as the playerbase grows, or if we have limited edition ranks. Although, this will be what we're focusing on for now.


Exciting Features To Look Forward To:
- Regular events
- Crates
- Koths
- Nice builds
- Custom warzone
- Custom plugins
- Automated koths
- Larger...
Announcement Server Update: 0.4

Hello there, UniverseMC community. The management team is pleased to bring
you this weeks update. Server Update 0.4. This update holds vital information, and
it would be much appreciated if we could capture you guys' full attention for the
next few minutes whilst you read this post.

- New Hub Selector

You guys may start seeing things at the hub such as particles, pets, hats, trails, and many more.

Also, you see we have a new server selector. Use the server selector by right-clicking
the nether star. You will then be presnted a GUI that allows you to click the gamemode you desire to play, and then it will auto-magically send you to the selected gamemode. Also, when you hover over the object that represents the gamemode, it will give you a brief description about the gamemode.

- New Hub Scoreboard
Now, you can look to the right of your screen to see the new and improved scoreboard that has many outstanding features, none like any previous ones. The scoreboard will show your IGN, Ping, Rank, and amount of players on each gamemode can be viewed there as well. Here is a screenshot for those of you who have not seen it.


Management Team Needs Your Help!
- Events
Within the upcoming weeks, you will start to see many events and features popping on all gamemodes. The management team loves reading suggestions, but we do not get as near as much as we...
Hey guys, we are going to go into some maintenance in 20 minutes on Jupiter and Kitmap for 2-4 hours, so we can transfer our files over to a new better and improved machine. To make up for this, we will be doing a DP on Jupiter 2PM EST tomorrow 9/9/2018 and we will also be hosting a Flash 24 hour 85% sale.
Announcement Media Regulations Changed!
I am Gavin, and I am known as the Media manager around here.

I have officially made some bold changes to the format/applications for all media partners.

Overall neatness and critique.
There were a lot of spelling and format errors throughout all posts in the Media section.
I decided to take it upon myself to fix all of those up, and make it nice and tidy.

For YouTube, the subscriber minimum was 750 I decided to change it to 500, and be a little flexible with Youtubers that have a good following, or have quality content.

For Twitch, I decided to change it to 350 Followers, and changed some of the overall views, and past history.

I truly don't believe only English Youtubers should be able to apply. I took it upon myself to let all languages, and regions able to apply for YouTube rank.

I hope some of those fixes help, and I plan to see many applying with our new requirements upon us.

Thank you so much,
Announcement |+| August Building Competition |+|
Hey guys,

Back at it again with another post, however this time it is a bit different. I'm hosting another building competition for august starting the 11th of August 2018. This building competition will end the 25th of August which will give you two weeks to build.

The building competition theme is: Magical
That does not mean it has to be an island, although the builds must be created on your island this theme can be an island, a spawn, a tower, etc, come up with your amazing ideas.

I want everyone to private message me from last building competition and i will judge your islands, the winner will get $15 buycraft and that is the same for this building competition.

So, let the building competition begin!
Announcement Global key all
Hey guys! this weekend we will be doing a special event! We will be doing a global key all on every gamemode SATURDAY at **3 PM EST** so make sure you be there! Enjoy :)
Announcement Media Applications
--Hello UniverseMC--
Its been awhile, Huh? Well, I'm here to let you guys know that Media Applications will be looked over and processed much faster over the next few weeks! I am the brand new Media Manager who will be working with everyone who applies for these prestigious positions.

I will be accepting 1 Youtuber / Streamer every day! This will ensure that the server is getting a constant flow of new players!


✖ You must have 200+ Subscribers
✖ 1000k+ Overall Views
✖ Must speak english
✖ Must have Discord (Main way of Communication)


✖ Be Kind/Polite to everyone
✖ Be Mature when you are talking to staff members
✖ ALWAYS follow our server rules
✖ Upload at LEAST 1 video per week (I will be checking)

Thanks, everyone! I am excited to be apart of the Staff team! And I hope you guys are too!
- Wulf
Announcement ✦ Global Sale/Buycraft updates!? ✦ 90% off! ✦
Hello everyone!

We have added many new items to our buycraft which you can buy for our skyblock or kitmap server.
- Skyblock
Rank Emperor
- Kitmap
Rank upgrades

This sale will begin 28th April - Saturday.

Today the management team is here to announce we will be doing a massive 90% sale. This sale will co-inside with our skyblock release giving you the chance to buy anything you want for the skyblock season ahead. It will be a global sale giving you the opportunity to buy for any servers.

Dates and time:
This sale will start at 1PM EST and go onto 12PM EST. April 28th.

Skyblock reset will be April 28th @ 3PM EST.
Announcement Factions Update | GiveAways
Hello everyone, we have just had a talk to our developer and he is currently working on the problem along with currently doing our backup and we will be doing many events and massive giveaways when factions is back up. Expected wait time is probably around one-two hours, we're so sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and thank you guys for being so patient. Remember, if you're on the server be sure to join other gamemodes until factions is back up, thank you! ​