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Announcement ⭐⚡Weekly Update 0.4⭐⚡
Hello UniverseMC community! I am back here with another weekly update. This weekly update is more of a bug fix/update on the current state of the staff team. First off on a sad note, Graziers our Media manger has recently resigned. This has put a lot more stress on us Admins that are still on the team
There are no new features this weekend,but I am happ to announce that I've done many bug fixes. Here is a short list of some of the bug fixes I've done:

⦁/wild Now re-enabled and fully working causing no major server lag
⦁ Blocked many commands like /pv,/ec/ci ext in Combat
⦁Fixed Kingslimes dropping MonthlyCrates
⦁Done many lab protcols to make the server more optimized,but keeping gameplay the same.
⦁Fixed ChunkBusters in December Kit along with Bosses
⦁Fixed Supplycrates dropping faulty items.

This is just a few of the minor bug fixes I've done this weekend. I do have 1 more important announcement to make involving Factions.
As many of you know, Graziers our Media Manager was the primary person that rolled back bases. He was the best with our rollback plugin. As our server continues to grow, more and more people seem to be getting insided on a regular basis. This stated, every time we roll back a base we cause heavy server lag. This, in the long run, affects gameplay quite badly and makes it almost unplayable. So under thought, our staff team has decided that we WILL allow insiding again. Obiovusly, we will give people time to adjust to this new rule. So as of 1/20/18 insiding will be allowed. Just to clear up through any sort of glitching is NOT allowed.
Suggestions on the new rule:
Since insiding will be allowed again as of 1/20/18, we suggest that you do not Mod people unless you REALLY trust them! Our server has a feature called /f perm where you can set up permissions so people can only use certain things in the specified area. This will help you from getting insided.
If you have any further questions and bugs...
Announcement New Rule Enforcements
Hello, UniverseMC Community. This is a thread I have been dreading
to make but is also very needed. Recently, we have had issues with players
not understanding that the Server Rules are in place for a reason. There is just
a handful of players on our server that have had heavy ban histories
and we will start enforcing third-party punishments for these offenses. I
have spent a very very long time making the server rules, terms of service, and
the blacklisted modifications. For these to all be overlooked by players, and
then players complain, is disrespectful. Once you join our server, you agree
to follow all of our Rules and Terms of Service. Once again, a small handful
of users think they override the system, and the rules do not apply to them
which is simply not true. You users know who you are and there's no reason
for me to say your names at all in this thread. If you join UniverseMC you will
follow our rules. I am implementing a new punishment on our server, and it
will be enforced very strictly. Once you reach over 5 bans, you will serve
a 30-day blacklist from our forums, teamspeak, discord, and server. No staff
members have the permissions to un-blacklist a user, only people on the
management team. If you purchase an unban, we will receive the money,
and you will still remain banned. Excessive offenses will be dealt with
by the discretion of the management team.
This rule will be enforced as of
Saturday, January 13th.

(Terms of Service)
(Blacklisted Modifications)

Wade | Management Team
Announcement New Management Implementations

Hello, UniverseMC players. This is a small update from the management team.
Please take your time to read this thoroughly. This post explains
vital information about the future of applications.

o Pending now means that you have 1 day to fix the task given to you
by someone on the management team. This may be anything from adding
detail to following the application format.

o Interview stage means you are one step closer to getting staff. The
manager will tell you in the post to add their skype. You two will
then hop on a Skype call and you will have to answer a series
of questions that provide us with more information about you.

o Our management team will not be looking at applications
daily to ensure a quick response. We understand that you guys
may get impatient, and we are sorry. Sometimes we may be
busy with a network-breaking issue, therefore we will not be

Management Team
Announcement Season 4 Kitmap Release

Hello, UniverseMC players. The management team is pleased to announce the release of Season 4 kitmap on our network. The management team and the kitmap developer, Discarded, have been working very hard to ensure the best gameplay on our kitmap. We have optimized kitmap so much this season and we hope you guys all enjoy. Here are some of the new features:

Important Days:
Bug Testing:
Thursday, January 11th at 4 PM EST to Friday, January 12th at Midnight EST.

Release Date:
Saturday, January 13th at 2 PM EST.


Bronze is the cheapest rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $5.00 at

Iron is the middle rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $10.00 at


Gold is the most expensive rank we have. This rank can be purchased for $25.00 at

More ranks may be added as the playerbase grows, or if we have limited edition ranks. Although, this will be what we're focusing on for now.


Exciting Features To Look Forward To:
- Regular events
- Crates
- Koths
- Nice builds
- Custom warzone
- Custom plugins
- Automated koths
- Larger...
Announcement Server Update: 0.4

Hello there, UniverseMC community. The management team is pleased to bring
you this weeks update. Server Update 0.4. This update holds vital information, and
it would be much appreciated if we could capture you guys' full attention for the
next few minutes whilst you read this post.

- New Hub Selector

You guys may start seeing things at the hub such as particles, pets, hats, trails, and many more.

Also, you see we have a new server selector. Use the server selector by right-clicking
the nether star. You will then be presnted a GUI that allows you to click the gamemode you desire to play, and then it will auto-magically send you to the selected gamemode. Also, when you hover over the object that represents the gamemode, it will give you a brief description about the gamemode.

- New Hub Scoreboard
Now, you can look to the right of your screen to see the new and improved scoreboard that has many outstanding features, none like any previous ones. The scoreboard will show your IGN, Ping, Rank, and amount of players on each gamemode can be viewed there as well. Here is a screenshot for those of you who have not seen it.


Management Team Needs Your Help!
- Events
Within the upcoming weeks, you will start to see many events and features popping on all gamemodes. The management team loves reading suggestions, but we do not get as near as much as we...
Announcement Factions Update | GiveAways
Hello everyone, we have just had a talk to our developer and he is currently working on the problem along with currently doing our backup and we will be doing many events and massive giveaways when factions is back up. Expected wait time is probably around one-two hours, we're so sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused and thank you guys for being so patient. Remember, if you're on the server be sure to join other gamemodes until factions is back up, thank you! ​
Announcement ✈Small Update✈
Hello everyone, quick update here. I have noticed that people are getting an insane amount of goblin pets. Along with this, for some reason we have had a bug on release that goblin pets were not giving money. Due to this, We've tried everything over the past hours trying to get them to working. So far we haven't had any luck and are getting no response from developers. We've decided we will disable goblin pets for good. This is to help the economy out and overall help the servers community. I am super sorry if you were exicted for this, but this forces people to make grinders on the server which then helps with raiding.

Thanks for understanding, AnonymousOG
UniverseMC | Faction Season 7 PvP Update Information |
Hey guys. So as all of you guys know, we have just had our purge last Friday at 5 PM EST! Everything went smoothly and the Winner of F top was FedEx! Congratulations! Anyway, our Management Team have recently been receiving some questions about PvP in Season 7 so today I am here to provide answers to your Questions! I will also be going into some detail about what to expect in PvP next Season!

Firstly, we have decided that this season, we will be making PvP less "OP". We have decided to add a Gapple Cool-down which will be 35 seconds. We chose 35 seconds because it leaves a tiny window (5 seconds) for one player to "QuickDrop" the other. This will also decrease the amount of time it will take to kill someone.

Secondly, we have contacted a developer who has decided to give all of our custom enchants a buff/de-buff. He has also added some new custom enchants for everyone to use. These new custom enchants are:
An Enchantment meant for All Armour. This enchant will spawn a 3x3 Cobweb which will stop stick your enemy to the ground.

An Enchantment meant for your boots. This enchant will stop your enemy in their tracks for a few seconds.

An Enchantment meant for your sword and axe. (Similar to Statue) This enchant will cause the player to "Freeze" which will give you a few seconds to combo them.

Switch ~ An Enchantment meant for both your sword and your Axe. This will "Switch" around your enemies hot bar

An Enchantment meant for your sword. This will enchant provides a chance to do "Double" damage to a player.
There have also been some custom enchantments we have taking out do to them being too strong or too buggy. These enchants are:


Announcement ⭐⚡”*°•.˜”*°• Skyblock DP And GiveAWay •°*”˜.•°*”˜ ⭐⚡
Hello Everyone!
I have been recently been getting some questions about the Drop Party and Giveaway that was suppose to happen on 2/25/18 at 2 PM EST. The Event on Skyblock was planned and organized by a member on our Management Team. There was an Issue which lead to the Staff member being Absent on the day of the Giveaway and Drop Party so we have decided to move the Event to Next Weekend! The Event will be happening on March 3 (This Saturday) at 2 PM EST!!! The Drop Party will be happening on our server and to enter our God Rank Giveaway, All we need is for you to enter the Giveaway. Link Below ↓

Rules of the Giveaway
- Make only Enter Once
- Can NOT enter your Alt
- No Adding other Players Names
- No Troll Entries
- Enter deadline is March 3 1:00 PM EST
- Picking Winner at 1:30 PM EST

Thank you for taking the time to read this Thread and we Once again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this Past Weekend!

- UniverseMC Management Team
Announcement Google Forms - Suggestions From You Guys
Hello there!

While Anon is dedicating his time to factions and sorting out the gameplay on there the management has team has decided to provide you with a place you can share your own ideas. Down below I will provide you with direct link to google forms. Each one will link you to one of our servers, here you can say what you want to happen and I will be looking most of the time. It gives you a chance to be known within the community if we implement your idea and it will also help us out at the same time! Any ideas will be appreciated.






Thank you guys, be sure to check these out and leave suggestions.
- Management Team