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Announcement ⭐⚡UniverseMC MARS DIMENSION RELEASE⭐⚡
Hello everyone!

This is probably the biggest announcement we've ever made. Summer is coming and many of you are already on your summer break, to break away from the same old same old servers we have decided to add something a bit different.

The admin team have been keeping this confidential for several months now and have been working on it into the night to perfect it. This will be the...

Season 1 of factions 2nd Realm!

We will be calling this realm Mars realm and our current one Jupiter.

We will be adding a new realm to factions, a fresh start for some. This will be the biggest release with sales and various DPs. Now, the most important thing is having a 2nd realm that is different to our current realm. This realm will be a NON custom enchant and a NON McMMO realm. This will mean pot pvp is a massive thing. This realm will also be moving away from the OP factor of the current realm.
For some this would be a desired change but for others it may be something to get used to.
Why? You may ask. Well, we are always hunting for change, always trying to make a better gameplay for you, a better gameplay for the community and a fresh start mid season on a realm is what we feel is needed. So this season not going to well it is your chance to start over.

So, as well as this we would also like you to expect many big YouTubers on the 2nd realm, this includes Youtubers such as UnstoppableRageTrain, have a chance to be on his video and many more. We as well as them will also be hosting giveaways so make sure you are as active as possible.

Our Map:
Now, let's get into what you will be playing on for this season. Let's start with our spawn, it is a custom built, exclusive spawn and is amazing!
Sneak peaks:
As always we would like to keep all builds as secret as possible to keep you guessing.

Information on 2nd Realm:

We have beta tested this...
Announcement Kitmap Season #6 Information
Hello everyone! we will be having our kitmap SOTW TOMORROW at 2PM EST. For this reset we will be bringing a twist, to make your experience better. Here is a list of some of the new features we've added to start!
*New spawn! Desert Themed Western
*New Koth! Runs every 2 hours
*New Anticheat (BANS evil hackers! =D)
*New youtubers
Now, for our new biggest thing Kill top. This is a new system you can look at by doing, /tk this will show the top kills on the server. The top 5 players at the end of the season will receive BUYCRAFT money! Here is how it will be distrbuted.
1. $50 buycraft and $25 paypal
2. $35 buycraft
3. $25 buycraft
4. $20 buycraft
5. $10 buycraft
I hope everyone is excited for this kitmap SOTW! I hope to see you there. IP:
KITMAP SOTW TIME: SUNDAY 2PM EST (tomorrow) Live countdown:

Thanks, AnonymousOG
Announcement Faction Reset Information Map #8
Hello UniverseMC,

As you all know our staff team and some of our community have been sending us ideas for our summer plans, many of them have been put to been implemented. Such as our event server; as we have been reviewing our factions economy we decided it is time for Factions Season 8. This reset will be better than ever; admins and staff members have been working on this for countless hours. It is time! New plugins and new features.

In this post many new features, plugins and commands will be explained in as much detail as we can provide. Let's start off by showing you the new spawn for our new Factions.

Trying to keep all the new builds a surprise this is just a sneak peak of the new spawn you guys will be running around in.

We wanted to add to this season, make it new, make it unique. Here are a few things we have done to try and make this season as pleasurable as ever:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=NEW FEATURES-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
●Randomly spawning bosses through the warzone.
●New Item plugin (fixes spamming)
●Lowered combat tag by 5 seconds
●Koths, run every 4 hours
●Buffed Envoys
●Buffed SpawnRates
●Fixed obsidian destoryer bug.
●Revamped tokenshop
●Fishing rewards revamped
●3 new bosses
●Optimized redstone movement, lag with farms such as pumpkin and melon
●Optimizations done on server jar (allows us to hold more people and have less lag backs!)
●4 new custom enchantments added.
●Custom Anti-Phase
●Added all spawners to ftop
●Added CustomDrops for more Mobs
●Custom Anti-Freecam
●New AntiCheat
●3 new GKITS
●New Crate (new Best crate)
●June Crate will be released with this map

As you can see the main bugs like elastic bands have been covered and fixed, you should have a smooth gameplay throughout this entirity of this season. Many of your suggestions have been implemented however we still would love more, as a team we listen to...
Announcement ★ Daily Events ★ New Event Server?!?!? ★
Hello everyone!

To keep everything fresh and updated and to make sure we can give back to our community we have decided to implement an event server. Here we will host PvP, hide and seek, treasure hunt and many more different types of events. Rewards will be buycraft vouchers unless event hosted directly on the gamemode it may change.

Every Saturday - 4PM EST (If this changes all announcements will be on discord)

These events as you have read will be hosted every Saturday, make sure to tune into our discord:

2 Admins will be hosting these events along with a couple of staff members keeping hackers on the minimum. Chat will be muted - Deathban will most often be on depending on sort of event - 50 Players will be allowed on at once so be sure to get queued up. Alerts will go off in chat to let you know. If you do not get on in time make sure to get queued up first next Saturday. As this can be a problem as 4PM EST is our peak time we will host small DPs every now and then round the server.

All rules, information and event times will be said in discord each week 2 hours before event. No forums posts will be made on these events, as I have said it will all be in discord. If we have a major event with the staff team involved and a player vs Staff or a large event which we feel the community would all like to know if you cannot access discord we will have it made. Whitelist will go on once we have reached our limit for players so do not be surprised if you arrive late.

These are the rules for this weeks event and this weeks event only.

This weeks event:
- Treasure hunt / PvP event

Chests will be hidden in map 1. We will TP everyone there so there will be no confusion.

These chests will contain armour, weapons and potions - Once everyone has been looting for 5 minutes we will TP everyone to our PvP arena, everyone will have 30 seconds to gear up and then PvP will be enabled. Deathban will be...
Announcement **Global Update**
Hello everyone, here with a quick Global update on what happen today with the Shop and Spawners.

What happen?
This afternoon, I got a report of the shop not working properly along with spawners not being broken when getting silktouched. We looked for over 6 hours, and were not able to find the issue. However we finally found a fix to this issue and were able to fix it with minimal downtime.

How are we preventing this from happening again?
We've made sure that our Shop and Spawner plugin are now being watched regularly to make sure that this issue does not happen again and to ensure that if an issue like this does occur again that it will be fixed in a timely manner.

Thank you everyone for being patient this afternoon while the shops were down for a few hours. I hope to not see this issue happen again.

Thanks, AnonymousOG
Announcement |+| SKYBLOCK SEASON 6 |+|
Hey guys, Quantum here again.

My last post was on skyblock winners, but this time it's the new season of skyblock! Anon, iBukkit and I have been working extremely hard on this season and let me tell you now it is better then it has ever been before and i am hyped myself. This season of skyblock is different and unique, better then other popular skyblock servers out there! Reset: April 28th 3pm EST

Here is a list of changes:
- Custom Made Unique Plugins, (That is the hint, you will see what it is when you join.)
- Is top prizes - 1st: $500, 2nd: $300 3rd: $150!!
- New popular youtubers playing.
- Monthly competitions
- New and efficient crate system that you will all love.
- Brand new island options, choose your difficulty!
- New to skyblock? We have built a tutorial island just for you! /warp tutorial.

There is much much more where that came from, and keep in mind there are things i can not mention that will blow your guys minds and create such fun to this season! So guys, let's get some #hype for this season as it will be blast and better then ever!

- Quantum.​
Announcement |+| SKYBLOCK WINNERS |+|
Hey Guys!

So as you know the skyblock sever will be resetting, so first let's get some #hype for that because the new season will be amazing! Better then ever!

But besides that, i'm sure a lot of you are wondering who won the skyblock this season and it's top 3 but of course you get a reward! Here is the rewards:
Island top 1 - $100 Paypal or $200 Buycraft
Island top 2 - $100 Buycraft
Island top 3 - $50 Buycraft

Those are some big prizes.. so here are the winners! And congratulations to the three that did win, if you did not win this season there is always next season so good luck to you all!
1st: vilhenas
2nd: XxPainfulFatexX
3rd: Brumby98

Contact @AnonymousOG if you want your prizes.
Kind regards,
Quantum <3​
Announcement |+| KITMAP RESET |+|
Hello universeMC players!

I think it's about time it comes, the brand new Kitmap Reset coming April 14th 3PM EST so let's get some hype! This reset is going to be season 6, a wonderful season ahead of us. This kitmap reset will be our best by far! By new features, bugs fixed,new builds and much more. Whether you love kitmap or not this season is going to be the best by far and you will all love it! The server will go down April 11th and will be back up the 14th.

'By new features' don't know what i mean by that? Here is the improved list of this season.
- 2k Border.
- 10 minute SOTW (Start of the world) grace period.
- Mapkit: Protection II
- Deathban bug fixed.
- 2 new crates added!
- Warzone radius 500 blocks
- New fantasy Koth on north side of spawn.
- New anticheat
- Voting setup (vote for keys)
- Season will last roughly about one month, so enjoy it!
- New unique buildings built in warzone.
- Repeat plugin removed (You no longer have a cooldown)

If you ask me, that's a lot of new features/bugs that have been fixed, also not to mention there will be new youtubers playing this season. Are you good at pvp? Because if you are then this season is for you, as there are many unique new buildings you will be able to kill and trap a lot of people, how fun! This kitmap season is going to be a joy for everyone i can promise you that, so enjoy it! Get out there and be the first to build a base and rule the world! Sorry, probably a bit to much there... anyway i hope you guys are all hyped because i sure am. Get out there and enjoy it!

- Quantum <3
Announcement UniverseMC's SKYBLOCK RESET
Hi there,

as you have probably noticed there hasn't been many changes to skyblock, we have decided it's time for a full revamp for skyblock. The staff team will be working day and night to make the skyblock server perfect by adding in new and cool features! We do not have a ETA on when the reset will be but expect it to be in 1-2 weeks. I will be posting sneak peaks of the server on twitter, make sure you're following us;

We will be having top island prizes, these will be;

1. $200 paypal & $300 buycraft
2. $100 paypal & $200 buycraft
3. $50 paypal & $100 buycraft

Enjoy your easter evening, and thank you for your time!
Announcement ✡ ɴᴇᴡ sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs ✡ ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ sᴀʏ ✡
Good Morning,

First off, Happy Easter everyone!

To start the holidays (that many of you have) we understand you may want to play UniverseMC. Be it Factions, Skyblock, Kitmap or PracticePvP. This is a chance for you to explore the gamemodes in further depth and on the way, find things that you want it to be improved on. However little, or large. We are giving you this opportunity to have a say in the decisions we make to, in our eyes, improve the server. Now you can help with that.

The Management team would like you to save these links, whenever you feel you want to speak out and share to us what you want to change or be added make sure to fill in this. One for each gamemode.

Factions Ideas:

Skyblock Ideas:

Prison Ideas:

Kitmap Ideas:

PracticePvP Ideas:

We will be using google forms to manage your ideas, these links will take you directly to the form. Any trolling will not be allowed, be respectful about this. It will be taken away if abused. If you leave a suggestion that we feel is good and we implement, we will make sure you have a mention. We cannot promise any rewards as this is simply a time where you can help yourself and other people by giving us your view. We do not play the server so do not know what you guys like or not. Do not complain of lack of things being done to the server, you now have the biggest opportunity to show us what you...