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Announcement Media Applications
--Hello UniverseMC--
Its been awhile, Huh? Well, I'm here to let you guys know that Media Applications will be looked over and processed much faster over the next few weeks! I am the brand new Media Manager who will be working with everyone who applies for these prestigious positions.

I will be accepting 1 Youtuber / Streamer every day! This will ensure that the server is getting a constant flow of new players!


✖ You must have 200+ Subscribers
✖ 1000k+ Overall Views
✖ Must speak english
✖ Must have Discord (Main way of Communication)


✖ Be Kind/Polite to everyone
✖ Be Mature when you are talking to staff members
✖ ALWAYS follow our server rules
✖ Upload at LEAST 1 video per week (I will be checking)

Thanks, everyone! I am excited to be apart of the Staff team! And I hope you guys are too!
- Wulf
Announcement ✦ Global Sale/Buycraft updates!? ✦ 90% off! ✦
Hello everyone!

We have added many new items to our buycraft which you can buy for our skyblock or kitmap server.
- Skyblock
Rank Emperor
- Kitmap
Rank upgrades

This sale will begin 28th April - Saturday.

Today the management team is here to announce we will be doing a massive 90% sale. This sale will co-inside with our skyblock release giving you the chance to buy anything you want for the skyblock season ahead. It will be a global sale giving you the opportunity to buy for any servers.

Dates and time:
This sale will start at 1PM EST and go onto 12PM EST. April 28th.

Skyblock reset will be April 28th @ 3PM EST.
Announcement Factions Update | GiveAways
Hello everyone, we have just had a talk to our developer and he is currently working on the problem along with currently doing our backup and we will be doing many events and massive giveaways when factions is back up. Expected wait time is probably around one-two hours, we're so sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and thank you guys for being so patient. Remember, if you're on the server be sure to join other gamemodes until factions is back up, thank you! ​
Announcement Universe Breach
We will be back up in 2-3 hours, due to this condition we will need to rollback some of the files. A crate key all will be given out.
Announcement ✈Small Update✈
Hello everyone, quick update here. I have noticed that people are getting an insane amount of goblin pets. Along with this, for some reason we have had a bug on release that goblin pets were not giving money. Due to this, We've tried everything over the past hours trying to get them to working. So far we haven't had any luck and are getting no response from developers. We've decided we will disable goblin pets for good. This is to help the economy out and overall help the servers community. I am super sorry if you were exicted for this, but this forces people to make grinders on the server which then helps with raiding.

Thanks for understanding, AnonymousOG
UniverseMC | Faction Season 7 PvP Update Information |
Hey guys. So as all of you guys know, we have just had our purge last Friday at 5 PM EST! Everything went smoothly and the Winner of F top was FedEx! Congratulations! Anyway, our Management Team have recently been receiving some questions about PvP in Season 7 so today I am here to provide answers to your Questions! I will also be going into some detail about what to expect in PvP next Season!

Firstly, we have decided that this season, we will be making PvP less "OP". We have decided to add a Gapple Cool-down which will be 35 seconds. We chose 35 seconds because it leaves a tiny window (5 seconds) for one player to "QuickDrop" the other. This will also decrease the amount of time it will take to kill someone.

Secondly, we have contacted a developer who has decided to give all of our custom enchants a buff/de-buff. He has also added some new custom enchants for everyone to use. These new custom enchants are:
An Enchantment meant for All Armour. This enchant will spawn a 3x3 Cobweb which will stop stick your enemy to the ground.

An Enchantment meant for your boots. This enchant will stop your enemy in their tracks for a few seconds.

An Enchantment meant for your sword and axe. (Similar to Statue) This enchant will cause the player to "Freeze" which will give you a few seconds to combo them.

Switch ~ An Enchantment meant for both your sword and your Axe. This will "Switch" around your enemies hot bar

An Enchantment meant for your sword. This will enchant provides a chance to do "Double" damage to a player.
There have also been some custom enchantments we have taking out do to them being too strong or too buggy. These enchants are:


Announcement ⭐⚡”*°•.˜”*°• Skyblock DP And GiveAWay •°*”˜.•°*”˜ ⭐⚡
Hello Everyone!
I have been recently been getting some questions about the Drop Party and Giveaway that was suppose to happen on 2/25/18 at 2 PM EST. The Event on Skyblock was planned and organized by a member on our Management Team. There was an Issue which lead to the Staff member being Absent on the day of the Giveaway and Drop Party so we have decided to move the Event to Next Weekend! The Event will be happening on March 3 (This Saturday) at 2 PM EST!!! The Drop Party will be happening on our server and to enter our God Rank Giveaway, All we need is for you to enter the Giveaway. Link Below ↓

Rules of the Giveaway
- Make only Enter Once
- Can NOT enter your Alt
- No Adding other Players Names
- No Troll Entries
- Enter deadline is March 3 1:00 PM EST
- Picking Winner at 1:30 PM EST

Thank you for taking the time to read this Thread and we Once again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this Past Weekend!

- UniverseMC Management Team
Announcement Google Forms - Suggestions From You Guys
Hello there!

While Anon is dedicating his time to factions and sorting out the gameplay on there the management has team has decided to provide you with a place you can share your own ideas. Down below I will provide you with direct link to google forms. Each one will link you to one of our servers, here you can say what you want to happen and I will be looking most of the time. It gives you a chance to be known within the community if we implement your idea and it will also help us out at the same time! Any ideas will be appreciated.






Thank you guys, be sure to check these out and leave suggestions.
- Management Team
Announcement ✦ Prison Event? Rank Giveaway? ✦ (Rescheduled)
Hello everyone, due to the recent lag issues that have occurred on factions we decided to postpone the prison event to tomorrow to 2 PM EST and that's on the Sunday. The giveaway we will still be going forward with and you can enter that on this link✦-prison-event-rank-giveaway-✦.1093/

It'll be hyped up nearer the time.
Announcement AnonymousOG Gang....
Hey guys. So today I hosted the AnonymousOG Gang! It was funny and kinda weird but mostly funny.
If you weren't on at the time We changed our skins to AnonymousOG's Skin and we got 7 people that joined and many more to come. If you would like to join all you have to do is change your skin to AnonymousOG's Skin. If you change your skin Just post a screenshot of it and ill like it as a shoutout. People who are in the picture are
Sorry if i missed someone pm me and ill add it