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Announcement |+| EASTER EVENT |+|
Hello UniverseMC Players!

First of all, Happy Easter! Seeing as it is a great day to celebrate an amazing day, we have setup a easter event for the whole server to participate in! Wondering how to participate? Simple! The whole server will be warped to a maze and throughout the maze there will be challenges ahead and chests, some of those chests are $2 buycraft vouchers (just pm a admin when you find one) and some will have limited items in them..Yes, limited items! When i say limited items i'm speaking about valuable items and there will only be around 5 of them in the maze so you must get to those chests first. Example: and there will be many more given out! Will you be that lucky person?

The maze is not easy, and ahead lurks many dangerous obstacles that you must pass or complete to get to the finish line. If you get bored or do not want to do this event simply type /spawn, players will not be teleported back. If you accidentally teleport to spawn we will not teleport you back, sorry. There will be 3 layers of the maze to complete.

When you finish and complete the maze, rewards will be given out to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. The rewards are a secret ;). The time is at 4PM EST Sunday (1st)
Enjoy the event!

- Quantum

Announcement UniverseMC Faction season #7 Info
Hello everyone. Wow, this post been anticipated for a super long time. Here is the information post pertaining to UniverseMC faction season 7. I'll be explaining everything you need to know in this post for our next season and updates to be expected.

To kick off this post I'd like to state that we've gotten a new spawn built for us, along with a custom world painted just for our server =D Here are some pictures for those who are curious.

Only decided to include a few pictures to keep the rest a surprise :p

The next area I will be touching on will be the basic information needed to make sure that you know everything there is to know about next season! So let me get straight into it;
  • No more MCMMO
  • New Custom Enchantments (HUGE REVAMP)
  • Worldborder enderpearl bug fixed.
  • Ce Abuse fully patched.
  • 10k by 10k Overworld-10k by 10k Flat End- 10k by 10k Flat Nether
  • Revamped Gkit GUI
  • Custom warp GUI
  • Shop GUI
  • Custom Terrain
  • Randomly generated blaze temples in flat Nether
  • Fully redone crates
  • Optimized backend (backups more often Iplocked staff accounts)
  • Paypal prizes upped :D
  • New KOTHS
  • OUTPOSTS (Huge update)
  • Hoppers/mob spawners optimized (overall big grinders cause less lag)
  • Bosses had minor changes.
  • GKITS updated (old custom enchants removed new ones added)
  • Gorilla Pets along with other pets Disabled
  • 1 week Tnt grace Period
  • Koths every 6 hours
  • Overall better mechanics pvp, tnt, game mechanics
  • AntiCheat update
  • 30 Power per player
  • 50 people per faction
  • 20 Chunk Buffer Max
  • Custom /gen GUI
  • Over 5 New custom enchantments!
  • Optimized custom enchantments to make pvp more often and less then 1 hour fights
  • Revamped Monthly Crates
  • Fishing Rewards (New)
Now that I've listed those things, those are just a few of the things we've updated this season....
Announcement ☁Weekly Update 0.7☁
Hello everyone, I am back with another weekly update. We decided to skip a week of updates due to issues and me becoming busy. I am happy this weekend to return with updates once again. To start this off, I'd like to say that PracticePvP will be getting a full revamp within the week. In this revamp it'll include, new practice core, 32GB I7 machine just for practicepvp ensuring no lag while pvping, custom spigot to improve KB on the server (1.7 mechanics). Getting into the main update that I've been working on mainly the past 2 weeks is Factions. Factions our biggest gamemode has been overall running smooth but when it comes to the weekend sometimes we get killer lag spikes, delay on commands when people either gen walls or cannon. To solve this issue, I spent a lot of time finding the issue until I was able to find the source and put a halt to it. Just as of tonight we released a few new backed features to help with the following things.
  • Command lag (commands run more smooth now without that lag feeling)
  • Cannons, server can run cannons WAY better and fixed minor sand compression issues
  • Fixed minor knockback issues
  • Makes pvp have less spikes, (no more 2-3 second spikes while pvping)
  • Optimizes hoppers (making them transfer quicker and cause less server load)
  • xray optimization (helps with xrayers and causes less lag when people do xray)
  • Reduces block check (makes blocks mine quicker)
  • Faster Event execution (Everything will feel 20 x faster) (commands,claiming,pvping,ext)
  • Option to up tickrate (if server gets laggy will give itself more ticks so it feels like 40 tps)
Here is proof that the new jar can run like a beast: (pardon music in video it was made by the developer)

Sadly, this is all I have for this weeks update due to the sheer size of this update. Next weekend you can expect me to start doing updates again such as adding new features, new bosses , and many more secret suprises <:...
Announcement ☢Weekly Update 0.6☢
Hello everyone! Tonight I am happy to announce yet another weekly update! I've been truly trying to continue to do weekly updates and not get off track. This weeks update Is big lots to announce! :) To get started I will start with a few minor bug fixes. Do note I've done many more bug fixes but this is just listing a few of them.
  • Fixed /Enderchest in combat along with many other commands
  • Fixed TPS drops (Unless cannons/genning is going on)
  • Fixed Minor crate bugs (Percentages not making sense and not in order ext)
  • Fixed KOTH dropping Monthlycrates
  • Fixed Koths on Kitmap (Automated to every 4 hours)
There is a list of a few of the bug fixes that we've done this week. Before I get into what was added new I'd like to say over the next week and the rest of this weekend I will be working on a few things. Particularity this sudden crashing issues we've been having. This past week many of you may not know but just about every night I've been up at 4AM working on either the server crashing, or something wrong with one of our plugins not allowing users to join. I've found the issue with people not being able to join at some points and fixed this connection issue. I will continue to investigate the crashing to the best of my abilities. Another thing I'd like to touch on is Skyblock, most likely one of our most inactive gamemode in the update wise. I would like every skyblock player that reads this to reply at least 1 thing they would love to see added to skyblock! I will try my best to get it added. Here is a list of what we've added this week.
  • New AntiCheat (does less false bans and stops many exploits)
  • New February Crate :cool:
  • New Hub (Full revamp and new theme)
  • New Insanity Crate on Kitmap
  • Recruiting many new youtubers to the community
  • Purchased a slot advertisement for us! :)
  • Worked on Kinks in the staff team espically with mis confusion in rules, ext.
Thank you everyone so much for reading!

Announcement ⭐⚡!UniverseMC Weekly Update 0.5⭐⚡
Hello everyone! Today I'm here with another weekly update. Before this update I'd like to start it stating that I havent been active due to having the Flu, so sorry for the lack of updates expect us to return fully next weekend! To get started I've been reading a lot of the forums and noticing a lot of issues, focusing mainly on our staff team. The manager and I (GetRushed) Have been talking about how we can improve this team for you to make sure everyone who needs help, gets help. We have just talked to all the staff members on this team to ensure they know there role is to help you guys, whatever enemy in Factions or allies in Factions they must be fair all around. I'd like to say that you guys should seen an improvement by the staff of this server dramatically!

The next thing I will be stating the servers state playerwise. I've invested into quite a few slot advertisements due to the finacial support you guys have been giving us for our server! We've bought around 3 slots on various Minecraft Servers List to get new people for everyone to play with. You guys can expect thousands of unique players joining the UniverseMC network within the next couple weeks! :cool:

The last thing I will touch on in this weekly update is a sorry. I've been lacking in many fields myself including in-game,on the forums,and helping all of you guys. I'd like to say myself will be trying my very hardest to get on in-game more often and on teamspeak to help you guys with your concerns! I do not have any major updates besides the optimization of our Factions gamemode. I've done many things to improve the TPS on the server and most of the time it averages in the 19's now! Where it previously would average 14-16 TPS. Since I dont really have a list of what I did update here is a list of what to expect within the next week(s)

  • Currently working on Lag backs on Factions (Tends to happen in PVP)
  • Working on lag spikes when someone joins Factions (Espically when new person...
Announcement ⭐⚡Weekly Update 0.4⭐⚡
Hello UniverseMC community! I am back here with another weekly update. This weekly update is more of a bug fix/update on the current state of the staff team. First off on a sad note, Graziers our Media manger has recently resigned. This has put a lot more stress on us Admins that are still on the team
There are no new features this weekend,but I am happ to announce that I've done many bug fixes. Here is a short list of some of the bug fixes I've done:

⦁/wild Now re-enabled and fully working causing no major server lag
⦁ Blocked many commands like /pv,/ec/ci ext in Combat
⦁Fixed Kingslimes dropping MonthlyCrates
⦁Done many lab protcols to make the server more optimized,but keeping gameplay the same.
⦁Fixed ChunkBusters in December Kit along with Bosses
⦁Fixed Supplycrates dropping faulty items.

This is just a few of the minor bug fixes I've done this weekend. I do have 1 more important announcement to make involving Factions.
As many of you know, Graziers our Media Manager was the primary person that rolled back bases. He was the best with our rollback plugin. As our server continues to grow, more and more people seem to be getting insided on a regular basis. This stated, every time we roll back a base we cause heavy server lag. This, in the long run, affects gameplay quite badly and makes it almost unplayable. So under thought, our staff team has decided that we WILL allow insiding again. Obiovusly, we will give people time to adjust to this new rule. So as of 1/20/18 insiding will be allowed. Just to clear up through any sort of glitching is NOT allowed.
Suggestions on the new rule:
Since insiding will be allowed again as of 1/20/18, we suggest that you do not Mod people unless you REALLY trust them! Our server has a feature called /f perm where you can set up permissions so people can only use certain things in the specified area. This will help you from getting insided.
If you have any further questions and bugs...
Announcement New Rule Enforcements
Hello, UniverseMC Community. This is a thread I have been dreading
to make but is also very needed. Recently, we have had issues with players
not understanding that the Server Rules are in place for a reason. There is just
a handful of players on our server that have had heavy ban histories
and we will start enforcing third-party punishments for these offenses. I
have spent a very very long time making the server rules, terms of service, and
the blacklisted modifications. For these to all be overlooked by players, and
then players complain, is disrespectful. Once you join our server, you agree
to follow all of our Rules and Terms of Service. Once again, a small handful
of users think they override the system, and the rules do not apply to them
which is simply not true. You users know who you are and there's no reason
for me to say your names at all in this thread. If you join UniverseMC you will
follow our rules. I am implementing a new punishment on our server, and it
will be enforced very strictly. Once you reach over 5 bans, you will serve
a 30-day blacklist from our forums, teamspeak, discord, and server. No staff
members have the permissions to un-blacklist a user, only people on the
management team. If you purchase an unban, we will receive the money,
and you will still remain banned. Excessive offenses will be dealt with
by the discretion of the management team.
This rule will be enforced as of
Saturday, January 13th.

(Terms of Service)
(Blacklisted Modifications)

Wade | Management Team
Announcement New Management Implementations

Hello, UniverseMC players. This is a small update from the management team.
Please take your time to read this thoroughly. This post explains
vital information about the future of applications.

o Pending now means that you have 1 day to fix the task given to you
by someone on the management team. This may be anything from adding
detail to following the application format.

o Interview stage means you are one step closer to getting staff. The
manager will tell you in the post to add their skype. You two will
then hop on a Skype call and you will have to answer a series
of questions that provide us with more information about you.

o Our management team will not be looking at applications
daily to ensure a quick response. We understand that you guys
may get impatient, and we are sorry. Sometimes we may be
busy with a network-breaking issue, therefore we will not be

Management Team
Announcement Season 4 Kitmap Release

Hello, UniverseMC players. The management team is pleased to announce the release of Season 4 kitmap on our network. The management team and the kitmap developer, Discarded, have been working very hard to ensure the best gameplay on our kitmap. We have optimized kitmap so much this season and we hope you guys all enjoy. Here are some of the new features:

Important Days:
Bug Testing:
Thursday, January 11th at 4 PM EST to Friday, January 12th at Midnight EST.

Release Date:
Saturday, January 13th at 2 PM EST.


Bronze is the cheapest rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $5.00 at

Iron is the middle rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $10.00 at


Gold is the most expensive rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $25.00 at

More ranks may be added as the playerbase grows, or if we have limited edition ranks. Although, this will be what we're focusing on for now.


Exciting Features To Look Forward To:
- Regular events
- Crates
- Koths
- Nice builds
- Custom warzone
- Custom plugins
- Automated koths
- Larger...
Announcement Server Update: 0.4

Hello there, UniverseMC community. The management team is pleased to bring
you this weeks update. Server Update 0.4. This update holds vital information, and
it would be much appreciated if we could capture you guys' full attention for the
next few minutes whilst you read this post.

- New Hub Selector

You guys may start seeing things at the hub such as particles, pets, hats, trails, and many more.

Also, you see we have a new server selector. Use the server selector by right-clicking
the nether star. You will then be presnted a GUI that allows you to click the gamemode you desire to play, and then it will auto-magically send you to the selected gamemode. Also, when you hover over the object that represents the gamemode, it will give you a brief description about the gamemode.

- New Hub Scoreboard
Now, you can look to the right of your screen to see the new and improved scoreboard that has many outstanding features, none like any previous ones. The scoreboard will show your IGN, Ping, Rank, and amount of players on each gamemode can be viewed there as well. Here is a screenshot for those of you who have not seen it.


Management Team Needs Your Help!
- Events
Within the upcoming weeks, you will start to see many events and features popping on all gamemodes. The management team loves reading suggestions, but we do not get as near as much as we...